Lay off Burris, already

BC Lions Solomon Elimimian sacks Calgary Stampeders quarterback Henry Burris. (REUTERS/Todd Korol)

BC Lions Solomon Elimimian sacks Calgary Stampeders quarterback Henry Burris. (REUTERS/Todd Korol)


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All this ridiculous political correctness aside, lighten the %$#@ up!

So Henry Burris posed for a picture wearing a bra.

Big deal. Not my idea of fantasy football, but whatever.

Joe Namath wore pantyhose, but kept his dignity for another 20-plus years.

Who hasnít worn womenís underwear for a good laugh?

(Yes, guilty as charged. Sorry about those recurring nightmares, guys).

Itís not like Burris is pictured snorting coke off a hookerís tattooed butt cheek.

Or was busted having a threeway with two Roughriders 0-linemen ó hey, that would be way too many men, again!

Nope, Smiling Hank is just being a regular goofy guy with his equally goofy buddies, one of whom was foolish/vicious enough to share the images and let them loose on the Internet where they could be used to tarnish No. 1ís reputation.

Hate to state the obvious, but guys are kinda stupid sometimes.

Itís the way weíre wired, or haywired, you might say.

We do a lot of dumb things to get a laugh.

Occasionally, we regret those Jackass moments, too.

So the fact Burris would willingly slip into a bra, perhaps after a drink or two, is hardly mind-blowing.

It might have been worth a second thought, particularly when the camera came out, but if you canít trust your friends, who can you trust?

Sorry, weíre not buying it as controversial for one second.

No harm, no foul, no flag.

The pictures speak for themselves ó a guy having a good time.

Nothing more, nothing less.

And if you thought for one second that professional athletes ó and oilmen, police officers and politicians, etc. ó donít have a whole lot of good times, you need to give your head a shake.

Now the politically correct crew would say something about Burris being a poor role model, disrespecting his wife, giving the Stamps a black eye, blah, blah, blah ...

This is a respectful, charitable, family man ó the kind of guy some people canít wait to bring down.

But heís still just a man, who happens to be a pretty darn good football player.

Relentlessly upbeat and able to light up a room with that famous gap-toothed grin, Burris has plenty of detractors, mostly to the east of us.

Fair enough, thatís what sports is all about.

But to suggest Henry Burris is guilty of anything more than being a big dummy for letting someone take his picture wearing a bra next to a similarly dressed young woman is grossly unfair.

The fact SOME Rider fans in particular are choosing to play dirty is hardly surprising, given the unrelenting bitterness theyíve harboured since Burris decided to re-sign with the Stampeders.

And weíre not talking about the signs in the Mosaic Field stands, some doctored to include easy target Nik Lewis.

Pile on all you want if itís good-natured ribbing, but save the vicious commentary for someone who truly deserves it.

Burris is a football player, not the Pope.

Maybe Smiliní Hank needs his O-line to protect him off the field, as clearly heís been sacked by someone he trusted.

Stand in the pocket too long, youíre probably gonna get creamed.

Put yourself in a compromising position, same result.

But in the grand scheme of things, who cares if Henry Burris slips into a thong before he takes to the field as long as it doesnít bind at an inopportune time.

Now, Henry, before you get your knickers in a twist, what the heck was that stinker on Saturday night ...