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Your reaction to Coyotes court ruling?
Thu, October 1, 2009

Billionaire Jim Balsillie is now 0-for-3 in his attempts to be a National Hockey League owner and Hamilton is oh-for-two decades in its attempts to house an NHL franchise.

And who knows now when any of that is going to change?

That was the sombre reality of the non-decision decision made by U.S. bankruptcy court Judge Redfield T. Baum, who rejected Balsillie's very public bid for the Phoenix Coyotes without prejudice yesterday and also rejected the NHL's bid, leaving it a back-door entrance should it choose to tie up the loose ends of its bid, with which the judge was clearly uncomfortable.

Baum gave the NHL some hope -- and at least control of this situation -- while at the same time striking Balsillie out of the game as a potential purchaser of the bankrupt Coyotes.

U.S. judge blocks Balsillie bid


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All I can say is please bring the team to Hamilton . This might actually bring down the ticket prices in TO . You can buy 2 tickets in Ottawa to see TML for the price of ONE ticket in TO to see the TMLs. If the team can not be supported down there, I am sure it will beVERY sucessful here in Ontario
Pat OGrady, 2009-05-08 19:31:01

Winnipeg had its chance and they blew it. No one went to those games, their marketing plan was horrible, their commute was a pain in the butt and they already showed no passion for hockey. I was there during... what was it, the World Juniors, just the other year, and the arena only had like 3000 people in it for an arena meant for 10,000. It goes to show Winnipeg CANNOT sustain an NHL franchise.
Escroft, 2009-05-08 17:59:14

The NHL will win this one. The existing owners are only interested in protecting what they have. Ballsillie should reach an agreement with the NHL... let the NHL run the team for 1 year... by that time they'll have lost many more millions of dollars and then they'll be begging Balsillie to buy the team and take it to Hamilton, London or Winnipeg. And at a discount too!
Stevo, 2009-05-08 17:40:33

By All Means, If Jim Balsillie Is Making An Offer To Purchase The Coyotes ... Let Him

If Jim Balsillie Purchases The Coyotes, Move Them Back To Winnipeg.
Jason, 2009-05-08 17:02:37

The Coyotes should come to southern Ontario. Gary Bettman consistently refuses to admit that his grand scheme to 'sell hockey' in southern American states has failed miserably, despite all the evidence of this every passing season. He's had plenty of time to make it happen, if it ever could. It can't.

In Phoenix’s case, they’ve had 13 years to make it work. It's gotten worse in recent years even with Wayne Gretzky behind their bench!

In southern Ontario, any arena an NHL team played in would be full for every game. Gary has to know this, but it would be an admission of failure on his part to allow one of his ill-conceived franchises to be 'rescued' and relocated to Canada. It doesn't matter to him that we have the largest market of genuine hockey fans in the world in the Golden Horseshoe!

In 2007, he manipulated events and actually got the owner of the Nashville Predators to accept a LOWER bid for his team than what Balsillie was offering. Who does that?! And what owner of an asset agrees to accept less for it? And he doesn’t care about the other poor-market franchises whose owners are losing millions of dollars every year and are soon to be following the Coyotes into bankruptcy court. That's how dedicated Bettman is to keeping this from ever happening.

Balsillie better keep his money handy because I think he's going to have to wait until Bettman gets fired or otherwise disappears before he'll manage to get another team up here.

Jeff B., 2009-05-08 16:52:21

I say keep the teem in Phoenix, there seems to be a lot o talk here about "hockey markets" and how bad soem of the teams in the south are doing. Have all of you forgotten the 10 years ago canada just about lost the western teams, because they could not support them financially. Phoenix like any other market in the states has a lot going on, and in Phoenix there is a lot more going on there then just about any other place. I am sure the team being there has increased the number of rinks for kids and people enrolling in the sport. The worst WROST move the league could do right now is to move a team into the southern ontario market where it is already over saturated with teams( detroit, buffalo, toronto, ottawa, yes detroit and buffalo count as they are easy accessible to people in southern ontario) you dont grow a business by clumping all your "stores" in a one block area, no, you try and spread out and allow as many people as you can to enjoy your product, and for new people to come out and try your product. A new team in southern ontario may be great financially, but a disaster to grow your market, not to mention a HUGE HUGE middle finger to fans all over north america who cannot see a game easily let alone being able to see 4 easily as is. Balsillie is thinking about himself, and how he just wants a new toy to play with. His constant push to bring a new team to southern ontario shows he does not care about the fans or the league, that he only cares about himself and the fans in the southern ontario region. Stop being so selfish just because the Leafs have sucked for so long. Oh and FYI if a new team did move to SO they would still be in the western conference and hardly ever play against the leafs of senators. Its numbers people and when it comes down to it Balsillie does not have the best intrust of the league in mind, and that is why the league will never allow for a new team to be moved into SO. So come to terms and move on and everyone stop acting like a 5 year old who did not get a new toy

MIke, 2009-05-08 16:25:27

Bettman is an assclown. The Golden Horseshoe is the 45th largest urban area in the world at 6,000,000 people. Only two others from N Americ surpass it, them being NYC and LA metroploitan areas. All other N american metropoloises fall inbehind the horseshoe. Canada is hockey country and well if two franchises can flourish in south california, they certainly can flourish in the metro TO-Hamilton area.
hca, 2009-05-08 12:54:18

There are other untapped hockey markets for the NHL - the US northwest comes to mind.
Jake, 2009-05-08 10:19:36

You're right Jon. There was no effort from Bettman to save the Jets whatsoever. I'm from Toronto and it's a disgrace that the folks in Winnipeg had to lose their team.

Bettman is a first class ass.
George, 2009-05-08 09:46:42

Where was this effort to save the Winnipeg Jets? Bettman's ideal NHL does not include another team in Southern Ontario, nor the rest of Canada. He'd rather see Buffalo move before Phoenix! He's still waivering on the false pretense that hockey can exist in every southern US market. While some are successful, there are others that will never be.

Again he's using all the revenue brought on by Canadian teams to save a dying a franchise and select US teams, rather install new life into it. TV contracts, CBA negotiations, lockout. He's a failure to hockey! I hope Balsillie does become an owner, just so Bettman has someone challenging him most the time. I'd almost like to see a clean sweep of the NHL head office!

It's time that the NHL start utilizing successful/potential markets. Sorry Coyotes fans, but it's hard to feel any sympathy for your city considering how you got the team in the first place.
Jon, 2009-05-08 01:55:42

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