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Is Crosby the best in the NHL right now?
Tue, March 24, 2009

Sidney Crosby has been considered the greatest thing since sliced bread for as long as we can remember.

Wayne Gretzky annointed the Cole Harbour, N.S. phenom as most likely to break the Great One's records.

Some say Crosby has lived up to the hype. Others argue he isn’t even the best player on his own team -- let alone in the NHL.

Sun Media writers Randy Sportak and Dave Pollard debate whether Sid the Kid is overrated and overhyped, or is he The Man.

What is your opinion on Crosby? Is he the best player in the NHL right now? Have your say in our forum.

Is Sid the Kid overhyped or unappreciated?


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Luongo is the best in the NHL. No other player carries his whole team like he does.
Rick W., 2009-04-23 13:41:59

Crosby's among the best, but he's not the best in the league right now. He's still young and may continue to improve, but for this year, I'd rank them:

Ovechkin (#1),

Crosby-Malkin (tied #2)

Tom, 2009-04-23 12:29:27

My guess is that you got banned for boring people.
Roy, 2009-04-06 11:25:25

Anyone who does not admit that Sidney Crosby is not the best all around hockey Player in the NHL today, is not being realistic in my opinion.

Yes there are other great Players, but when you look at the whole picture, there is only one choice as who is # 1 and that is Sidney Crosby and that is my opinion and here is why i'm saying that he is the best.

I challenge any Hockey Fan, Sports Writers, Don Cherry,

And anyone Else to prove to me, to name any Superstar Since Bobby Orr who has had to put up with all illegal Hits, Hits to the Head, Slashes & severe Slashes, Unfair statements in the Press about Crosby Complaining, who in hell would not complain if you had to put up with the B.S. that Crosby has Had to Put up with since joining the NHL. Totally unfair officiating when it comes to Crosby be fouled, by the NHL officials Refs Etc. I am retired and i watch alot of Hockey and Sports Talk shows like Hockey Central to mention just one, these guy's on this show are a joke and i have made it quite clear to Darren Millard Host of Hockey Central, plus there are other commentators or sports writers who have alot of opinions and Insults that they should Keep to themselves.

I want to pass on a "BLOG" that appeared on Rogers Sportsnet.Ca And I Quote.

Comment from Sammy 76: " I HOPE THAT SIDNEY CROSBY SUFFERS A CARREER ENDING INJURY AND HIS NAME IS NEVER HEARD AGAIN" And who ever makes the Decision's to have these blogs published, chose to publish that one and i have witnesses who read that blog.

I can go on and on, but in the End, it remains without a doubt in my opinion that Sidney Crosby is by Far the # 1 Player today in the NHL, I challenged the above mentioned before i wrote down my words can anyone out there disprove what i have stated in my blog here, I really Don't think anyone really can, I watched Orr in his Prime, and in his Minor Hockey, Long before Don Cherry ever Heared of Bobby Orr, and in my Honest Opinion Bobby Orr & Sidney Crosby Rank #1 & #2 Respectively as the best all round Hockey Players in the 60+ years i have been a Hockey Player & Hockey Fan.

And i will close by stating that i can not for the life of me figure out why more NHL Hockey Fans do not appreciate Sidney Crosby More than they do, and i personally feel that Crosby is oh so unappreciated.

Before i Leave this Blog i have to tell you that i have been banned from Blogging into Sportsnet.Ca and to this day i do not Know why. "GO FIGURE"
Butch Cummings, 2009-04-03 01:31:13

Everyone knows the top 3 in the league are Crosby, Malkin,

and Ovechkin.

I've seen a lot of the 3 this year and past.

Sid's been hot lately with Kunitz and Guerin but has bit it earlier in the season with a variety of linemates. It'd be great if the Pens have the $$$ to keep both as his linemates for a few more years. Sid is a super talented player and a top dog in the league.

Malkin has had a super season. The guy can score and set-up and his talent is undeniable- he's the main man on any other team - but he and Crosby play together.

Ovechkin is Superman right now, and for a second year. He shoots, he scores, he razzles and dazzles more than anyone else in the league - and he can hit and take it too. He's Mr.All around with lots of cheese and no whine. He's a kid that probably won't grow up and he's turned on by the red light at ends of the rink. His stick will probably never be too hot.

Mind you his supporting cast is far better this year and he may not have the shelf life that Crosby and Malkin may have because of the way he plays.

The leagues is in good hands with these 3 and not to mention the good crop of 2nd year players that have started to make their mark, and some of the rookies. We're looking forward to Tavares and Hedstrom next year and it seems that the last 5 years or so have produced more impact players than for many years previous.
Andy V., 2009-03-28 07:09:14

Personally i think Crosby has done very well for starting in the NHL at such a young age. He's the type of player who never gives up. Hes also the type of player who gives back at charity events and promotes team work. I dont think Crosby is being "overhyped" but he certainly isnt being "unappreciated". Hes just a very well known and well respected hockey player.
Emily, 2009-03-28 00:41:08

Crybaby is not even in the top ten. Great Canadian Media Hype. Who's next, oh yeah, Taveres. Another media hype. I feel sorry for the team that takes him number one, two or even third over all.
Disgruntledfan, 2009-03-27 12:56:02

Sid is no doubt one of the Leagues top players,but definietly not the best.Every team would love to have him but there are so many great young players in the game now who can dominate and turn a game around.He has the same skills that Gretzky had but Gretz was able to use his superior hockey sense to make him one of the greatest ever to play.Right now Ovechkin is the most dominant player in the NHL.Of course you couldn't convince Don Cherrey on that.
JohnBoy, 2009-03-26 13:02:02

Slam Sports....great article headed, Take a Bow Ron Wilson. The guy has done a remarkable job. Imagine what he will do when he gets a complete line up. I beleive the future looks very good for the Toronto Mapleleafs and its entire staff.

Alan Hunt, 2009-03-26 11:43:27

In short, no. He's a good player don't get me wrong but definitely not best. Maybe third best.
Jimmy McDougal, 2009-03-26 11:20:34

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