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Does hockey need to get tough on players who deliver shots to the head?
Mon, January 18, 2010

Mikael Tam of the Quebec Remparts was listed in stable condition in hospital after taking an elbow to the head from Rouyn-Noranda centre Patrice Cormier, who captained Canada at the recent world junior hockey championship.

This is just the latest in a series of vicious head shots at the NHL and junior levels this season.

There was speculation that the QMJHL, which has come down hard on cases of violence this season, will suspend Cormier for the rest of the season and perhaps for the playoffs.

Cormier ejected for elbow


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This kid is a disgrace. Maybe the fact that he was wearing the "C" had something to do with our juniors not winning? He deliberately went out for blood, got it, and now he only gets a suspension from QMJHL? Next year he'll be making big bucks as a pro. What a joke. He screwed up yes, but I think the real culprits are the ones who will give him a paycheck and allow him to continue deface the game of hockey.
PG, 2010-01-26 12:11:16

Cherry is as much a goon as Cormier is! Guess who's name was on the Rock-em Sock-em videos over the past few years! Cherry!! How can he espouse such an expose and then contend that he is against the results when players go over the line. The whole business of "finish the check" even though the puck is long gone is just foolishness and more intented to hurt the other player instead of just showing him that the checking is close. I enjoy a good, open-ice hit as much as the next fan but the whole idea of ramming someone into the boards is just the coward's way of making the hit. The boards do more damage than the actual player contact and that's not what they are there for.

Cormier got part of what he deserved. However, until the "punishment fits the crime", these kinds of hits will continue until someone is killed. Make the penalty time equal to the time that the victim is away from the game! If the victim never comes back to play at the same or higher level, then the person who caused the damage stays out of the game as well. That's the ONLY way to make it FAIR and avoid the escalation of this type of play.

I also agree with making the player actions subject to the local laws. There should be no leniency just because the injuries took place during a "game". If there is "assault" against a player of any sport during a game, the perpetrator should be subject to the same laws that are on the street. No special treatment for millionaires!!!!
Hurricane_Canada, 2010-01-26 12:05:30

He, like Todd Bertuzzi, should never be allowed to play in any sports league ever again.
sean, 2010-01-26 11:57:10

what disturbs me the most, after reading the comments, that people are talking of the "enforcers" and the "goons" and "jusr wait until Cormier gets to the bigs and he gets taught a lesson.

Canada's national sport is in the sewer, plain and simple. There is not a league in the country willing to stand up to the violence. The Quebec league bowed to public pressure to do something about Cormier.

This is the same guy that took out a swedish player for the entire tournament after Christmas.

I knew the game was doomed when the last junior game I went to, the fat lady sitting behind me only cheered when the fights broke out.

Hockey is a rough game but no rougher than Aussie rules football, the CFL, heck basketball has more than it's share of body contact. try deliberately injuring someone in those sports and see what happens.

It's a sad day when hockey is reduced to the same level and the same fan base as UFC and pro wrestling
JB, 2010-01-26 11:44:09

In an intent to injure infraction the suspension should carry 2 parts.

1) The offending player is suspended for as long as the injured player is out. So if it takes the injured party the rest of the season to come back the offending player is out for that long.

2) As well as part 1 the league should impose a suspension based on the infraction which only begins after the injured player returns.

It seems to me that vicious hits like this are happening more and more often and if the leagues don't do something to crack down on this, someone is going to get killed.
Dave, 2010-01-26 11:32:58

The problem is that Comier will be back, with his temper, and has a chance of killing someone the next time, and there will be a next time. no lessons learned here.
spider, 2010-01-26 11:25:39

Cormier's suspension was completely justified but he should also be charged with a criminal offence of assault. The New Jersey Devils better not offer him a position until the suspension is over, otherwise, that sends a wrong message as well. This was a vicious blow that has seriously damaged the health of Mikael Tam and perhaps jeapordised his career.
Mark S., 2010-01-26 11:15:48

The law should not consider the infraction given by the league. He should be charged with the appropriatel crime. Just because you are in an arena does not mean there are two sets of rules. I hope TAM sues him and wins big money. The only way to stop these actions, 1) know that they will be crimminally charged 2) have penalties harsh enough to either threaten their carreers or cost them a lot of money.
John, 2010-01-26 10:49:13

Like another article said, the punishment will never fit the crime. I believe, if there is an intentional hit to the head that causes a severe injury, the suspension should be the length of time the injured player is out, PLUS whatever number of games they are given.

I keep hearing that this is part of the game. That is BS. Yes, hockey is a very physical sport, but intent to injure is NOT part of the game. I don't care if it was a lapse in judgement, it was an intentional hit to the head.
Mark, 2010-01-26 10:36:55

Simple...it's not a hockey play. Therefore it requires a punishment. Stop it in Junior then maybe when that crop of young talent make the NHL it's a non issue.
B Gray, 2010-01-26 10:15:08

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