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Which NHL free agent will pull off the most shocking deal?
Tue, June 24, 2008

Top forwards slated for unrestricted free agency include Ryan Malone, Joe Sakic, Mats Sundin, Jaromir Jagr, Teemu Selanne, Peter Forsberg, Brian Rolston, Pavol Demitra, Markus Naslund, Sean Avery, Radim Vrbata, Brendan Morrison, Kristian Huselius, Cory Stillman, Michael Peca and a long list of others.

Top defencemen slated for unrestricted free agency are Brian Campbell, Michal Rozsival, John-Michael Liles, Brad Stuart, Adam Foote, Mark Streit, Rob Blake, Brooks Orpik, Jason Smith, Dmitri Kalinin and Ron Hainsey.

Free agent goaltenders include Jose Theodore, Cristobal Huet and Ty Conklin. Ray Emery will also be a free agent.
Full story: Cream of free-agent crop

Which free agent will pull off the most shocking deal?


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I can't help but laugh at some of the people on here. Calling a guy a retard because he likes Mats Sundin. Watch the balls grow when cloaked in anonimity.

Regardless, i said it before and i will say it again. Mats Sundin has a 14 year legacy of.... wait for it... NOTHING. No cups, no scoring titles, no MVP. Good leader? possibly. Does it matter when there are no cups in that 14 years and no play off appearances since 2004?

Whats worse is he is finding new ways to kill the leafs. He screwed them at the trade deadline and now is stalling at the free agency kick off.

Well.. He seems like a real swell guy. But his legacy will be never getting the job done. Oh and for gracefully accepting male pattern baldness.
Timmy D in K-Town, 2008-07-02 11:48:10


I believe its called, desperate times call for desperate measures. The Canucks lack offence so I believe there thinking is that Sundin can play with the Sendin twins.

Only one problem with that, being a one line team means they would be facing the other teams checking line night after night.

Gillis could have done alot more with that $ 10 million, maybe even signed or traded for 2 or 3 forwards that changed teams yesterday and have 2 scoring lines and take some pressure off the twins and Luongo to carry the team every night.

But who knows I could be wrong, wouldnt be the first time and wont be the last lol.
Tim, 2008-07-02 11:26:10

I am shocked any team would offer Mats Sundin a contract worth $10 million a year for two years. Talk about over paying free agents, this offer takes the cake.

He hasnt done anything in Toronto for his 12 or 13 years but gets offered way more than he is worth, am I missing something here ?

Did the Leafs win a cup in his time as the great leader so many think he is ? Did he win a scoring title ? League MVP ? I must be missing something because I dont get that over inflated offer at all.

The Canucks seem to be willing to let Naslund leave only to replace him with Sundin ?

Someone, anyone please explain this to me if you can.
John, 2008-07-02 10:54:20

Hey there J-Lo. A good seat at a movie costs $12. A good seat at an NHL game costs $120.00. You do the math. I really don't care what they pay the actors or the athletes. It's what I pay to be entertained that I value. Like I said we can watch NHL hockey on TV for free or go to a movie because the NHL is for the rich or the sucker. It's what I pay that counts. I gather from your comments that you are either rich or a sucker. Professional sports are only a diversion or form of entertainment, nothing more, and nothing less. Anyone thinking that it is more is either in the pro sports business or needs to get a life! The professional sports franchises have PR factories that want us to believe that we can't live without them. Sadly, they succeed with people like you.
Vince in Ottawa, 2008-07-01 23:46:14

Once again the Senators organization with their delusional thinking, thought that they could sign Brian Campbell to a contract with a "Cup Discount". He's off to Chicago.

Despite repeated playoff appearances and one Cup Final appearance, the Sens haven't been anywhere near a Stanley Cup win and won't be for the foreseeable future.

Time for the Sens to forget about this "Cup Discount" fantasy. News Flash - the players are in it for the maximum dollars available to them and will go to the highest bidder.
Jake, 2008-07-01 18:04:29

"If this is the end for Mats Sundin as a Maple Leaf, after all the angst, the hand-wringing and the wide variety of analysis, then this is a Canada Day unworthy of celebration."

That's the stupidest statement I've read by a columnist in a long time. Are you a sports writer Simmons or a refugee from the Food Section? Sundin's best days are way behind him and it's time for the Leafs to move on, again.
Former Leaf Fan, 2008-07-01 16:59:54

Can't believe the arrogance of Sundin. He screwed the Leafs at the trade deadline by not waiving his no trade clause and is now doing it again by being unable tell anyone what his intentions are. They should have got rid of him years ago. Good riddance.
Dave, 2008-07-01 16:46:26

Wayne, once again you show your ignorance. Sundin is ready for the glue factory and was never the star you make him out to be. Hossa is in the same category as Sundin, less than a point a game. Sundin may have gotten a few more points, but he plays allot more minutes. Thing is this and this is where you show everyone your an idiot, Sundin is eight, and I will repeat it for ya, cause your an idiot, Sundin is eight years older.
Disgruntledfan, 2008-07-01 10:37:57

duh wayne

You are on crack if you think Sundin lead the Swedes when they won the gold. It was Alfie and Forsberg you retard. As usual Sundin the floater was just along for the ride.

You know nothing about hockey or sports for that matter.

Good try though clown.
Pete, 2008-07-01 08:55:57

"If this is the end for Mats Sundin as a Maple Leaf, after all the angst, the hand-wringing and the wide variety of analysis, then this is a Canada Day unworthy of celebration."

This is what Ted Simmons says in an article today about the fact he may be finished as a Leaf.

THAT is the kind of Toronto-centric crapola that pisses off much of the rest of Canada.

Hope you all have a GREAT Canada Day.
DisgruntledFan, 2008-07-01 08:07:40

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