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What are your thoughts on the Leafs' roster?
Sun, February 8, 2009

What are your thoughts on how the Leafs' roster is shaping up? Who should stay and who should go before the trade deadline? Have your say in our forum.

Pogge gets little support from Leafs


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Clearly this is an organization that's going in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, Burke is looking to a build a sort of a Broadstreet Bullies team, mean, tough, and talented. Today's Hockey isn't built for those types of players. It's a league where finesse guys dominate.

Fletch was right. Build the team with a bunch of speedy guys scared of getting clobbered and you're on the right track.

Burke's retro-approach and Fletch's up-to-date approach will take another few years to change. And when its over, Burke's results won't be any better. Watch! He's no saviour.

Finally, any team that is rebuilding needs one thing: a goalie who can win a game almost by himself (Grant Fuhr, Luongo, Parent, Roy, etc.). Toskala would be a star, if he was playing behind Gretsky. But has yet to win a single game by himself. He's, however, manage to lose quite a few by himself.
Bikeshop, 2009-01-08 16:27:14

Leafs will fall hard tonite in Habs country...this will be the beginning of the end for a few other players I bet...send Kaberle to ontreal..we'll take him...would be the best thing for him anyway..with a great defensove coaching team in Montreal.

Go Habs
RM, 2009-01-08 15:51:13

The Leafs are the Leafs, what else can you say. Always on the outsie looking in.
Marcel, 2009-01-08 15:20:46

40 game assessment

The Laffs are a woeful 3-6-2 in their last 11 games and 5 games out of last place overall in the NHL. This is no big surprise but have they made any great improvement in their roster under Fletch and now Burke?

The positives

Cliffhanger did get rid of a lot of dead wood and for that deserves a pat on the back. And some acquistions were not bad Grabovski and Hagmann are not bad but both are starting to feel the wear and tear of a long season. As well Van Ryn is not great, only competent.

The negatives

Bad acquisitions include Hollweg, Finger, Mayers, Stempaniak. There are others, poor Curtis Joseph for example, who has won only 1 game for crying out loud. Apparently Mayers is great in the dressing room. Exactly what does that mean? Also, somebody in the Laffs organization believes there is always help available from the Marlies and insists on bringing back players like Mitchell, Newberry and Saifers. These are not NHLers.

Overall this is a top heavy orgn. Too many managers and not enough workers. It all comes down to Toskala to stop the puck - nobody else, and he just is incapable of being any better. Toskala should be backing up a first rate goalie and playing about 25 -30 games a season of which he is capable of winning more than he will lose. But expecting him to play all the time is asking too much.

At 28.1 years average age this is not a young team on the way up. There are 13 younger teams. During the Junior World tournament, never heard anybody identified as a Laff draft choice or prospect. Yes Schenn is a good young prospect but who else is there? Not Kulemin nor "Lusty" Tlusty. And Brian Burke will soon be making trades to earn his salary so good bye Antropov and Kahberle, the only 2 tradeable players in the whole organization. Every player with a pulse that the Laffs grab seems to cost a draft choice. 37 year old Brad May for a 6th rounder? Like what's the point? The only way out of this mess is to accumulate draft picks and then get better amateur scouting than can be provided by the incompetent Dave Morrison

In summary

Horrible goaltending with no hope for the future in Toskala or Joseph. It seems there is reluctance to throw Pogge in there for fear he will sink and just show how bad things really are.

The defense is really below average. When Ian White is playing regularly on defense nothing more needs to be said.

Up front the forwards are average and with better support behind them, they could win 50% of the time.

With few draft picks, fewer young prospects and now Brian Burke itching to wreak havoc, this is not a pretty picture.

Prospects for the next 20 games.

Laffs will solidify their hold on one of the last 3 positions in the NHL. They would be last in their division today except for the deeply troubled Sens.
Laffing at the Laffs, 2009-01-07 16:19:49

I don't think the Maple Leafs are the youngest team in the NHL when you look at their regular lineup.

But, they have gotten a lot younger and faster this year.

Hopefully they can get a top 8 pick in the draft next summer and make a few moves to get even younger and better at the trade deadline.
gordholio, 2008-12-30 06:23:55

From your handle disgruntledfan, you must be a Sens fan. You're defending Laffing at the Laffs - let me guess, bum buddies? You might want to pick up a dictionary prior to your next post re: spelling, etc.

Regarding the 8-2 loss to the Stars, if you watch any hockey at all, you would know that teams can have "off" nights - particularly when they're on the road Saturday and Tuesday, then home on Wednesday night. I'm sure it felt like a home game for Dallas (previous game in Ottawa on the Saturday) and another road game for Toronto. No excuses though, as every team goes through bad scheduling from time to time.

My main concern right now is Vesa. He's been looking pretty soft on a number of goals.
Jake, 2008-12-29 00:59:56

yadda, yadda, yadda. Jake, Laffing at the Laffs maybe off a bit in his prediction but wait till the second half. Laffs have been playing with nothing to lose for the past three months. They don't have another geer and won't be able to step it up a notch when the other teams start vying for playoff positions. Good Luck Jake and last but not least nice kick at the Sens. Typical Leaf fan especially just after an 8-2 S--t kicking by the powerful Dallas Stars. Shuddupayour mouth moron.
disgruntledfan, 2008-12-26 11:40:30

Last night when the maple leafes played they lost 8-2 so i think they should give toskala a brake and put in ther other golie and that is what i think you might think something different but that is what i think.
olivia, 2008-12-24 16:20:11

Laffing at the Laffs:

Since your Nov 24 post, the Leafs are 7-5-1. Nice prediction numb nuts - you're already wrong 13 games into your 20 game forecast!!!

Expectations for the Leafs are low this year, but they're playing entertaining hockey. The players will give Ron Wilson a full 60 minutes most nights, and opposing teams have found out what happens when you try to coast to a win against this club.

Go Leafs!!!

Just out of interest, how are those Sens doing? I haven't been keeping track.
Jake, 2008-12-23 09:46:15

i'd like to know how steve smith is doing have'nt heard much about him
brenda deschenes, 2008-12-23 09:14:14

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