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What's wrong with the Senators?
Sat, February 7, 2009


Jason Spezza figures it's time for a change.

After scoring on three of his first four opportunities in the shootout earlier this season, the Senators centre has missed his last two attempts, including a shot into the glove of Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas in Thursday night's 4-3 loss.

"Players only have so many moves in their toolbox and I think the (scoring) percentages are going down," said Spezza. "You've got to have a couple of moves in your arsenal and change it up."

Sens shootout woes grow


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Hey Gary O and Rick W. You need to face the facts...YOUR TEAM SUCKS RIGHT NOW (the same as my Leafs...although we are ahead of you in the standings with a far less superior roster). Gary you hit the nail on the head, T.O. doesn't care about the "JUNIOR" teams as we have MAJOR sports here. The Fact is you have 3 high priced players that are playing like entry league players right now. NO HEART NO DRIVE and a GM who is more concerned in hanging on to his own job to make an impact into a team that was once a Stanley Cup contender. It's funny Rick W when you say Leaf fans shouldn't write any comments here, when there is a Leaf Blog all you Sens and Habs fans rip us apart and I am OK with that as this is a free country. Come to the realization that your team sucks big time and life and you will be able to get on with your life (it helped me in the 80's with my beloved Leafs).
Jon, 2009-02-02 13:15:55

It's always easier, (and cheaper), to get rid of the coach...

Although I'm a Canadians fan, I come from the Ottawa region and the missing part of the Sens this year is: HEART!!

You can't win games with players who have either attitude or their face up their a... The players need to remember why they are being paid all those millions & that hey, if they keep on losing, chances are folks won't come to the game & they will need to find another place to play (if there's place) or go back to playing in the minors, (now that doesn't pay the bling bling!!)

In any case, Ottawa has class fans and players need to remember that THEY pay their salary... one thing many players in several cities seem to forget over time...
Mark, 2009-02-02 11:42:44

So, what's YOUR point Jake? That Ottawa should just get out of professional sports? That only the "big" cities should be involved? All I was saying is, neither Toronto nor Montreaql supports Major Junior Hockey to the degree they do in Ottawa/Gatineau. Period. Facts are facts. Look it up for Chrissakes.

You are a TO fan. Fine. what the hell does that have to do with the price of bread? What do you do, strut around in public with your Leafs gear on, pounding your chest proudly?

So TO has a bigger season tickey base than Ottawa. Why not, they're at least 4 times larger.

The Lynx? Who the hell wants to be the farm team of Baltimore or Philadelphia? When it was the Expos here the park was full all the time. Had the Jays moved in here the team would probably still be here.

Lacrosse? who cares!

The other day at ScotiaBank Place there were close to 11,000 for a college basketball game between carleton and Ottawa U. When was the last time York or UofT drew 11,000 to one of their games?

Get a frikken life.
Gary O., 2009-02-02 11:32:09

It all comes down to pride and guts. Pride in the uniform and the guts to go out night after night with the sole aim of winning each game no matter the personal cost. Ottawa unfortuneately is sorely lacking in both departments. As with other teams we have peaked and it is now overtly clear that the current roster is not capable of bringing us a winner. Take Toronto's lead and rebuild. Shed as much of the overpriced underachieving "talent" as we can.

As for those who say that Ottawa fans are only fairweather ones, and I suspect they come from Toronto I can only say take a look at what blind faith brought you. Forty two years of nothing, mediocrity at best. Better luck next year.
paul, 2009-02-02 11:00:13

I don't think that a TO fan should be commenting on Ottawa fans being "fair weather fans". If Ottawa had a captive audience of probably 10 million people to draw from and another 60 years of history, then maybe the two can be compared. Plus Ottawa high tech has taken a big hit and a lot of these people were the ones going to the games.

Perhaps Toronto's biggest problem is that there is no shortage of warm bodies to put in the seats. The owners can put out an inferior product and always fill the arena, so there's little pressure to improve. Ottawa has done an admirable job of creating a good team on a short budget. But they missed their chance to win it. Let's not kick them when they're down though.

Maybe there should be a rule on this board that comments about the Sens cannot be made by Toronto fans. All of their comments seem to be of they "my team/fans is/are better than yours because...", instead of any objective comments on what is happening to the Sens. Guess what, this is not about Toronto in any possible way.
Rick W., 2009-02-02 10:57:24

Whats wrong with the Senators? Well for starters they only have one line! 2nd they need a heart transplant in most of their players and 3rdly they really aren't that good. Weak goaltending, shotty defence and no other scoring besides their 1st line not too mention their coach (Like Paul Maurice he is a very good junior coach but just doesn't have what it takes at this level). I see this team tanking over the next few years as my leafs rise above. Too bad that the Sens and the Leafs are on a downturn.
Jon, 2009-02-02 10:44:29

hey Len,

when did you attend a Hens game the last time? you know Bankrupt Place is the place where fans show up 5 minutes after the puck drop and leave 10 before the end of the game.

oh, one more thing: "Another one bites the dust"..
Peter, 2009-02-02 10:29:09

One other thing Len, I've been to quite a few Leaf vs. Ottawa games in Toronto over the last number of years - if there are numerous bus loads of Sens fans showing up to those games, as you say, they are the quietest fans in the league.
Jake, 2009-02-01 15:16:09

Here's a quote from a column by James Gordon of Canwest News Service on Jan 29 09:

"Like many NHL teams during this economic downturn, the Senators are trying to find creative new ways to get more people in the building. The season-ticket base is down from 13,000 last season to 11,000 this year."

See my earlier comment re: fair weather fans in Ottawa. The fan base has already started its decline, and I disagree with Mr. Gordon if he believes that it is due to an economic downturn only.

Also, I take back the comment about helmets - it was insensitive of me. I recall now that you have fans falling from the upper deck and helmets should probably be worn by everyone attending Sens games.

Jake, 2009-02-01 14:51:48

Len & Gary O - a few points to address your posts.

First of all, I've been to a number of Sens games over the last 3 years (08/09 home opener against Detroit most recently), and what I see are casual and fair weather fans (let's watch future attendance numbers if the Sens continue to struggle) - many heading for the exits with 5 minutes left in close games so they can beat the traffic. I have been to a number of other NHL cities for games and you just don't see that for the most part - certainly not in Toronto (I'm a Leaf fan as you probably know from my prior posts - let the mindless Leaf bashing begin). I've seen the Leafs in Ottawa - how do Leaf fans get their hands on what seems like close to 50% of the tickets if the Sens have such great support? And come on, only in a city of weenies would participants in on-ice contests between periods have to wear helmuts - give me a break!!!

I'm not sure how the 67's and Gatineau are relevant to a discussion about the Sens, but if you're trying to make the case that Ottawa is some sort of great sports town, let's examine that. A few examples - the Lynx are gone I believe, can't support the NLL, and we all know about Ottawa's great successes with the CFL. If you want to talk about successful small market sports cities, compare yourself to Calgary and tell everyone how you think Ottawa stacks up.

Also, it's a mistake for you to bring large market cities like T.O. into the discussion about support for professional sports. Blue Jays, Raptors, Rock, Argos, Molson Indy, Toronto FC, etc. all enjoying tremendous fan support. Remember that we're talking about professional sports here - my nephew's double A novice hockey club gets great crowds for games but if I used that to make a point it would be as relevant as the 67's and Gatineau.

Jake, 2009-02-01 11:45:33

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