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Hiring Martin right move for Habs?
Mon, June 1, 2009


PITTSBURGH -- There will be a familiar face behind the Montreal Canadiens bench.

The Habs have called a news conference for today where they're expected to name Jacques Martin as their head coach.

League sources say Martin has stepped down from his post as GM of the Florida Panthers because of the financial instability of the club and the possibility they may be sold.

Martin will be a solid choice for the Habs. He will bring stability and could help get the club back to respectability.

Is this the right move for the Habs? Can Martin turn around this team? Have your say in our forum.

Habs to hire Martin


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I don't agree with this...if anyone would hard enough with this team it would be Carbonneau....The club has the same ols problems that they have had forever since the days of Robinson and company...they need to spend money on defense players and a good goaltender...the coach can only play with what he has...If Carbonneau couldn't do the job then no one else will de better !!!!!!!!
Habs Fan, 2009-03-10 09:13:51

hm, it is reminds me of Ottawa last year. and how successful that was...
A-hockey-fan, 2009-03-10 07:29:25

Nice analysis Andy V.

I would also point out that Gainey let Souray and Streit both walk as UFAs without getting anything in return, and is in danger of doing the same with Komisarek, and also traded away Huet for a 2nd round pick at this summer's draft. Somehow I don't see a 2nd rounder being anywhere near close to being a contributor for several seasons to come.

Hardly the earmark of a savvy GM.
Gary O., 2009-03-09 22:07:17

You can't fire a team - so you dump the coach. In this case, maybe the GM will be next.

For about 6 weeks Habs fans have been treated to very uninspired hockey - until Gregory Stewart gave Steve Ott one for in the game last night.

When I hear the monotone excuses given by Koivu, Higgins, and Komisarek every night - and the dry slight smiles and the ''We'll have to do better tommorrows'' - I kinda wondered where's the attitude? Where's the mojo?

It became pretty obvious that not many players were too upset about losing, and they didn't seem too worried about their jobs either.

So Bye,Bye Carbo...

I can't say that I was enamoured with all the different line combos and I'm sure this was a real point of contention between the coach and the players.

Carbonneau paid the price.

So now Bob Gainey goes back behind the bench. This after, not finding help at center at the trade deadline. This with 12 free agents to sign or decide what to do with at the end of the season. This with some players that seem too comfortable.

While I respect the efforts and results of both as players, their efforts at team management have not been as successful - mind you the season's not over.

This management team including the assistant coaches and scouts have brought in or brought up some interesting players. There have also been trades and signings to make up this team. We're in the 5th year of a 5 year plan. We've done well - but a cup win this season doesn't seem likely after the promise the team showed last season - and the 100th season hype.

So Gainey is going to evaluate the talent on the ice and behind the bench. While he's there he should also ask some other very important questions...

My defense makes a lot of mistakes coughing up the puck - yet I don't have an ex defenseman on my staff...

Is my goalie coach the guy to make '' The Price is Right ''... Why the tough guy on my team goes after older has beens and pounds them - but doesn't have a consistent mean streak (or hasn't shown it) to rule the corners.

With the trade deadline gone any other fix has to come from the farm, so Don Lever is coming. There may be others as Gainey will have to see what he has and try to win as many games as possible so as not to miss the playoffs.

So what team do we really have ??? Time will tell, but for now we'll have to put our faith in the new coach...In Bob We Trust...

Andy V., 2009-03-09 20:32:13

This is a disastrous move by the Habs and they will likely finish out of the playoffs. The players have not performed for the coach and that will not change with this move. Good news is there should be some players fro sale this summer so Burke will finally be able to go shopping for Toronto.
John, 2009-03-09 19:23:08

It is about time that management takes action. With no real moves at the deadline, something had to give. Otherwise the season could be written off now. I have been a lifelong habs fan, they are not as good as everyone thinks. Starting with Price, he reminds me of Alexandre Daigle!!! Let's see what Gainey can do.
Dave, 2009-03-09 19:20:27

The firing of Guy Carbonneau came as a bit of a shock to me when I read the "breaking news" on line. I thought it would have happened maybe EARLIER (during their "skid"). However, with 4 straight wins with Halak, Carey Price getting the third star on Friday - even though it was a loss - and winning last night, I thought they were back on track!

I am sad to see Carbo go....he was my favourite player for a long time. But I think Gainey knows what he is doing, and maybe this is just what this season's "underacheivers" need to bring the Cup back home to Montreal!

A life-long, die-hard Habs Fan in the GTA,

BoHutch, 2009-03-09 18:40:34

You can't fire the whole team, so the coach had to go.

At least they aren't the Leafs.
MickeyNS, 2009-03-09 18:29:45

Smart move by Gainey - didn't think he'd fire his friend.

When the players "hate" the coach, it's time for him to go. I'm not a Habs fan but I'd say that at least now, they have a chance.

Too bad management in Edmonton is Gormless, because as much as the Cdn players hated their coach, it's nothing to the distain that is felt towards Mactavish.
John, 2009-03-09 18:24:27

After being shut out in the rink of the team with the worst home record in the league? I don't think so.

Everyone got excited when Kovalev made his triumphant "return" against Ottawa after being banished for two games. But let's face it, that night they were functioning on pure adrenalin and after a furious start, in which Ottawa - as is their norm lately - played a crappy first period, the Sens owned the rest of the game and only Halak prevented a complete turnaround, stopping over 40 shots.

The Habs are weak down the middle (and small) and will do nothing in the playoffs. Assuming they even make them.

Gainey did nothing at the trade deadline - and bringing in a 40 y/o D at the tail-end of his career reminds me of the way the Leafs used to approach every trade deadline.n It doesn't work over the long haul.
Gary O., 2009-03-07 08:56:45

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