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What should the NHL do about head shots in hockey?
Thu, March 10, 2011

The NHL is on the hot seat while trying to find a solution to cut down on the number of concussions and bring more respect to the game.

The latest incident, involving Boston Bruins defenceman Zdeno Chara taking out Montreal Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty into a padded arena stanchion, has players, fans and sponsors up in arms over the NHL's decision not to level a suspension and/or fine for the dangerous play.

Pittsburgh Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby, the NHL's poster boy, hasn't played in more than two months after suffering a concussion in the Winter Classic on Jan. 1.

What can the NHL do about preventing concussions in hockey? Is it up to the players to show more respect in the game? Have your say in our forum.

No suspension for Chara


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I was with you all the way HockeyGuy, until you put women's Olympic hockey in the same category as men's Olympic hockey. I'd watch paint dry before I'd watch the women's game - you realize they practice against midget triple A boys teams and regularly lose.... and these are the elite players in the world on the women's side.
Jake, 2011-03-10 15:10:04

Yea sure, we should take all the hitting out of the game, And maybe they better do something about that puck , it's awful hard , might have to replace it with a beach ball, NO GUTS NO GLORY... no fans Leave the game alone!
Darcy, 2011-03-10 15:06:11

it is what it is.. no matter what the leagues does, there will always be head injuries... its a contact sport.... UFC fighters like (GSP) keep pounding on their appoinent even when he is totally knocked out... so are we to start charging them with intent to injure too.. police have no business charging hockey players in these matters ... 3 investigations since 2008 involving hockey and guess what they were all in QUEBEC..suck it up HABS fans.. and grow a pair!
HOCKEY FAN, 2011-03-10 14:59:45

Maybe we need to put the game back in the hands of Canadiens and kick Bettman back to whatever he came from. The Americans run the sport now and most of the cities where teams are in the US, except the original 6, haven't a clue what hockey is. All they want is blood. Go Canada Go.
carcrazy, 2011-03-10 14:51:27

Its very easy,just make a rule intent to injure penalty 2 minutes or a life time ban from hockey.the worst the infraction the stiffer penality,don't call this roughing because its not its intent to injure.
GEORGE MAJERAN, 2011-03-10 14:37:28

I love how it is manditory for the players to wear a helmet that doesn't protect them from concussions. Back when it wasn't manditory players respected one another more. If you got an elbow it was usually while scruming along the boards not as an open ice hit or to drive your head into the boards. Take the helmet option away and see who respects whom.
Hockey Guy, 2011-03-10 14:34:52

I am as well disgusted with the hit the way it went down and far more disgusted with the NHL how they are handling this matter. I also believe that although the players, like Chara, are professionals and masters of their craft and they constantly try their best in the game and to follow what allowable and EXPECTED by the NHL commission and of course what is expected from them by the biggest extremes hits instigator, Gary Bruce Bettman, the NHL commissioner who in my view he clearly shows that he things Hockey should be the same as the Gladiators fights in the ancient Rome Colosseum, all based on his comments and the past 10 years history. I will call it the "Gary Bruce Bettman syndrom" which has put and will be putting all the players' lives at risk until he is gone and the rules altered.

Yes, hockey is an aggressive and a rough sport game, but it is a WWF sport, neither an ancient Rome gladiators fight. It is a sport to be enjoyed by all fans in as civilized way possible, NOT IN A SUCH AGGRESSIVE WAY FOR A KILL OF THE OPPONENT!

I have always enjoyed playing the and watching sport since I was little, but although it was rough with fights involved, it was a more technical more civil of a game until Gary Bruce Bettman arrived in the scene!

What the hek, we all hockey fans remember the seventies and early eighties when admiring while at the same time (politically driven) hated the Russians and their technical game whenever they were playing with our North American teams! Yes there were fights but not one to kill each other although we hated each other so much for reasons not known to us, except we hated Russia!

Yes, my friends and I are disgusted with the rules that allows and encourages hits like this and its alike (remember Bertuzzi's hit 7 years ago to the day and its alike?). We started a petition to get our true technical hockey game back and get rid of the rules that allow extreme hits like the one upon Pacioretty and YES we will stop watching any NHL games and watch only CHL games until these rules are changed. Make a difference and support our petition to get our game back at : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hockey-Fans-Disgusted-with-NHL-Commissions-Promotion-of-Violence/195222117165687
Sal Moin, 2011-03-10 14:34:18

You know, if I work at a job that I deem to be unsafe I can walk off the job. If I have a Union they support me in this regard to ensure I have a safe working environment.

So, millionaires playing a sport refuse to walk off, do anything about it and their own Union refuses to protect them. Great, then let them cash the cheques and roll the dice with their lives and let the dust fall where it may. Our government has better things to worry about...

When sponsors walk away and fans quit watching and the cheques start to bounce then maybe, just maybe, they'll change the product they bring to the ice. Until then, Olympic hockey is the best game on ice to watch, men's and women's!
HockeyGuy, 2011-03-10 13:33:28

Question - if everyone thinks Chara could have acted in an intentional way in the fraction of a second before the hit why couldn't Pac have stopped before he was hit? Neither could so everyone live with the results. The players take the risks and are rewarded for taking those risks.
Rojam, 2011-03-10 13:30:56

I suspect chara knew exactly what he was doing when he put pacioretty into the stanchion. he has to know where it was located in relation to the hit. it certainly looks like he guides pacioretty's head inward so it could have no other outcome. he is guilty and should be sentenced accordingly (out as long as pacioretty is). it didn't have to be a vicious hit to be premeditated with the intent to injure. although chara has never been suspended in the past doesn't mean he hasn't taken a few liberties with guys.
paulo, 2011-03-10 13:25:18

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