Stamps running back's energetic overload


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CALGARY - Energy drinks often promise long-lasting oomph without the crash, but Jon Cornish was getting into all types of collisions using it.

For the first three games this season, part of Cornishs pre-game ritual was to down an energy drink.

By the time kickoff came around, he was bursting with verve.

I naturally get amped up for games, said the Calgary Stampeders running back. I was finding myself too amped up.

I think that stuff helped my special teams play. I was laying big hits that Im normally not known for.

But it didnt help my offensive play. It was making me less patient than I should be.

So when the Stamps were facing the Edmonton Eskimos last Saturday at McMahon Stadium, Cornish avoided drinking one.

Voila! Time for an offensive breakout from the running back, who was named TSN analyst Duane Fordes pre-season pick as top Canadian player in the CFL.

His first carry against the Eskimos went 20 yards. Two carries later, he ripped off another 20-yard burst, and in the fourth quarter, he took a swing pass and went 36 yards to dive into the endzone.

The 94 yards from scrimmage were easily a season high, and its all thanks to going natural.

Cornish leads the Stamps with five special teams tackles, and he knocked out Toronto Argonauts returner Chad Owens in the season opener with a huge wallop, but his offensive numbers were sagging.

Not anymore.

I was a bit more anxious to get to the hole rather than being patient, Cornish said about the energy drink. That really helped in everything I did in the game. I was able to see the whole field as I should instead of trying to rush or get to the hole quickly.

Cornish is changing up his routine again this week, but only because the Stampeders are facing the Roughriders.

Usually, Cornish would be on the Roughriders fan forum discussing all things CFL. Now, hes staying off it until after Saturday nights matchup.

Cornish loves interacting with the folks in Riderville, even if they arent often pleasant towards him.

Although the 26-year-old from New Westminster, B.C., uses an alias when posting, he said it was obvious that fans know its him. Even his Facebook page gets trash-talkers from the stubblejumpers.

I completely understand you support another team. The amount of personal attacks that go on, for me its fun because its additional fuel, Cornish said.

I dont think they realize everything they say is helping me prepare to come out and show them what football is like.

The best CFL forum is Rider Fans. They are only the best because they are the biggest.

There are a few staunch fans who only believe in the Green and White. They literally hate everything that isnt Riders. Its not as simple as I dont like you because you play for the other team. There is true hate there. Its interesting for me to see from a psychological perspective.