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What's wrong with the Senators?
Sat, February 7, 2009


Jason Spezza figures it's time for a change.

After scoring on three of his first four opportunities in the shootout earlier this season, the Senators centre has missed his last two attempts, including a shot into the glove of Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas in Thursday night's 4-3 loss.

"Players only have so many moves in their toolbox and I think the (scoring) percentages are going down," said Spezza. "You've got to have a couple of moves in your arsenal and change it up."

Sens shootout woes grow


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I think Ottawa has to do more than just trading their lower players. They need to trade someone like Spezza (Heatley has a no-trade contract I believe).

Spezza is about the only guy they could trade and get something good in return.

Vermette would be another guy they could trade, but of course you wouldn't get as much for him (a 2nd round pick or near the bottom of the first round).

Perhaps Kuba and Neil could be moved as well since they're having a career years and you would get more value than what they really might be worth.

So, you've got 4 guys there that you could trade.

Perhaps you would get back a couple of good, young prospects and 2 or 3 fairly decent draft picks.
gordholio, 2008-12-30 17:49:24

Sorry Francois, you're only half-right. They would NOT have lost Spezza to the highest bidder as he was NOT a UFA. He was a restricted free agent. Mind you, some team may have come up with an offer sheet - in which case I'd have let them sign him to a &7 m9illion plus salary and taken the 3 first round picks that would have been the consequence. That $7 million could then have been spent on some other UFA with more 2-way ability and some speed and they'd STILL have those first round picks to go along with the 2 they already have.

Spezza was not then - is not now - and never will be, worth that kind of money.
GaryO., 2008-12-30 16:56:41

Simply put...greed

There should be some kind of "heart" in a professional sports team, but too often these days all we see is players having a so-called "career year" just before his contract expires. Coincidence of course! Who's up for next year? Neil and Kuba, doesn't look good.

After the dismal showing in the Cup final 2 years ago, this team should have been blown apart. Last year's out in 4 is indicative of what is wrong with the team...absolutely no heart and no leadership. All these players only, closed door sessions should end with black eyes and broken noses. I suspect group hugs are the going thing with the Sens though. No wait..let's all grow a 70's porn mustache instead...that'll show our togetherness!!!!!
Voice of Reason, 2008-12-30 13:05:25

OK, so the Sens suck badly and things look pretty bleak.

Don't forget the ride does end at some point. The Sens have been on top or close for many years.

Unfortunately close but no cigar. So what'cha gonna do?

As management:

1- Melnyk, Murray, Hartsburgh, and the scouts have to take time to honestly evaluate what they have - on the team and in the minors, and the time it will take any potential players not only to reach the Sens, but become productive in their roles.

2- Because of the market and from what I read perhaps very fickle fans...

they need to establish the quickest strategy to get the team stable. I said stable, don't dream- this can't turn on a dime.

I still think they need to

go to a trap or lock system and make things very close defensively for now, especially if they can't score beyond 1 line.

3- Trade some second or third line players for drafts, and bring up some kids. Even they they know the kids aren't ready now.

4- Draft well in the second and third rounds. While you get your 1st round pick in the top 10, it will be critical to score in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

5- Look for undrafted players or those in other leagues that can help stop the bleeding. This will help for the next year(s)

If it's done right, you can turn this team to a top 10 in 3 years, and work again from there.

One good note - Murray out together a lot of the cup winning team in Anaheim - so

he has an idea of how to do it.

As a fan - it's sufferin time.
AndyV., 2008-12-30 09:00:35

Too many fat cats curled up in their warm fuzzy contracts.

It's time for a Cliff Fletcher style house cleaning in Ottawa.

There are scores of hungry boys in the AHL that aren't afraid to give the fans an honest effort.

Just look at the Leafs. Gawd, I hate em but I have to admire them!
Probert, 2008-12-29 21:53:20

well if i were the coach of the sens the first thing would be to call up minor league goalie[i.e] elliot.sent or trade gerber.then put a board up on the wall in the dressing room ask the players to put their names under your here to play or under your here for the money..2 games after the board if your not playing to expectations you will go to the minors.your being paid to play hockey not to skate around giving the other team the points.p.s. murray if you want fire the coach and hire one of us fans even at half the price cause we as fans want winners.

thank you and have a happy new year
rick miron kelowna b.c., 2008-12-29 21:25:24

Ottawa is tanking it on purpose.

They're a better team than what they have shown and the GM and owner have said nothing about the sorry play of the team.

Looks like they are going after a top 5 pick in the draft on purpose.
gordholio, 2008-12-29 18:12:09

You guys are complaining about things you dont have no clue about. Murray had to sign Spezza/Heatley to long term or would have lost them to a number of clubs who would have paid them the same money.

I'm not saying Murray has dont a good job, but spezza/heatly deals would have been made no matter who was our GM at that time.

As for Redden over Chara, yes we should have kept Chara but at that time we needed a puck moving defenseman....its shame Redden decided to play horrible once signed...kinda like how Fisher, Vermette, Kelley, etc are all doing after getting their overpayed contracts.

This team does suck, worse than any other right now in the NHL, and this is fine by me for now, I'm all for finishing last and having the best odds at a top 2 draft pick in 2009.
Francois, 2008-12-29 17:08:29

What's wrong with the Senators?

Absolutely nothing. They're playing just as expected.

Mr. Corvo, 2008-12-29 15:12:43

Muckler may have signed Gerber long term, but he was also able to land Preisling & Corvo. Murray as coach was able to get emery play his best and team chemistry was no issue. The problem is coaching (lack there of) and leadership in the GM area. If you look at toronto it isn't stars that are winnign games for them it's guys being coached better. Muckler was more valuable then anyone realized.
Frankfromottawa, 2008-12-29 14:44:39

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