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Have you given up on the Jays?
Wed, July 9, 2008

When you're in last place in your division and there's seven teams ahead of you in the hunt for the wild card, talk of a second-half surge and post-season possibilities borders on the impossible.

With the present little more than a depressing reality, the Blue Jays brass spent much of the pre-game media scrum with their vision of the future.

It was not an official running up the white flag ceremony on a season in tatters as much as it was a reality check.

How hopeful are you for a turnaround to the Blue Jays season? Have you given up on 2008? Have your say in our forum.

Jays brass concedes '08 a dud


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Well, hey ho, JP's GOT TO GO..!!..

John Gibbon's should still be the manager, (although, Cito is da man & will always be), in this humble Jay fan opinion.

Now, pitching hasn't been great, not not terrible either, but when you have Matt Stairs as the HR leader, and he's making one of the less money making contracts, i got to wonder on the thinking of long term contracts, cause they just seem to bite the Fans in the arse at the ticket booth...

JP, stop the pain, you let Reed Johnson go for nothing, and now he's going to the playoff's? how do u think this makes the sanity of the fan when u trade a favorite..he worked hard to keep his position, and you brought back the guy, who he replaced, that was a really bonehead move JP...

So no im not jumping ship as i have been a loyal fan always, but there are a few questionable decisions that we should have re thought.
Tekfu, 2008-07-29 13:06:40

Yes. The reason being that since JP has taken over as GM, the Jays in general will put together a nice little run along the lines of 12-5, 14-8, etc. following a bad stretch when they are around 5 games under .500. The nice stretch takes them to +/-5 games over .500 then they lose a few, end up hovering around .500 again and then play out the season around that mark.
JT, 2008-07-29 09:11:01

I never like to give up halfway through, but its definitely an uphill battle. J.P. needs to shake it up with a big splash that can secure some young ready talent. Can't blame him entirely, everyone else in the A.L. East just outspends them, and the Rays; well, after nearly a decade of sucking, they were bound to get very good, very quickly with all that young talent. The Jays need to improve their system, as I've only seen a handful of successful homegrown's over the past decade. Also, the most important stat: RISP. the Jays are dead last. something HAS to be done to remedy that
Wilson, 2008-07-22 18:07:28

Most of the players (Wells, Stairs, Rios) have lost their mojo. Its torture for the fans right now. There is no way that Litsch can win the way he is pitching. Not enough speed. Hitters know that and are feasting on his breaking stuff. This team is in big difficulty. Only wholesale changes will help. But look what those big contracts to Wells and Rios brought. Zero.
wait till next year, 2008-07-22 11:06:14

JP has had his shot at trying to puit together a contender and has failed miserably. No more excuses about injuries and under acheiving players. The loyal fans put forth their hard earned money to come and watch a mediocre team at best. Not fair to a loyal baseball city. Time to clean house. JP has to go, and real soon.
Frank K, 2008-07-15 20:34:59

I'm not giving up on the Jays. I've been there for them from the start. My biggest concern is that J.P. is'nt doing his job. He should be selling the team so that everone wants to be a Bluejay
rick, 2008-07-15 15:03:25

No. I don't give up on the Jays. I will not slag any of the Jays players or management.

Why give up? Why be upset? I think its better to have a "Don't give up!" attitude then just get all negative.

I do agree if JP does not meet his goals then he should go. But, I think he really tried, and on paper, he put a great team together.

There is something about sports in Toronto that attract mediocrity and its not just the players and management. It might be the culture.

Phil, 2008-07-15 10:59:21

I can't believe JP hasn't been fired yet. Is brass asleep or something, how can they not notice what a complete moron (to borrow from Brian burke) JP is. I haven't liked him from day one, such an arrogant smart alec.

We need to undue all JP has done and rebuild from the bottom up. We have no prospects, all traded for over the hill used to be good players past their prime. Doesn't anyone else see this??? Mediocre might get you in the playoffs in another division but not the AL East and let's face it, saying the jays are mediocre is being too kind.

FIRE JP yesterday already! 90 percent of the posts here say he has to go...
Bruce, 2008-07-14 19:46:01

J.P. is doing a great job. It's the hitters that are not hitting that is the problem.Its hard to believe that it's two years in a row that the hitters are bad.I believe they could have a strong second half and make it in to the post season . They have as good of a staff as Boston or better when healthy ,and on paper their hitters are almost as good as Bostons.They should be up there at the top, they are just gripping the bat too tight.J.P. has done a great job with what he has to work with (limited funds).He has made mistakes but so does every G.M.
Brian, 2008-07-14 14:09:45

J slag you must be a yankee's or boo-son fan. You ever listen to a yankee's broad cast when the y win and the horrific tarzan impersonation that the radio comentator does and his side kick whats her name chitta the chimp. And theeee Yankee's Losooose, AS far as the Jays go @ least we dont try to buy the world series every year...the jays will do just fine probably better than the yankee's so dont hate the players and management hate the game. GO JAYS. 30 plus years loyal and still standing and proud of CANADA'S TEAM. and hockey fan just dont watch them stick with the leafs? ROFLMAO
David, 2008-07-14 12:54:11

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