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What should the NHL do about head shots in hockey?
Thu, March 10, 2011

The NHL is on the hot seat while trying to find a solution to cut down on the number of concussions and bring more respect to the game.

The latest incident, involving Boston Bruins defenceman Zdeno Chara taking out Montreal Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty into a padded arena stanchion, has players, fans and sponsors up in arms over the NHL's decision not to level a suspension and/or fine for the dangerous play.

Pittsburgh Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby, the NHL's poster boy, hasn't played in more than two months after suffering a concussion in the Winter Classic on Jan. 1.

What can the NHL do about preventing concussions in hockey? Is it up to the players to show more respect in the game? Have your say in our forum.

No suspension for Chara


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Max.. look at the pic, he's driving his head into the divider... end of story. Chara didnt have to do that.. that was his choice.
hIKER7, 2011-03-10 13:16:17

it's unfortunate that his hit has brought this topic up once again. Chara is not know for this type of hockey or conduct. Hockey, like football is a contact sport and unfortunately this type of contact does occur.

If you want no contact or limited contact, then I for one will not follow the NHL any longer.

Just like football, leave it alone and deal with the really bad hits by intention.

I think the NHL was right in it's decision not to suspend Chara.

And the NHL, should just swallow it and tell Air Cananda that they can take their money back if they so choose to, but the NHL handles its own business.

R. Goddard, 2011-03-10 13:04:29

So I assume that by Air Canadas strong condemnation of the NHL they, nor the Air Canada centre, will have anything to do with MMA nor any UFC event. Or for that matter any league where concussions are an issue (CFL, NFL, etc). Or is this just pandering to 'angry' canadiens, er I mean canadians?
Alex Smith, 2011-03-10 13:02:21

Chara attempted to check a opposing player out along the boards,he's done the same hundreds of times.Chara has a clean record it was unfortunate the padded post was in the path, maybe they should look at removing the post.If the hit happen in Tanpa Bay you wouldn't hear peep out of MPs,election is on the way, and it happen in Quebec.
Fred, 2011-03-10 13:01:49

I like what Air Canada is doing ie. threatening to withdraw their sponsorship. I hope they follow through. If the sponsors back out then the NHL Management may listen.
AceRider, 2011-03-10 12:59:32

NHL does not command respect from its players and with these slaps on the wrists the players will continue to not respect each other. The fact that the NHL review of this hit did not find any intent or cause to further penalize Chara certainly gives me pause as to how much I will continue to follow the game I love. I am sure Chara did not want to extent of the injuries to be what they were, but to me he knew exactly where he was directing his opponent. Like a blade of the stick that inadvertently makes contact with another player, regardless of intent, you are responsible for your actions on the ice. Gillies gets ten games and Chara one ?!? The league is making a joke of itself.....does it really wonder why the top player and several great players are sitting out of the game due to injury right now??? Hmmm...look no further than how you promote and govern your players actions!!!
Younger, 2011-03-10 12:55:16

This was caused purely by a built-in dangerous condition, the vertical glass edge.

Chara simply angled him into the boards. If there's No Glass edge then its a nothing play. Take emotion out of equation & look objectively folks. BTW, slow mo's so deceiving, it can substantiate practically any argument, must look at full spd.

I wish Paciorrety a full recovery.
eddie b., 2011-03-10 12:54:17

I've stopped watching hockey because I'm tired of the dirty and frequent hits. Redneck Ralph and his kids can cheer for fights all they want at the game but for the majority of the people who go, they want to see a good game of skill with strategy involved. The yahoos calling for blood can go to a UFC match if they want.

The game has turned into a joke and myself along with many of my friends, have stopped watching hockey because it has turned into a joke.

Pretty easy to stop this - you can either suspend the offending player for as long as the other player is injured but I think that doesn't do justice because a concussion stays with you for much longer that many realize. I say, that headshots are an automatic 40 game suspension without pay. On your third offense, you are banned for life from the NHL. That would tighen up things pretty quickly and you would see the goons like Matt Cooke disappear from the game pretty quickly.

I hope Crosby makes a comeback but like most say, they doubt he will ever be able to play the game the same way he did. But then again, Redneck Ralph and his kids don't care about that.
Belair, 2011-03-10 12:53:43

I think Air Canada is going about it in the right way. Hit the NHL in the pocket book and then you will see action! There is way too many injuries that happen with intent to harm. Be it head injuries or knee injuries, etc. Cudos to Air Canada. Hopefully others will follow suit,
Kim, 2011-03-10 12:35:22

Its simple, If a player is out for a period of time, the penalty should be the same for the player who caused the injury. Meaning if Max cant return for the season neither does Chara. I think he needs to be made an example of, especially for his antics against Max in previous games, he Was looking to hurt him. Chara got his opportunity, and made a bad split second decision. To prevent less caliber players from going after team top scores stiffer fines need to be implemented against them. Such as the Crosby incident. Loosing your best player to a 3rd liner needs to say something.
t, 2011-03-10 12:30:34

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