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What are your thoughts on the Leafs' roster?
Sun, February 8, 2009

What are your thoughts on how the Leafs' roster is shaping up? Who should stay and who should go before the trade deadline? Have your say in our forum.

Pogge gets little support from Leafs


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Get ready Laff fans...we're bringing the Cup home...this year.
Mark, 2008-10-07 18:49:56

Why cant we get the days of glory again with the Leafs, I am slowly moving over to other teams, as my interest with the team that always is in the light gets shoved out of the light by years end. The Management should just get Sittler or some personnel that was a star in their era and coach, or get some insight from some dedicated Sask members whom really really really want to see the leafs get to the main stage, without having to golf so early.
james, 2008-10-07 17:18:50

It's very easy to get on the bandwagon and pounce on the Leafs. Most definately, there were extremely poor decisions made by prior management. But if you think that the leafs are going to be the worst team in the league...Guess again.

The leafs defence is going to lock things down and make every game a nail biting 1 goal game. You're going to see plenty of overtime games with shootouts. The speed and grit game plan created by Ron Wilson will leave Leaf fans at the edge of their seat. They will make the 7th or 8th playoff spot.
Steve, 2008-10-07 16:37:55

Reg Joe, this blog is in reference to to the Leafs roster.
Vegas Leaf, 2008-10-07 14:29:16

Most Laffs fans such as Gary have it right. For years most Laffs fans were horrified by what JFJ was doing and said so in many fora. But Peddie kept supporting one JFJ fiasco after another. Now there are consequences.

What will make this year so painful is that the damage inflicted by JFJ will take a few years to work its way through the system. Bad drafting and trades under JFJ (Mike Penny and Morrison are still around for crying out loud) have resulted in a non-existent prospect list. One example, JFJ gave away the farm for Vesa and poor Mark Bell. Vesa is a good 2nd string goaltender who is going to tire after repeated losses, 40 shots/game and a defence that is so mediocre. He will never, ever be a top 10 goalie no matter how much he is talked up. Better to have kept all of those draft picks and play goalies like Joseph and another free agent target practice goalie until there is a supporting cast obtained through the draft. It is just awful that there is no trade market for players like Bell and Ponikarovsky. It speaks volumes about the bad mgt of the Laffs for the last 4 decades. But there is absolutely no fix that Fletch can conjure up to turn it around fast. As an aside: liked Coach Ron's comment today about Carlo's conditioning. He must have seen him tuck into the pasta. It would be a great contest to see Carlo and Kyle Wellfed in a hot dog eating contest. But seriously Laffs need to strengthen that defence. Forget White he's too small. I pray that Finger who is not strong physically doesn't get badly hurt trying to play in the NHL. And Van Ryn is just an average journeyman defenceman who is going to tire at the end of games after he gets so much ice time. No pressure on Schenn - just leave him alone to mature and do his thing.

I'll take your advice and give it a 10 game break and then see how the Laffs are doing.
Laffing out loud, 2008-10-07 09:38:50

Some posters wonder how Leaf fans can remain loyal after years of mediocrity.Well it's like being married to the same woman for years,she may not win any beauty contests but we're still not going to kick her out of bed for eating crackers or having a headache.
Johnny, 2008-10-07 09:37:06

Why do these sports blogs need to be so Leaf-centric? Why can't there be a blog about a team that will actually do something this year...like the Habs?

Regular Joe, 2008-10-06 20:26:10

rick, I can understand the "hope springs eternal" wishful-thinking that accompanies the start of each season for diehard fans. The Chicago Cubs faithful have been clinging to that for close to 100 years.

But look at the facts. Who, as a collection, are they potentially better than in terms of players? It would appear that they will be jockeying for 30th overall with L.A., Atlanta and maybe Phoenix. But each of those teams has at least 5 players the Leafs can't match. In Atlanta it's Kovalchuk, Schneider, Hainsey, Armstrong, and Exelby. In La La Land it's Boyle, Brown, Frolov, Johnson and Kopitar, and in Phoenix it's Doan, Jokinen, Jovanovski, Morris and Bryzgalov. And one could likely make a case for up to 7 or 8 on each team.

Why would the Leafs, in your opinion, have a better season than those three? Because it's "that storied franchise" we keep hearing about? Because it's a team in the "Center of the hockey universe" that we keep having shoved down our throats? Is this some sort of culture of entitlement?

They are a bad team. It will take at least 3 more years to claw their way back to respectability and in doing that they will also need luck at the draft.

Let's say they get the first pick. Will that now automatically mean Tavares? It seemed that way a year ago - now there are rumblings that he may have been passed by two or three others in the pecking order. Do the Leafs swallow hard and take him anyway only to discover he's another Daigle? That's what I mean by luck. If they DON'T take him and he becomes a star they look like idiots. If the DO take him and he falls flat on his ass they look like idiots. Nothing's guaranteed.

Gary O., 2008-10-06 16:22:14

Again, we have tried our darnest to kill this young team before the puck drops. I agree it is going to be a long year, but the defence looks better than last year, and with #1 goalie question already answered we will be respectable. As far as the expert (laffing out loud) on his comment about back-checking, the leafs will be quicker than last year, be able to check closer and more effective. Goal scoring will be the problem for the leafs this year. But, a good defensive system put in place (lets give coaching staff 10-15 games to accomplish ) will have some surprising results some nights. Funny, one team that put a good defensive system in place then worried about offense was fairly successful for a number of years......New Jersey Devils.

Signed...Can we wait at least 20 games before we dump on the leafs?
rick, 2008-10-06 14:38:46

Laffs are talking up their defence strength. But with such a poor collection of forwards their will be ineffective back checking which puts added pressure on the D. As Bob McKenzie said "good defence is not the sum of the parts." I have heard the "we'll concentrate on defence and be hard to play against" story many, many times before from the Laffs. Coach Mo said the same thing but how do you expect players with so little talent to perform against the top offensive teams? Look for the players to abandon the defence at all costs approach when the score reachs 5-1 at the end of the 2nd. There will be many scores like 8-5 and 7-4 this season. Vesa's GA average is going to put him near the bottom for all NHL goalies.

Why is this team so bad? Just a total inability for years to assess talent. This resulted from poor scouting and bad mgt. 3 1/2 yrs under JFJ resulted in no good young players in the system. There have been some improvements this year eg. White who is too small to play defence is being given a chance to play forward and will probably be as good as any of 7 regular forwards.

Teams lose in the final minutes of the game when the other team puts out its top 6. There aren't more than 3 or 4 other teams in the entire NHL with a weaker top 6.

Its going to be real painful.
Laffing out loud, 2008-10-06 09:23:50

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