Stampeder explains how he was stabbed


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It turns out a single stab wound to his lower back isnt the only scar Teyo Johnson was sporting after a dance-floor dispute that could have cost him his life.

The towering fullback returned to McMahon Stadium yesterday, addressing his Stampeders teammates and telling reporters he also had an attackers tooth removed from his hand after the scrap.

If the cops are looking for a guy getting his teeth fixed, that might help, Johnson said.

The 27-year-old was hospitalized early Friday morning after being stabbed in an altercation at a DJ Tiesto concert at the Big Four Building on the Stampede Grounds.

Although he was removed from the active roster and wont suit up for todays post-season showdown against the Edmonton Eskimos, Johnson returned to the turf yesterday, donning his No. 2 uniform and mingling with his teammates during the morning walk-through.

He expressed regret about causing an unnecessary distraction, but stopped short of issuing an apology and insisted he wasnt the aggressor in a melee that reportedly involved as many as four other individuals.

Some guys got hyped up and wanted to fight me, Johnson said. It wasnt because they knew who I was or anything, it was just an unfortunate incident.

I didnt back down from these guys when they wanted to fight me. I didnt throw the first punch, so I didnt instigate it. It was just some guys felt like they could be tough and take advantage of me and unfortunately I got stabbed in the back.

I count my blessings Im still here.

His teammates were also relived to see the second-year Stampeder back on his feet after spending a night in hospital.

He could easily be laying six feet under right now, so youve just gotta be happy and thank God that hes still walking around and hes still gonna be able to play football, said veteran slotback Jeremaine Copeland.

Its great to see him, because obviously you hear (about the incident) and you dont know what state he is going to be in health-wise, added fullback Rob Cote, wholl take Johnsons spot in the starting lineup.

To see him walking around like he is every day, its good. Its very relieving to see that he seems healthy.

Although Johnson escaped the knifing incident without any serious injuries, he might have to explain to his teammates why he was attending an early-morning party the stabbing reportedly occurred at about 1:20 a.m. just three sleeps before a first-round playoff game.

Asked yesterday if he was violating team curfew, Johnson told reporters youve gotta have a life outside of football, too.

During his regular pre-game press conference, Stamps boss John Hufnagel seemed to defend that stance.

What are you going to do? Hufnagel asked. Live in a cage?