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Your reaction to Coyotes court ruling?
Thu, October 1, 2009

Billionaire Jim Balsillie is now 0-for-3 in his attempts to be a National Hockey League owner and Hamilton is oh-for-two decades in its attempts to house an NHL franchise.

And who knows now when any of that is going to change?

That was the sombre reality of the non-decision decision made by U.S. bankruptcy court Judge Redfield T. Baum, who rejected Balsillie's very public bid for the Phoenix Coyotes without prejudice yesterday and also rejected the NHL's bid, leaving it a back-door entrance should it choose to tie up the loose ends of its bid, with which the judge was clearly uncomfortable.

Baum gave the NHL some hope -- and at least control of this situation -- while at the same time striking Balsillie out of the game as a potential purchaser of the bankrupt Coyotes.

U.S. judge blocks Balsillie bid


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I see this as a sign of American control gone wild. I will no longer watch or go to a NHL game. They are corrupt and need to learn that these spoiled brats can lose it all by the people no longer supporting them.

Time to find a football team worth my $1200 a year in support. I believe the Sask Rough Riders could use it... Go Riders!!!
Jim, 2009-06-16 09:26:20

Bettman and his NHL bimbos are lost;

They need to understand that the 500 or so peoples who want to keep the Coyotes in Phoenix aren't the ones that will pay for it...

It's business and Bettman is still stuck with his head up his ass because he doesn't like Balsillie...

It always makes me laugh when I think of Bettmans current view; where the hell was he when Quebec & Winnipeg lost their teams? Oh, I forgot, they were Canadian teams and Bettman really doesn't like us Canadians...

Here's one guy in need of being fired ASAP!!!
Mark, 2009-06-16 09:16:02

Bettman I hope your days are numbered, there are more problems with the US franchises than just Phoenix. Phoenix did not win - they still have a team no one cares about! Keep trying Jim, Bettman cannot keep coming up with reasons to stop you from owning, and every time he does he loses more credibility.
Jay, 2009-06-16 09:14:13

I think this is nuts,now the NHL is putting out $$ for a team that clearly cannot generate revenue !!

Here goes ticket prices again..

Oh wait, sorry we cannot afford Leaf tickets to begin with...An absolute shame, why can't Gary Bettman get over that this would be the best for the NHL, more so the game of hockey and it's fans.
Rick H, 2009-06-16 09:10:43

Too keep this team in Phoenix is a waste of money and time for the NHL. They will never compete in the league. Bettman needs to stop trying to save low market teams in The United States and put them in profitable markets. I hope Balsillie continues to fight for a team in Ontario
mike, 2009-06-16 08:53:22

Well, Jim, you're going have to try again.

The judge's ruling shouldn't be a major surprise, though. Based on relevant legal precedents in the US, the contract in place between the Coyotes and the NHL, and the terms of Balsillie's offer, the judge didn't have much choice but to rule as he did. He has to rule according to the interests of the law, not public opinion.

That doesn't mean that southern Ontario won't get another team. It just means Balsillie, or whoever, is going to have to do it on the NHL's terms. The NHL has created this situation through the legal agreements in place between the league and its franchises. The NFL, NBA, and MLB all have similar agreements with their franchises.

The NHL isn't dumb. They know that southern Ontario is a cash mine. That's why when, not if, the NHL brings a second team to satisfy southern Ontario, their going to make sure that they (the owners) cash in on the opportunity. They're not going to just hand over a license to print money without taking a big cut.
Randy, 2009-06-15 21:18:59

Balsilly now wants to get the Canadian tax payers involved.I thought this guy had lots of Money.
Micheal, 2009-06-11 13:43:55

fold them... the leagues got too many teams anyway.
joe, 2009-06-09 23:12:27

Both sides of this matter have very valid points; both the fact remains that whatever side wins the final decision has to be made in order for an owner and the NHL to be able to make money. A franchise in Phoenix, is not very profitable for many reasons. One it is a football/basketball town for the most poart with baseball right behind and hockey well below college and high school status; this is a fact. The arena location is a great location as it built within a very nice restaurant/bar area and a few hundred feet fromt he new University of Phoenix, the home of the Cardinals; a very awesome venue. Maybe with some nifty marketing ideas and better financial arrangements with the city this team might be profitable some day...for ex.: the team has to pay $2.50 for every ticket to the city for parking...parking is FREE at the facility; and a huge and fantastic parking area it is...Phoenix population should be big enugh to sustain a team but time and better marketing would be needed.....HOWEVER, Bettman cannot be so bullheqaded as to say it has to stay in Phoenix just to save face; although most of these owners do this out of love for ownership and for the game; and rich to boot, why should they be forced to lose money; I'm sure Bettman wouldn't go to work each and every day knowing the NHL would not pay his salary one day, and why should it be different for any owner?

Another team in the Ontario market is a great idea; it is the focal point of hockey; not unlike New York or Chicago with baseball, football and basketball..count the amoun of sports teams in both these cities: NY 9 and Chicago 5, and this includes 4 of these are hockey teams. So to have one extra sports team in the Toronto, Southern Ontario region is NOT dreaming by any means. It is merely an issue because of the old boys club in TOronto and the Bettman team who want to keep face... If an extra team in the Hamilton/Toronto does not work than whos to believe that it will work elsewhere: especially in a town that has hockey well low on the list of sports priorities... I love Phoenix area but to expect such a town to be successful in a canadian sports atmoshere is not reasonable...ask a local in Paris, France if he'd stand in line to buy tickets for a hockey game or a soccer game..no different here!
RM, 2009-06-09 08:58:53

Now that the court has opened up the possibility of Balsillie proceeding, he can save face for everyone by doing the following. Approach Bettman and make a deal that he will withdraw his offer on the Coyotes if he gets a new franchise next year. This way Bettman can show how strong he is by keeping the money-sucking Coyotes there and Balsillie gets to join the NHL boardrooms through the front door, not the back. If Bettman refuses and continues to play his little power games though, I'd say screw it and keep the legal proceedings going. That way Balsillie may not be welcome at the boardroom table, but at least he'll be there.
Rick W., 2009-06-03 16:43:04

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