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What are your thoughts on the final series?
Thu, May 28, 2009
It took seven games, but the Pittsburgh Penguins shocked the defending champion Red Wings in Detroit. What are your thoughts?


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Hey Ron,

You haven't answered if you are American. No Canadian would come out a brag that "I play hockey". If you are Canadian it would be a given that you would play hockey.

KINGSTON is the hockey birthplace, buddy. You still play or just drop chips on your beer gut watching and armchair coaching?
jeffk, 2009-06-05 17:05:15


At your age playing and coming in 2 in a regional tournet don;t mean shit if you are playing in some hick Ontario town against some girls man. Sit down relax and enjoy the last tow hockey games coming up
Ron, 2009-06-05 14:30:56

I'm picking the Pens in 6, but the next game will decide the series. It's turning into a well matched series. The Pens have more talented players but Detroit is relentless and makes them pay for every mistake. But last night there were a few chinks in their armour.
Rick W., 2009-06-05 13:20:21


You have a lot of built up anger in you man. You can get help for that. I am 45 years old have won all kinds of tourneys through my youth and well into my 20s but you know that really is not the pt here. My point is that the Wings are getting vertern non calls and vertern calls. I said that reffing is suspect at best. I am Canadian and you say I have immature comments. WTF is the comment about your smelly jock and I do not doubt that. I do not have smelly equipment as I clean it after every game and have it professionally cleaned after every year so what ever. This is a public post man and I am entitled to my opinion and so are you even if it is wrong. Go Canada. Ozzie did not look to calm after Sid tapped the easy one in on him last night. Wings in 5 will NOT happen buddy. Pens in 6 WILL happen. The old men are done. Put a fork in them they are cooked even if Pavel comes back. They are in Ozzie's kitchen and that my good Canadian friend is the bottom line cause Ron said so
Ron, 2009-06-05 09:43:01


My point about the weak interference call on Ericcson last game was just proven in tonights first period. Detroit on a powerplay, Lidstrom goes back to own end to get the puck, Osgood plays it, Lidstrom turns the other way, not even close to the puck and Cooke runs him into the boards. Harder hit and clearly interference. The commentators even replayed it and discussed it. They agreed it should have been interference.The reason the ref didn't call it is because Pittsburgh was short handed and at home. Think refs only call a penalty just because of an infraction? No way...the calls are weighted by time left, where the games being played, who is involved, etc, etc. If Cooke did this in Detroit they would be 2 players down. Good game so far.
jeffk, 2009-06-04 21:06:21

I really liked this post. Can I copy it to my site? Thank you in advance.
AndrewBoldman, 2009-06-04 20:13:56

My smelly old jock probably has more hockey skill than you. I've played (and still play)for 40 years, coached, and reffed too. Unless I know your age I can't really say I know more...not like you Mr. Kreskin who can boldly state that you know more about hockey without knowing who I am. Silly argument.
jeffk, 2009-06-04 19:42:34

Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting.
AndrewBoldman, 2009-06-04 19:37:36

45 years watching and playing the game. Coached a champion midget hockey team.I still play in a league and finished 2nd in a regional tournament.I live in Canada so unless you do to then I win.

I did mean Talbot on Osgood but was also thinking of Walker's punch awhile back. There's so so many examples to mention. So I guess that's why you think I am stupid about hockey. I can say the same about you if you think Osgood is a diver. Osgood is probably the calmest goalie in the NHL. He doesn't yell scream and whine at the ref everytime the puck goes in (which is not often by the way). You exaggerate when you say he drops like he is shot, that's laughable.

The last 2 games Fleury has looked like a rookie with the knuckleball bobbles and the easy, shoulda stopped goals. The only goal I saw that maybe Osgood should have had was the last games 5 hole.

Who the hell are you to say you know more about hockey? your OPINION does not make you an expert. Especially if you are from South of the border.

You say "I have forgotten more about hockey than you will EVER and baby I mean EVER know"...

Silly immature comment.

I can say the same thing about you and who would be right??? That was a stupid comment if you don't know me.

I can skate circles around you and ref way better and coach better, so there. Isn't that a silly thing to say if I have never seen you skate??? I am probably better though.

Do you think Crosby would have been called for interference on a similar play? NOT A CHANCE. PERIOD.

Watch a player dump a puck in and see how they are always slowed down. It's a fine line between clean and interference. Detroit had a couple of power plays, so it was time for the ref to even it up.Years ago it would be called every time a player without the puck was impeded.

Look at the goal crease on a stoppage of play. Practically every player is in the crease, there are several face washes and cross checks. It looks ridiculous...and imagine the uproar when Brett Hull's toe was in the crease for a cup winning goal in 1999. Calls are now the flavor of the week.The game has changed and it doesn't look as good as it years ago. The young guys are looking to get in a cheap dirty shot without getting caught.

This all being said, I would rather see the Penguins win the cup as Detroit has had its share over the past few years. I can't imagine that happening though unless Crosby and Malkin regain their scoring touch like the last few series. Detriot has the most extensive playoff experience in the NHL and they have the core players who won the last few cups. Datsyuk may be playing next game so it is only going to get tougher.

I called Detroit in 5 and it might happen.

Oh yeah, your comment about Malkin never fighting...He can't fight..He has tried several times and been knocked down almost every time. He comes in late after a whistle to do a face wash or poke and when the gloves drop he does too. Google this- Evgeni Malkin fight NY Islanders 2/16/09. Same crap from him...

He is an incredible player with awesome skill. His action went for review so it must have been a close call for suspension and that would have been a very stupid and selfish thing to do. I agree that it is a stretch for the instigation rule, but if it were Holmstrom or even Orpik it would have been a done deal.
jeffk, 2009-06-04 19:22:59

Questionable??? get real how long have you been watching hockey The Pens player did not have the puck you cannot slow him down. Walker is on Carolina it was Talbot. Osgood could probably dive for Canada at the next summer Olympics and thus win the gold medal he will not get for the hockey team. It always amazes me that a goalie can stop a 90 mph slap shot not even flinch and he gets tapped with a stick and falls like he is shot out of the sky. Come on Jeff I do not beleive for a minute that you are the stupid. I have forgotten more about hockey than you will EVER and baby I mean EVER know. I have played, watch and reffed the game. And let me state that I am not a PENS fan. I am an unbiased fan. Let me say it again as the guys on CBC also have said the Wings are getting " vertren calls". Enjoy the rest of the playoffs guys it will be fun.
Ron, 2009-06-04 14:21:02

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