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Which city deserves an NHL team the most?
Fri, October 16, 2009

By Mike Zeisberger, Sun Media

Many of the Gary Bettman bashers figure the NHL commissioner seems to turn a blind eye to anything north of the 49th parallel.

To this increasingly vocal group that maintains Bettman is anti-Canadian, it doesn't seem to matter that he has continued to talk with Hamilton officials since Jim Balsillie's bid to move the Phoenix Coyotes to Steeltown died last month.

Or that, during the Coyotes trial, he pondered why the NHL would not at least touch base with Winnipeg in the event of the team's relocation, since that was the original birthplace of the franchise.

Or that he hosted a meeting a week ago with Quebec City Mayor Regis Labeaume, who wants to resurrect the Quebec Nordiques.

To these conspiracy theorists, Bettman's ultimate plan is to plop teams in Kansas City and Las Vegas one day while ignoring areas such as Winnipeg, Quebec City, and southern Ontario. It is a suggestion he vehemently denies.

"I'm sure there are people in Quebec City who would say if a team is moving to Canada, why should it be southern Ontario? Why shouldn't we get a team back?" Bettman says. "I'm sure there are people in Winnipeg who are saying the same thing. If the Coyotes move, I'm sure they say, 'Why aren't the Coyotes coming back here now that we have a new arena?' And so, there will always be a debate as to where the right fit is. But to the extent people think I have this master list hanging on my office wall in terms of where we are going next, that is not the case. If the opportunity presents itself, then we will look at all the situations and try to make the best judgment. You can confirm for yourself ... there is no list on my wall. Search away, You can look in all the drawers also."

What city should the NHL expand or relocate to in the future? Does it matter whether it is in Canada or the U.S.? Have your say in our forum.

Bettman: Have patience


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I understand Vince. It's just that the Leafs themselves keep reminding everyone as to how much of a joke they've become each time they step onto the ice. Tougher? Mmmm, yeah. Dumber? Most definitely.

And this is the team the so-called "panel of experts" at TSN (Duthie, Ferraro, McKenzie, McGuire et all) picked to finish 9th in the east. Ahead of Ottawa who they picked 10th.

They never did explain which group of Toronto forwards were collectively - or individually - better than Alfredsson, Spezza, Kovalev, Fisher, Michalek and Cheechoo, or how their goaltending tandem of a guy whose best year in recent history was 5 years ago (with an infinitely better team in front of him in San Jose), and who is coming off surgery, and a back-up who never played more than 25 games in any one year and was coming out of a Swedish house league, was potentially better than a guy, also coming off surgery, but who had 9 shutouts recently in just over half a season with a so-so Columbus team and a back-up who has the benefit of a full year in the NHL behind him. Or how their D, made up of a 20 year-old sophomore, a loose-cannon that the Habs didn't want to re-sign, another from Anaheim who had the benefit of playing with some studs there, a fairly decent D in Kaberle, and an overpaid stiff (Finger), was better than the Ottawa D corps to the extent that that alone would propel them to 9th.

Any credibility they had as "experts" went out the frikken window with that one "wishful-thinking" prediction. So, why would anyone tune in to see what they have to say?
Gary O., 2009-10-21 16:35:08

Gary O,lighten up Man!Your underwear are way too tight.I like your sence of humor Vince.We all need a good sence of humor to prevent hardening of the attitudes.
JohnBoy, 2009-10-21 12:54:16

Gary O. You are correct of course. I just couldn't resist that moment of weakness.
Vince in Ottawa, 2009-10-20 19:12:10

Vincent, that's been said and re-said so often that it ceased being funny a long time ago.

Did you seruously think that some, reading your post, would think "my, he's clever?" Read some besides your own and y ou'll see that it's been tossed in by a number well before you.

I'm no Toronto fan - but that is just frikken stale.
Gary O., 2009-10-20 09:25:09

I think that Toronto should get a team ahead of all the others
Vince in Ottawa, 2009-10-19 16:01:37

How about the Lafs merge with the Coyotes? Lafs send a few billion dollars to Phoenix and if they want a team, no problem, send them the current Lafs roster. In return TO gets the Lafs roster.
Phuket, 2009-10-18 11:28:31

No way Quebec should get a team the reasons being they already had a team and could not support it, plus the mayor of quebec wants 175 million dollars from the Federal Gov't.

The New Arena in winipeg is too small and they can't afford to support another NHL tean just Like the Last one.

Give a Team to Hamilton Jim Balsilie deserves a Chance he seems to be the Only Canadian will to spen the Money and he Has the Money.

Just because the Board of Governors Voted 26 to 4 to not Accept Balsilie this is irrelevent, as long as Balsilie Follows the Guidelines as set down by the NHL he is the guy that should get an NHL team.

He and the City of Hamilton are willing to Make Copps Colliseum bigger so my vote goes to J.B. and the City of Hamilton
Butch Cummings, 2009-10-18 11:22:26

Quebec City, Winnipeg should get another team.What a JOKE.They had their chance and proved they could not support a team.

How about a team in either Hamilton or Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge area.Check out the population they could draw from.London, Woodstock,Brantford,Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and Hamilton, Burlington, Dundas, not to mention St.Catharines.

But that is not going to happen until betttman is gone.He wants to put teams into cities that think ice is for putting into your drinks.

I hear the NBA stood up and cheered when Bettman left.Anybody else hear the same thing????????

Fast Eddy
Fast Eddy, 2009-10-17 20:14:42

I aggree with Ed it,s only a matter of time before they wake up.
Andre, 2009-10-17 11:36:08

Bettman's got no choice but to say the right thing, but everything he does contradicts what comes out of his mouth.

It's obvious that southern Ontario could support another team, but it's not there - and the league has the Islanders, Tampa, Florida, and Pheonix instead.

In Pheonix - the next best idea launch is to give away tickets-to get paid butts in the seats ?

It's debatable if Quebec and Winnipeg could support an NHL team long term, but if you use the NHL's winning formula of giving away free tickets, free food, free parking, and bloodsucking the fans by having ticket prices so high in stable markets, then

I don't see why the same revenue draw from the old cities or new cities would matter.

Bettman is full of crap. The league is not sustaining itself because of intelligent moves from the head office. The recent history of team sales ( exclude the Habs ) show what type of owners have been courted and accepted.

McNall, Delbaggio, Pocklington, are all fine upstanding entreprenuers that have, or are living out of a 4x8 cell.

In this economy there aren't many idiots out there willing to burn millions on an NHL team, especially with the support the NHL has given the current Pheonix ownership during this whole bankruptcy fiasco.

I'd love to see more Canadian NHL teams, but with the way things have gone under Bettman, I would not bet on it happening soon.
AndyV., 2009-10-17 07:38:14

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