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Does hockey need to get tough on players who deliver shots to the head?
Mon, January 18, 2010

Mikael Tam of the Quebec Remparts was listed in stable condition in hospital after taking an elbow to the head from Rouyn-Noranda centre Patrice Cormier, who captained Canada at the recent world junior hockey championship.

This is just the latest in a series of vicious head shots at the NHL and junior levels this season.

There was speculation that the QMJHL, which has come down hard on cases of violence this season, will suspend Cormier for the rest of the season and perhaps for the playoffs.

Cormier ejected for elbow


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I don't even watch the NHL because of excessive abuse on the ice. I think the board should send a message to players - ban Cormier for life. That shot was deliberate. Why can Olympic hockey and World Cup Hockey players manage to play the game without violence. This is the only hockey I will watch. If fans want blood and guts then go to a cock fight; pit bull fights (which are illegal)/or how about attending the running of the bulls.
Marilyn Storms, 2010-01-27 10:13:10

In the hockey of today it has evolved into a dirty game of cheap shots.

The art of good clean body checks ala Tim Horton and a few others is lost.

As I see it there has been 3 stages of hockey in the last 50 years to slow an opposing player down.

1 Good hard checks up until mid 70's

2 Clutch and Grab from 70's up to about 5 years ago

3 Head shots
pappy, 2010-01-27 06:29:50

The team is appealing his suspension. That says it all about the mindset of the Hockey executives. Their attitude is that they're big boys, and if they agree to want to bash each other on the head senseless on the ice, then go ahead. Be tough! Send the message to the other team no matter how brutal it is. That will teach them not to mess with us!

As a spectator, I can either watch it, or turn it off. It's the hockey community's problem. We are only the paying suckers.. er, the spectators!
Vince in Ottawa, 2010-01-27 02:34:20

Illegal hits resulting in injury should bring about a suspension lasting as long as the injured player is off the ice. If the hit ends a hockey career, the career of the goon should also be over. Tod Bertuzzi should never have played again and it remains to be seen if Patrice Cormier should. Talent should not be a consideration.
susan, 2010-01-27 02:07:59

Along with suspensions, the league has to look at equipment. If you take a good look and compare designs over the past 20 years there have been huge changes. The elbow pads in particular have been made into formidible weapons. Shin pads have hard plastic and othe rmaterials to take hard shots, either by puck or stick. An elbow pad is to protect form bangs on the boards or ice. They do not need the huge protruding plastic covers. I think manufacturers have conciously designed them to be used more for hitting othe players. Shoulder pads have grown to football pad proportions. I play rec hockey and use the old style shoulder pads with the small plastic cups on top and the thin quilted material over the chest. NHLers from years ago wore the same. The game was physical and tough but the players were not out headhunting. Now the players are not only protected better, they have more than their sticks to give an opponent a serious injury. The game has become a joke with the players looking to get away with a cheap shot. It's got to be removed from the game. I am not against hard hits and fighting, just the cheap shots and silly face washes. Cormier won't be taught a esson, he'll be in the NHL soon. Someone soon will be killed from an elbow or hit from behind...guaranteed soon.

Make the equipment like they did 20 years ago and see how many of these cheap shot wusses skate 50 feet to slam someone in the boards. They won't because they can get injured too. A man would have faced another to fight. The other guy didn't even see him. BTW..the hit on the Barrie Colt player was worse and should have been as severe a suspension. The guy jumped to hit. WTF was that?
jeffk, 2010-01-26 22:05:50

It was a very disgusting hit. I'm 59 and been watching hockey for all these years. Something is very wrong with this generation of hockey players. Scott Stevens I thought was the worst head hunter I ever did see. This year alone I've seen several hits that make Scott's hits look less life threating. I think hockey will only get it once someone dies. The problem here goes much deeper. How are we training and coaching our young players?? This is only a game, not a war. Hitting to severely injure is condoned. Scott Stevens and others set the example. What trouble did they get in? This is now what you get. The NHL sets the precedent.
Keith, 2010-01-26 21:59:23

I agree with the suspension handed down by the league. I do believe that owners and officials in the NHL are the ones that could contribute the most to an elimination of these incidents. It is the almighty dollar that has caused the players to lose respect for their fellow players. Additionally the league could work with eguipment manufacturers to lighten up on the elbow and shoulder pads to a point where the player doing the hitting would stand a chance of hurting himself as much as the player he hits. Don Cherry has stressed this for many years now however the league in their wisdom has ignored his suggestion.

Frank, 2010-01-26 20:28:15

We should send our kids to the outdoor rink for the first 3 seasons, give them jar rings to keep up their pads, give them a 3 pound Sherwood stick, steel blades, and let them hit! Then see what kind of hockey Canada has!
gary, 2010-01-26 18:01:31

I think they should just ban head shots from the NHL its just insane how people get injured all the time it just ruins the hockey game as exiciting as the fights are and etc.
Ross, 2010-01-26 17:48:13

that total and complete idiot should be banned from hockey for life..better yet, let him do it in the NHL where he would have been beaten into a coma for being such a useless degenerate
idiot, 2010-01-26 15:40:34

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