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Who were the big winners at the opening of NHL free agency?
Wed, July 1, 2009

Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke added sandpaper to his roster on the first day of NHL free agency by signing physical defenceman Mike Komisarek. The Flames introduced free agent star Jay Bouwmeester, while many other teams were active. Tell us what you think of their performance.

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Burke gets his man in Komisarek


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Gary O., how can you propose trading an elite scorer for a bag of beans? The Sens are not close to competing for the cup so they can't afford to let him go like Detroit did with Hossa. They need help and they need him or a player of his calibre in return.

Let him sweat it out in Ottawa and make him win back the fans, just like they made Yashin do. Let him play his way into a better trade or he stays. In today's NHL it is absolutely critical, the difference between the $6M+ contracts and the $1M and dwindling contracts is perception and who signs first. Guys like Cammalleri are locked in while yesterdays flavours like Tanguay are locked out and are suddenly scrambling for minimum wage. Heatley knows which side of the equation he wants to be on and let him show it.
Rick W., 2009-08-25 14:09:14

The Heatley thing is a mess of monumental proportions. And Murray doesn't seem to have the acumen to deal with it. For the 2010/11 season, when the cap is expected to drop drastically, Ottawa has some $46 Mil committed - and they will be faced with 7 RFAsn to sign, among them Foligno, Lee, and Campoli. And the ONLY reason they are faced with that situation is the fact Heatley won't s*&t or get off the pot!

Rather than worry about the fan reaction from those who know nothing about the bloody game, other than it's the place to be and they happen to have the money to go, Murray shoukld be trying to trade Heatley to ANY team willing to offer up even a "useful" player. Forget about "value" in return. The value is the $7.5 mil off the books.

Failing that, he should be offering the Heatley camp the option of becoming an UFA at once - they can sign wherever they like for whatever contract they can wrangle, while the Sens are off the hook for his salary. Any team signing him then doesn't have to worry about giving up prospects or "value" in return. And Murray can then spend that $7.5 mil elsewhere.

I know one thing for sure: Heatley clearly does not have the gonads to come back to Ottawa and face hostility from the media and fans.
Gary O., 2009-07-15 19:39:20

Heatley's gotta work his ass off to get out of dodge now... hehe. Painted himself silly!!

Edmonton was best to have that work against them even though the eventual value would have worked out in their favour. Great pickup in Khabibulin, he could end up being a "fire" extinguisher.

Calgary looks great defensively with Bo added, although it's alot of money to gamble on a guy who has never payed pro without a tan. Hopefully they get balanced scoring up front with their combination of youth and depth.They'll need it badly on some nights with Khabibulin up the QEII and Loungo out west, after loosing Cammalleri and others.It's not always how many goals you prevent that win you games.

Vancouver did their fans a favour and kept the kids for another 5 years, although the kids did Van a favour by expecting a long term duo-deal of well over 100 million dollars.

you had to figure they weren't going any where and signed for a much smaller 5 year plan.

Montreal could have done some good having their purse fall on the ground and all that money falling out for a guy who played 1 solid season with some good players in calgary last year, but the others Gainey grabbed were acceptable replacements for what they let go. Either Gainey's brilliant or fired.

T.O. will have some character with the grit they've added, but you gotta wonder who's going to score for them. Burke did sign a long term deal didn't he? Funny thing, Burkie really moved there to eventually take over for when Cherry steps down. Great canadian mug on em, just gotta collar him up, beautiful Eh?
RM, 2009-07-10 03:51:46

You gotta love that TO fan base. In a current poll almost half of the 1,000 casting votes think the Leafs have come out best in free agents/draft so far.

This is based upon the signing of a gaggle of slow-footed D known more more their goonery than on-ice talent and who, working in tandem, couldn't put a puck in the ocean from the end of a pier.

They dealt away one of their more mobile D in Kubina, and now are talking about trading Kaberle, the only one they have left who can move the puck out of his own end, for some scoring up front!

The feeling is, they'll be much tougher in their own end. They better be, because they sure as hell won't be moving it up ice with any regularity.

Komisarek didn't do a lot for the Habs and that was with better offensive players up front.

I guess they're counting on the "monster" to suddenly become the second coming of Ken Dryden.

Just like with the Blue Jays every spring, the fans start every Leaf season with stars in their eyes, only to have reality rise up and bite them on the ass.
Gary O., 2009-07-07 21:43:39


I believe Heatley holds dual citizenship as his mother is German and his father is Canadian.

I am intrigued about the signing of Kovalev
Marc, 2009-07-07 08:23:19

Let Heatley rot in purgatory. He is not a Canadian, he is a German. He proves it over and over, heartless.
Pete, 2009-07-04 18:13:30

It's going to be a fun season watching the Leafs lose game after game. Toronto deserves Burke, who hasn't done a thing as a G.M. Anaheim was put together by Murray not Burke.

So far Calgary looks pretty good. Montreal has done okay, but look a little small upfront.
Steve, 2009-07-03 22:13:31

What Gainey has done is a testament to how bad the room was last season. The Captain and wannabe and their followers must have impacted the room so bad that Gainey had to clean house - maybe that's why none of them were signed on frenzy day.

Getting Cammalleri, Gionta, as free agents and Gomez in trade made them smaller but how many times did Koivu, Higgins, Kovalev, and Tanguay drive the net last season ???

I have to applaud Gainey that the Habs drafted a french player Louis Leblanc as the first round pick - maybe this is a sign that Les Canadiens are going back to drafting a good nucleus of offensively talented Quebecers to fill their top lines.

As for Komisarek, it's a loss, but he's no Boumeester,Pronger, or Chara and will eventually be replaced. In the meantime we've got Hal Gill who didn't look too bad winning the cup.

With all the changes and the chemistry needed on a top team, we'll see how next season goes. They should be able to score goals, and have the speed and passing to play some keep away. Should be fun !
AndyV., 2009-07-03 09:14:37

The winners are the teams who don't have to go out and throw big money at overpriced players in desperation (yeah, I'm talking about Montreal).

Building through the draft and developing players through the minors is still the best foundation for long term success.
russ, 2009-07-02 20:14:30

Flames and Oilers. Flames add Jay-Bo and make their blueline fearsome. Oilers add the best FA goalie available and DONT get Heatley which will be better for them. He's a primadonna and I hope he rides pine for the next year.

Leafs-As usual, Burke has a lot of talk and few results.

Canucks- lost Ohlund...umm, yeah...

Canadiens- nelly says: 'good players without overpaying.' So you don't feel 6 million a year for Cammaleri is overpaying?? Lol...

Norbit, 2009-07-02 15:25:47

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