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Your reaction to Coyotes court ruling?
Thu, October 1, 2009

Billionaire Jim Balsillie is now 0-for-3 in his attempts to be a National Hockey League owner and Hamilton is oh-for-two decades in its attempts to house an NHL franchise.

And who knows now when any of that is going to change?

That was the sombre reality of the non-decision decision made by U.S. bankruptcy court Judge Redfield T. Baum, who rejected Balsillie's very public bid for the Phoenix Coyotes without prejudice yesterday and also rejected the NHL's bid, leaving it a back-door entrance should it choose to tie up the loose ends of its bid, with which the judge was clearly uncomfortable.

Baum gave the NHL some hope -- and at least control of this situation -- while at the same time striking Balsillie out of the game as a potential purchaser of the bankrupt Coyotes.

U.S. judge blocks Balsillie bid


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Bettman is just a power mongul with his nose stuck up in the air. It's about time he woke up and smelled the coffee. Phoenix is not the only team going under and its about time Mr Bettman realized it before he make a real mess out of the league.
Pops-One, 2009-05-07 21:33:24

What is Gary Bettman's problem? He is ruing our game!!!

Get him out lets start a petition to boycott NHL games until Bettman is fired.

He does not care about Canada at all and lets face it without Canadian teams the NHL would fold...

Click here to find out more!

What should happen to the Coyotes?

Wed, May 6, 2009


Jim Balsillie seems to really care about the game and he has the money to make it work here in Ontario so the NHL should let him buy the team and save the franchise.

Dave Walters, 2009-05-07 19:31:06

I would love to see the NHL return to Winnipeg!

But there is no one in place to take it on. Face it, over 200 million and then some. The climite is not right. Perhaps in time Winnipeg, Quebec, will be back in the fold. Canada needs these teams, not another team in Ontarios's market. For the time being I'll keep cheering for the Manitoba Moose.
Paul, 2009-05-07 17:27:52

Bettman is only concerned about setting up shop in the U.S. and doesn't give a damn about Canada. We breathe and live the sport. Halifax, Quebec, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, Winnipeg; cities that could support and NHL team even though they are small markets but would do better than the likes of Phoenix, Nashville, Tampa Bay, Florida.

Even the Players Union doesn't have a problem with another NHL team in Canada. Because they know that it will help their salaries due to greater attendance at the gate.

Bettman needs to be replaced by someone who knows what they're doing and who actually cares about the game.

May I suggest a Canadian?
George, 2009-05-07 17:21:13

Let's face it - Gary Bettman hates Canada and will never let any market in Canada have another team. He wants to have a team in Las Vegas, Kansas City, and the hockey hot-bed of Oklahoma. He is such a genius! Until there is a commisioner that cares more about the game and fans - it will never happen.
James, 2009-05-07 16:24:04

Even if Jim Balsillie does get ownership of this team I doubt the NHL will ever let him move it out of Phoenix.

That's because Gary Bettman will fight this tooth and nail to prevent it and even though he says its up to the board of governors we all know they all answer to him so they are all his puppets anyways.

He has tried in vain to sell hockey to the southern and mid west US market for years and it is just not happening.

But of course he is not going to admit he has made a mistake in trying to do this even though these teams are failing as this would admit he has failed in selling this game as the commissioner to these markets and of course he is never wrong.

He is also extremely anti Canadian even though he says he isn't and would fast track a team contemplating leaving Canada with no problem but would never let a team leave the US.

He also has a personal dislike for Jim Balsillie who he feels threatened by

for some reason, no one really knows why and I hate to say it but as long as he is the acting commissioner of the NHL he will never allow any US team to leave and relocate north of the border as this goes against his dream of expanding the US market.

If we want a team in southern Ontario we need to get rid of the current acting commissioner and hire someone with brains who realizes where the "real hockey market" is and it is certainly not in Phoenix,Nashville,Atlanta,

Florida or a ridiculous place like Kansas City.

Bettman get real and smoke another one while your at it!
Robert Phillips, 2009-05-07 16:10:13

Let Bettman have his way and when the team fails again in Phoenix or some other American market the owners might realize the Gary is an idiot. When bowling and poker draw more viewers than hockey does there is an issue. Why the commissioner can't see this is beyond me. When six teams make up one third of the total league revenue another Canadian hockey club is a no brainer.
Jon, 2009-05-07 13:54:33

Does this mean that Toronto might finally get an NHL team?
42 Years And Counting, 2009-05-07 12:06:47

I agree with one of the last posts.

MLSE has NOTHING to worry about. These guys are sold out until the end of the century. A new team will provide a better chance for REAL fans in the area (not the stuck up suits) to get out to hockey games.

If (Slap-Nuts) Bettman can't see that this will open more doors for people to be introduced to hockey, see the games, buy the merchandise, etc. Then he should be replaced.

Third times a charm Bettman.

As for the arena problems. In Phoenix. There were no fans to support a team that the city wanted, they should be on the hook. In Hamilton (a city terribly hurt by the recession) This will stimulate economic growth with the work needed (Steel, etc.) To build a new arena.

This is good for everyone. GET IT DONE!
Ted, 2009-05-07 12:03:46

NHL wake up you are led by a man who has no vision. What has Bettman done for hockey? nothing. We had to suffer through a year with no NHL hockey and the southern US teams are losing money. Bettman why don't you go run a bank or auto company where they would love a man with no vision like you. Bettman ask yourself what is in the best interests of the NHL? I live in southern Ontario(London) and we are passionate for hockey we pack 9090 fans in for a junior A game. Listent to Balsillie he is a visionary and has the money to back it up. He knows what fans want and that is another team in Canada where hockey rules.Thank god we have people like Balsille to change the status quo.He is successful for a reason. Wake up NHL BYE BYE BETTMAN and his ego.
bill, 2009-05-07 11:50:31

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