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Your reaction to Coyotes court ruling?
Thu, October 1, 2009

Billionaire Jim Balsillie is now 0-for-3 in his attempts to be a National Hockey League owner and Hamilton is oh-for-two decades in its attempts to house an NHL franchise.

And who knows now when any of that is going to change?

That was the sombre reality of the non-decision decision made by U.S. bankruptcy court Judge Redfield T. Baum, who rejected Balsillie's very public bid for the Phoenix Coyotes without prejudice yesterday and also rejected the NHL's bid, leaving it a back-door entrance should it choose to tie up the loose ends of its bid, with which the judge was clearly uncomfortable.

Baum gave the NHL some hope -- and at least control of this situation -- while at the same time striking Balsillie out of the game as a potential purchaser of the bankrupt Coyotes.

U.S. judge blocks Balsillie bid


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Dave, its hockey. NHL hockey regardless of the location. Border crossing?

I've been to both. I live in grimsby. same distance to both. It takes me longer to get to and leave Toronto in all the traffic jams then it does to cross the border to buffalo games. The tickets are cheaper, the parking is cheaper. The seats are empty except for leaf games.

Southern ontario isn't underserviced for Hockey. They are underserviced for Leafs and that won't change unless you doublethe size of the ACC.

Balsille deal is only saving him. He bribed the current owners to declare bankruptcy by offering an extra $100m to them because if they didn't do that then he would have to pay the city of pheonix $700M to move the team. So yep that $30M savings costs taxpayers $700M, some savings.
wayne, 2009-05-13 09:47:14

Bettman could have saved himself all this embarassment by letting a motivated owner with deep pockets have his team. He could have charged some exhorbitant entry fee to spread around to the Leafs and other owners and Balsillie would have paid. But Bettman has chosen to act like a spoiled child and the only toy you cannot have is the one you want. Longterm there may be logic in propping up perennail money losers like Nashville , Atlanta and Phoenix, but right now in the realities of this economy these teams are poised for another ten years of losses. Meanwhile they will just continue to hemorhage star players like Hossa who just want out to serious market teams that can afford to give them some support players.

The reality is that if Alberta can support two teams, Ontario can support probably eight. So a team in KW and in Hamilton would both succeed. I admit, Balsillie seems to be a bit of a flake but he's a successful flake with more money than brains and he loves his hockey. That's a way higher standard than most of the owners that were signed on over the last twenty years, so let him in.
Rick W., 2009-05-13 09:34:02

Anyone who wants proof of what Basillie could have done for a team needs to look at this from CNN:

Imagine, he could have saved some people $30M. Hey, Maybe Big Jim will have his team at a reduced price. That would be golden!!!

Southern Ontario is an underserviced hockey area. The reason Buffalo doesn't fill the seats is because they are an American team. Add to that the border crossing and you will see even less fans go. Move the team to Hamilton, London or K-W and, win, lose or draw, the team will make money.
Dave, 2009-05-12 23:14:44

what underserviced market. We have two NHL teams in the area. 1 makes money hand over fist, win or lose and charges high prices. another just over an hour away and less than an hour from Hamilton struggles, has almost gone under 3 times and is currently struggling again and it has lower ticket prices and lots of empty seats waiting to service those fans. turns out those fans aren't hockey fans but leaf fans. Anything other than the leafs and people only go if the team is winning. Last time a checked but pheonix has been a parenial loser and their coach and GM is being offered a lucrative offer to stay.
wayne, 2009-05-12 09:15:19

move to southern ontario. we have an underserviced market for hockey. We have someone willing to spend a lot of money to bring a team to a viable market. That makes perfect sense to me. Baisille has proven to be very successful at business so why not. Bettman grow up little man and smell the coffee, Americans do not love hockey like us Canadians,we were bred to love hockey. Go back to basketball little Bettman and quit ruining our game. It was bad enough we lost a year of hockey because of you lets not lose a chance for a southern ontario hockey team that we need here. I am from London and we continue to fill JLC for junior hockey could you imagine what we would do for an NHL team.I guess you dont want the league to make money and have the salary cap to raise,putting more of your US teams in financial trouble.Thanks Baiselle about time someone puts those snobs in their place.
bill, 2009-05-11 15:21:42

how many of you anti betman pro hamilton hockey people have been complaining in the last year about corporate executives out of greed ruining our markets and making millions at the expense of the poor working man and the average tax payer?

Well guess what, you are now one of the scummy executives.

This team declared bankruptcy to screw Pheonix out of a contract of $700M so that the owners including gretzky could make millions and the people of southern ontario could care less. The only guy who seems to care is Bettman, the only true guy with integrity apperently in this case.

Take away bankruptcy and the price to move the team sky rockets by $700M which basille doesn't have.
wayne, 2009-05-11 08:42:08

To RM, if you could with any logic or reasonable thought explain why i am out to lunch, or how i am wrong in my logic, and or facts, then please do. I have not seen you or anyone else give a non emotional, i want a new toy answer. I got the facts just right the league and the board of governors are never going to allow another team to move into southern ontario at this time. I think its about time everyone stepped back from their emotions and looked at things in a calm logical manner. he can own the team but he will never be allowed to move it.

And to RM, i think you need to take some of your own advice and not post a long message, without some fact and logic, and maybe you should think things over before start telling people to do those things
Mike, 2009-05-09 21:12:24

A team in Hamilton is a good idea for many business reasons. You have fans and you have passion.. with passion you then have people ready to spend money.. how often is marketing of products and services is NOT centered around emotion? You think NIKE really has the best golf balls? Or is it that people are caught in the TIGER emotion of trying to imitate his every shot?

People in Phoenix go see hockey but there is not ENOUGH passion. There are many passionate fans in the stands, I've been there many times, but not enough; although the size of this city being the 6th largest in the US, some innovative marketing might just save it; but who will want to wait years and hope to see if they MIGHT be making money. From a strategic and geographical perspective Phoenix is a great place to have the team, but money is green and when it is drenched in red ink things must happen.

Balsillie has passion and oh ya he also has money; lots of it..his stocks increased enough in recent weeks to pay for this Coyotes purchase without any problems... So he has money and passion; so whats wrong with that; you think a neighbourhood consortium will gather enough money to run an NHL team? ya ok! What better synergy than a world wide hip company like RIM to own an NHL team and market it world wide and efficiently for that matter. Does anyone know who owns the Coyotes now..funny thing is that the very people who market the season tickets don't even know themselves.this is true..I've had the season ticket pitch from one of them and he truly did not know the answer to my they are running a business in a non-passionate fashion in a not so-passionate market. How do you change such a thing? Get an owner with a passion for the the analysis of NFL owners, you think these NFL owners don't participate passionately or care? No way .. they live, sleep and breath football...funny concept do we in Canada.

Although I have personal reasons to see Phoenix keep the team in the desert, some Canadian city should take it over; Hamilton a great choice due to the infrastructure and passion for the game and volume of fan base in the southern Ontario area...look at NY it has 3 NHL team within a dozen miles apart, adn this does not include the football, basketball and baseball teams within the same distance....

So Bettman, get off your short pedestal and bite the bullet; you are there for the leagua and not for only a few that are part of the boys club...

And oh MIKE (see his message a little down) are out to lunch my friend,,if you are gonna POST some long message make sure you know the facts or logic of your thoughts.

Go Habs Go!
RM, 2009-05-09 08:26:44

The NHL may have deserted us Winnipeg fans but, we now have an NHL Caliber State of the Art arena with ZERO obstructed seats, private ownership of the building which will now allow them to create the capital needed to support an NHL Franchise ( Unlike the Winnipeg Arena in which W.E.C owned the building taking in 50% of all revenue leaving the owners with practically nothing ); A great ownership group in True North represented by Mark Chipman and Rabid Hockey Fans waiting for the return of our game. Winnipeg Jets wasnt just a team; to Winnipeggers the Jets were our Heroes. We looked up to each Jet, and in return, the team gave Winnipeg a Place on the World Map! The NHL Will be back but, until that day, sit back, have a little more patience, and dream of the day the announcement is made! The NHL WILL BE BACK 2010!

BringEm Back

Alex Snell & PROUD Jets Supporter!, 2009-05-08 21:34:39

Escroft. Do some research before you make a fool of yourself again. Attendance was never an issue in Winnipeg (besides the final lame duck season). there is a new arena (and the commute was not bad as you say, Winnipeg Arena was 15 minutes from downtown). The World Juniors were in Winnipeg in 1999, not "just the other year". At the time, it was the highest attended Junior tourny ever with multiple crowds of 14,000+.

Winnipeg lost the Jets because of a weak ownership, a horrible arena/arena lease and Gary Bettman's desire to expand to the south.

Yes there were issues with the Jets, but fan support was never one of them. Winnipeg hockey fans were, and continue to be some of the best in the world. We have sold out Women's tournaments, packed arenas in North Dakota for junior games, sold out meaningless Junior and NHL exhibition games and average close to 8,000 people for AHL hockey (about twice as many as Hamilton and 3x more than Toronto). So before you start saying things like Winnipeg doesn't have a passion for hockey, double check your info. You clearly have no knowledge of the subject.
Ediger, 2009-05-08 21:04:09

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