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Should Jason Spezza stay in Ottawa?
Tue, July 20, 2010


Jason Spezza wants to remain a Senator.

Speaking publicly for the first time since his season-end meeting with general manager Bryan Murray, the team's No. 1 centre and highest-paid player made it clear his preference has always been to stay in Ottawa.

There's been plenty of debate on the issue of Spezza's mindset since Murray told the media Spezza informed him he wouldn't "object" to being dealt.

"At no point did I ever demand a trade," Spezza said Tuesday at his annual charity golf tournament, being played at Greyhawk. "I've seen a lot of what's been written and talked about ... at the end of the year I was pretty emotional and upset ... I was upset at us losing, and I was upset at a bit of the response I got.

"I talked to Bryan and (said) I read the newspapers, I see every year there's trade talk about me. I just basically told him, if you want to move me, you can move me. Obviously, I had (a) no-trade clause coming up on July 1. I want to be here, but if he thinks it's best for the team for me not to be here, and the city, then he can move me.

"He told me he wasn't going to move me, and to be honest, I was happy about it, because I like being here in Ottawa."

Do you think the Senators should keep Spezza? Have your say in our forum.

Spezza: 'I want to be here'


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Leave it to the Sun to ask the question, Should the Sens keep Spezza. It's been consistant of Sun Journalists to doubt this guy and his loyalty all summer. Now that the rest of the story is done, Brennan keeps up with his role of instigating a story thsat wasn't there in the first place. We know it's ok because Tim Baines followed up with his we like Spezza, and our Journalists are fine writers speech. Personally, I think the question that should be asked is, are the Sun writers professional enough to do their jobs. In the past I would have said yes, but now it's become somewhat obvious that the ball has been dropped. Perhaps it's due to the tabloid mentality that sells papers. Maybe the Heatley story last summer sold so many papers they were hoping to duplicate it again this year. But I think it's poor reporting. Not once in any of the reports I've seen from this paper did I get the full context of the story, not once did simple questions that a reporter should be smart enough to ask was done. When Baines wrote his blog defending his scribes did he answer any questions that we readers had asked for time and time again. I think not - and it's unfortunate that an editor can defend his writers yet ignore his readers. I've been very dissappointed in the Sun, and it's reporters handling this situation. Sensationalism and negativity may sell papers, but balance, and getting the full story is what news is supposed to be. Remember guys, this is the Ottawa Sun, but this is your community too, and it wouldn't hurt to have the full story once in a while, before trying to destroy a skilled player for the sake of selling your papers.
Tom, 2010-07-20 20:21:22

Dear Mr. Spezza, Bruce here.. I would like to take this time to apologize for starting all this "Trade Talk". You know me, gots to right something..opps, that should read wright. Maybe next season I can come up with a better rumour.. I know... How about you are being traded to Toronto. No?? Ok, how about.. OH.. You found a loophole in your contract and want out?? Still no good eh..Well, how about this one.. you have asked in secret, to be traded to San Jose... get this... For Heatley!! No, not good.. well, I have a summer to think about things... Have a great summer Jason!!

PS, I get booed and laughed at too.. maybe that's why I take things out on you.. again, I apologize..
Robert, 2010-07-20 19:33:15

Since Jason has been in Ottawa, he has always been the subject of some sort of criticism. Jacques Martin started it off with that man/boy comment.

Since then, every missed drop pass Jason has done is scrutinized and mocked.

I'm tired of hearing about the "knowledgeable" Ottawa crowd when in reality they are the most fairweather group on the planet. Great when things are going well --- boring, if not strictly trailer-park when things are not.

Team on a losing streak? Blame Spezza. HIghest paid centre. Must be his fault, right? The reality is that when things are not going well, usually it's a "team" problem --- not solely Jason problem.

In his entire career here, Jason has always faced the media even when he takes it on the chin. He has always reiterated that he loves to be in this role and that he feels he should take the heat as well as the praise and has never passed the buck. Forget trying to pass the buck, Jason has owned up to his mistakes. Compare that to a vastly overpaid Russian player that we got stuck with last year.

It's time people grow up and get behind the team and Jason instead of trying to tear things down all the time.

I mean, I know we're Canadian and all but c'mon...

Morley Seaver, 2010-07-20 18:50:22

Well said, John. But don't hold your breathe. Where Garrioch is concerned, mending fences with Spezza and the public would take away too good a chunk of his "rumour-de-jour" material. And Brennan, as critical as he can be about certain players, will do nothing to stir up the Murray waters, since that's his pipeline to "news."

Some people wonder what Sutter and Sather have on their respective owners to have been able to hold onto their jobs after so many idiotic signing gaffs. You can make that a triumverate with the addition of Murray. It seems every year he's become so preoccupied with hold-outs that he's allowed UFAs he might have been interested in to slip away. Remember the Emery fiasco? Then last year the Heatley thing got in the way. Now, while he did sign a good one in Gonchar, he screamed to a sudden halt because he has to deal with RFAs Foligno, Regin, and Campoli. So he's STILL without that Top 6 fwd he's been yakking about for 3 years! Meanwhile, GMs like Lou Lamoriello go out and get what they want and worry about the cap later.

As far as I'm concerned, the ONLY RFA worth hanging onto is Regin. The other two can take a hike. They certainly don't need Campoli and whatever salary he's going to get through arbitration, and Foligno is what you see: a fwd with too many long disappearing acts.

I would rather have seen Cullen return.
Gary O., 2010-07-20 18:39:26

Brennan has the worst track record of any journalist in Ottawa. He writes like a red neck amateur. If anybody should get traded its him. I recall when Alfie was negotiating a new contract and Brennan wrote a serious article stating that we should trade Aflie for Barnaby. Another one was when he wrote that Gardner, a guy who scores less than 10 goals a season, was the best player on the team. Ottawa journalist want a team full of hard working fighters who can't score goals and can't win games ... and they're doing their best to push Spezza out of town for that reason. Brennan is leading the pack. He has no clue. His writing speaks for itself
Stephen Willis, 2010-07-20 18:35:15

John you are 100% right and may I add both Murray and his lapdog Brennan owe Ottawa fans and of course Spezza an apology. Why do article writers never accountable What A holes...
Gordon Wadleigh, 2010-07-20 17:49:47

Jason Spezza gets a bad rap from Brennan all the time, especially in his articles leading up to the trade deadline. Spezza spoke privately to Murray about his frustrations after the playoffs. Why did Murray go public with them, and why is Murray not criticized for doing so, especially after Heatley got fried for being public with his trade request. The person who produced all the problems this summer was Murray, and he has gotten off scott free. Journalists like Brennan give Murray a free pass because he gives them stories, but he did Spezza wrong here, and Murray owes Spezza a public apology. And Brennan or Garrioch should write THAT.
John Berkman, 2010-07-20 16:38:20

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