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Have you given up on the Jays?
Wed, July 9, 2008

When you're in last place in your division and there's seven teams ahead of you in the hunt for the wild card, talk of a second-half surge and post-season possibilities borders on the impossible.

With the present little more than a depressing reality, the Blue Jays brass spent much of the pre-game media scrum with their vision of the future.

It was not an official running up the white flag ceremony on a season in tatters as much as it was a reality check.

How hopeful are you for a turnaround to the Blue Jays season? Have you given up on 2008? Have your say in our forum.

Jays brass concedes '08 a dud


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Pay attention to todays pole Mr. Godfrey for the fans that you need to support this team are overwhelminly calling for the departure of JP.

One word to describe this years Blue Jays is "Boring"

I love watching baseball but find myself after a couple of innings, finding an alternative show to watch and end up doing nothing more that a cursory check back to the game.

More often than not lately, that is one check back as any alternative show is more interesting.

Too bad but the house that JP built has a faulty structure and is falling in on itself.

The change in management is applauded but that needs to include the worst GM in the history of the Jays.
John, 2008-06-20 16:05:35

Hey,Frank open up your wallet and buy some players. And Ben why not apply for the managers job and sign the RIGHT players.Alden, you are the only one making any sense here. The rest all live in a dream world and need a desperate dose of reality. Cito Gaston is the only manager in Jay's history to lead them to a title. And finally Jewels, it's the hardest job in baseball for a manager to win with all great players. Too much ego to deal with day after day. Gaston did a great job handling all that ego.
larry, 2008-06-20 15:34:07

Welcome back, Cito!

Sure, JP has to go, but this is a good move. Cito is a calming influence and that's what the team needs. The thing I don't like about Ricciardi is his smart-alec attitude. He comes across as a know-it-all when in fact he is quite devoid of understanding what direction the team should take. This was a rare exception when a smart move was made though.

Cito is a much more upbeat manager than Gibbons was and that will lighten up things in the clubhouse I'm sure.

I also believe that AJ Burnett has to be moved - a chronic underachiever - same with Vernon Wells.
gordholio, 2008-06-20 15:07:02

First off, Welcome back Cito!!!

However, the man who really needs to sit up and take notice is....TED ROGERS!!!

Ted, look who is making the decisions for this team? Godfrey is great but he needs to get a backbone and tell J.P. that it's time to put up or shut up. We the fans are stilling waiting for a top level team to be fielded.It's time to spend my Rogers cable bill money and get players like the Yankees and Red Sox have!!!
Frank, 2008-06-20 14:41:47

Okay, JP has lost it. He brought back one manager and one coach who were fired years ago, when the Jays would rather try to pull the ball at every at-bat rather than bunt, steal and draw walks. Now you bring them back???

I'll tell you what --- fire the guy who let Reed Johnson and Gabe Gross fly the coop, and signed older, past-the-prime vets like Shannon Stewart and Frank Thomas for good money. The only thing he did right was re-sign Wells, and even Wells can't hit well without some protection in the batting order.
Ben TO, 2008-06-20 14:13:50

Big mistake as the person who needed to go the most is still there: JP Ricciardi. Ricciardi is a goof as a GM, always has been, always will be. Jays will go nowhere as long a beak nose is the GM.
Alden21, 2008-06-20 14:01:58

This is one of the dumbest things the jays have done in years! Gibbons has to go, however to replace him with Gaston? give me a break the fact the NOBODY has shown ANY interest in this clown what so ever, disproves the crap people keep saying how great a manager he is. "well he won two world series" yeah by default! god with that line up i could have won it. It's a joke. J.P HAS GOT TO GO! this guy is a complete idiot, he proved it again today, and the other day with his comments about Dunn. Jays you just lost a big fan i have had enough. The leafs are making you look good!!!
jewels, 2008-06-20 13:51:58

In Gary Carter's final days as catcher for the Montreal Expos, Charles Bronfman, the owner, said that when Gary Carter came to the plate with two with and men on base, Bronfman would get up and go to the bathroom.

With this year's edition of the Jays, I get up and go to the bathroom whenever there are runners in scoring position regardless of how many outs there are. These guys couldn't hit water if they fell out of a boat. Clearly everyone is very frustrated.
Bill, 2008-06-20 11:27:11

I said it earlier in the season when you could see the the trend.I'll say it again that Gibbons has to go,but this time I'll add JP to the chopping block as his wheeling and dealing just hasn't panned out, and he's had lots of time to proove himself.Bring in a new GM first and let him do his thing.It's scary how close the BlueJays and Leafs are so similar in their underachievers and ineptitude.At least the Raptors made it to the first round.Come on give us something to cheer about.The only good thing about their losing ways is I've started to shut the boob tube off early when you know they're going to lose and actually getting more yard work done!
Johnny, 2008-06-20 11:26:27

BATTING COACH!!!! WHat batting coach? When will the Jays get one and if they have one will he show up for work soon...Thats where the main problem lies..Plus to man prema donna's on the field...
craig, 2008-06-20 10:35:11

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