Thelwell won't give up on next season


, Last Updated: 8:30 PM ET

Ryan Thelwell wants to go out of the game in a different way.

Not with his final game ending early due to a torn Achilles tendon.

Not with his final moment as a Stampeder on the sidelines watching his teammates lost the Western Final to the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

ďI donít want my last game in the CFL end like that,Ē said the veteran receiver as he readied to leave the locker room Monday.

But itíll be an uphill climb for the soft-spoken Thelwell to return, and he knows it. Heís not a youngster any longer, and his injury isnít easy to overcome.

ďI am 36, so you never know how itís going to go, but Iím going to approach it as if Iíll be back playing,Ē said Thelwell, who has one year remaining on his contract.

Thelwell stepped forward when Ken-Yon Rambo went down due to a season-ending knee injury.

ďI think Ken-Yon has more impact that myself. But not being out there contributing is so hard,Ē Thelwell said. ďIt was tough to watch that game (Sunday). You could see the momentum switching and, it was almost like us against an entire province, and not to be out there helping is hard.Ē

The good news is Thelwell ó who drove to Regina for the game along with Rob Lazeo and Derek Armstrong ó was told his recovery is coming along faster than scheduled.

Other good news for the Stamps is Rambo believes heíll be 100% when training camp opens.

ďIím not having an off-season. Iíll be doing my rehab when I get back to Dallas, so I wonít have an off-season,Ē said Rambo, the CFL's leading receiver in 2008. ďIíve been playing this sport for a long and to get where I want to be, Iíve got to do it.

ďItís football for me, and Iím looking forward to the next season.Ē

In Ramboís absence, the Stamps acquired Romby Bryant, which has the potential to give the team four outstanding import receivers next season, with Nik Lewis and Jeremaine Copeland also expected to remain in the fold.

ďThere would be a lot of speed, a lot of hands, a lot of acrobatic catches. That would be a nice foursome,Ē Rambo said. ďI donít know whatís going on with Rombyís contract, but I know Cope and Nik will be here. Iíll be here. Hopefully, we can get Romby signed.Ē