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Your reaction to Coyotes court ruling?
Thu, October 1, 2009

Billionaire Jim Balsillie is now 0-for-3 in his attempts to be a National Hockey League owner and Hamilton is oh-for-two decades in its attempts to house an NHL franchise.

And who knows now when any of that is going to change?

That was the sombre reality of the non-decision decision made by U.S. bankruptcy court Judge Redfield T. Baum, who rejected Balsillie's very public bid for the Phoenix Coyotes without prejudice yesterday and also rejected the NHL's bid, leaving it a back-door entrance should it choose to tie up the loose ends of its bid, with which the judge was clearly uncomfortable.

Baum gave the NHL some hope -- and at least control of this situation -- while at the same time striking Balsillie out of the game as a potential purchaser of the bankrupt Coyotes.

U.S. judge blocks Balsillie bid


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Personally i think this is all a crock of shit...the guy has the money to bail out a piece of shit hockey team so why not let him do it?? who cares if the team is gonna be is a canadian sport to begin i say let the nhl bring another team to canada....let this guy spend his money on this team...he deserves it...its what he wants to do so let him...
Ryan, 2009-06-16 18:14:18

If Balsillie wasn't so impatient, he could have bought and moved a team to Hamilton by now. He's stupid to think that he can just barge into a club and move one of the clubhouses though. He should have bought the Coyotes, lost some money in Phoenix and then, like Kormos in Hartford, move to a better market. If he had have done that in Nashville, there would already be a team in Hamilton.
Tom LaBelle, 2009-06-16 17:32:50

Hello. I think the article is really interesting. I am even interested in reading more. How soon will you update your blog?
GarykPatton, 2009-06-16 16:41:47

to me, it sounds like the judge has no balls and he is affraid to make a decision about the incodent. So.. he pussy's out and quotes that,"he does'nt have eneough time. WELL FIND THE TIME!! this is a stupid resolution and the judge should get off his ass and find the time to make the decision to sell the team to jim which he will then move
Dawson, 2009-06-16 16:15:20

All I can say is....I've watched my last NHL game. The league is run by idiots.
Greg, 2009-06-16 15:09:32

What Jerry Moyes should do is force the league to guarantee an offer that at least matches Balisillies.

There was talk that the deal Bettman brokered with Jerry Reisindorf was for roughly $145M. I'm no accountant, but that's a lot less green than Big Jim's offer.

It's easy for Bettman and the NHL to assume ownership and arrange for alternate options worth far less when their money is not on the line and have a clause guaranteeing that any money they lose will be returned.

It's sad people keep saying Jim Balisillie tried to backdoor his way in. Moyes filed for bankruptcy as a business owner. Balsillie made a conditional offer. He then completed and submitted all the necessary paperwork, which the NHL has not ruled on. The NHL has to have a viable reason for denying the application. So far they haven't provided one.

Balisillies only downfall was that he made is intentions public.
Dave, 2009-06-16 14:46:58

I'm really disappointed. It's clear that the judge wanted to avoid ruling on the relocation issue, and by using the excuse that he doesn't have enough time to meet the June 22nd deadline, he was able to get out of this bind and sidestep the ruling. However, the Coyotes, like it or not, are insolvent, and sooner or later the team assets will have to be auctioned off. If the creditors at that time aren't paid in full (as they would have been now), you can expect a lot of lawsuits to fly around. The NHL and owners of the other teams will not keep indefinitely plowing 30-40 million USD into the black hole called the Coyotes. With other distressed NHL teams around, it is only a matter of time that several US teams relocate to Canada - let's make it 11! (Quebec City, Winnipeg, Laval, Hamilton & Victoria)
Andrew, 2009-06-16 14:40:10

Gary, I agree with you. Maybe Mr.Steve Simmons should explore Hockey History, before he makes the comment of "any other rogues"

Remeber the WHA

In 1972 the average salary of the NHL was $25,000, the lowest of the four major sports.

The WHA successfully chalenged the Reserve Clause which bound a player to their NHL team even without a valid contract... Rogues

Remember the New Your Raidersone of the first WHA teams. They were planning on playing in the Nassau Colliseum but the county of Nassau did not recognize the WHA as a professional hockey league and hired a gentleman who quickly had the NHL to award a franchise to Long Island, the New York Islanders who locked up the Colliseum for their own use and forced the Raiders to rent space at MSG. Supprisingly that wasn't cost effective..... Rogues????

Remember the Toronto Toro's formerly from Ottawa who were owned by Mr. John Bassett ( hardly a rogue) who negotiated a lease withMaple Leaf Gardens through Mr. Bill Ballard ( Mr. Harold Ballard was in jail at the time) for $15,000 per game.

By the time the team took the ice, Mr. Harold Ballard had regained control of the gardens and the arena was dim for their first game. Mr Ballard demanded $3500.00 for the use of the lights, he also denied them access to the Leafs dressing room and so they had to build their own at a cost of about $55,000. He also re moved the cushions from the home bench for the toro's home games.... Rogues?????

In 1974, the European player, mostly ignored by the NHL, began playing in the WHA, the likes of Hedberg, Nilson, Nedomansky and many more.

Who started their careers in the WHA , Gretky, Messier, Linsman, Gartner, Mark Howe, Rod Langway, Dave Langevin, Robbie Ftorek, Paul Holmgren, Mike Liut some of these names are American Born Players

The WHA was also responsible for overtime for when they were founded the NHL did not have overtime for regular season games... Rogues.

Some of the teams..

Alberta Oilers renamed Edmonton in 1973:New England Whalers..Hartford Whalers (Carolina Hurricanes), Quebec Nordiques (Colorado Avalnche), Winnipeg Jets ( Phoenix Coyotes)

Perhaps Mr Balsillie who has tried even through proper channels and been thwarted by Mr. Bettman and dare I say his group of Rogues. Consider starting his own league, their are untapped hockey markets that in turn could support a strong professional hockey league, with probably an initial dozen teams.

David Holt, 2009-06-16 14:20:34

Complete B.S. The NHL and Bettman claim it's nothing personal against Balsillie, it's totally personal!

The NHL is dying in the deep south, yet pin-head Bettman and his ball-licking buddies refuse to accept it.

Balsillie should launch a class action lawsuit on behalf of all the Canadian fans who actually want to support another Canadian team.
Jimmy, 2009-06-16 14:14:26

I can't believe that Balsillie thinks that he can kick his way into the NHL. He probably did Hamilton's chances of getting an NHL franchise more harm than good. Anybody who wants to put a team there should talk to the Sabres and Maple leafs, first. That is what the Devils and Islanders did here in New York. Worked something out with the Rangers.
Mark Wallace, 2009-06-16 14:04:58

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