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Who will win Euro 2008?
Thu, June 19, 2008

It doesn't take long to realize that the Euro 2008 soccer tournament is not the ordinary run-of-the-mill sports extravaganza.

It is perhaps the biggest sporting event in Europe after soccer's World Cup but it draws a fervent following from around the globe and from people who have never set foot on its soil. Its allure extends beyond borders and it can make people behave in strange ways.
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Who will win Euro 2008?


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Wayne, I see you are offering your expert opinion in the football (soccer) arena now. It's for the best as you certainly knew nothing about hockey. Your definition of soccer below is not that different from Euros playing hockey. Wait a minute are you a fan of the Euro hockey player?
Disgruntledfan, 2008-07-09 08:27:19

d the soccer idiot

I would get in a battle of wits with you but I see once again you come unarmed lmao.

Go back to watching your heros take dives when someone bumps into them, they go down like they were shot. Yea what tough guys they are you tool.

If they get lucky and score a goal they act like they just scored the winning goal in the championshop game and run around like a chicken with its head cut off lol.

Back to your parents basement boy, your cartoons are starting, maybe your mommy will give you some cookies and milk for your afternoon snack lmao.
Wayne, 2008-07-06 14:46:31

Montreal Canadian fans are crazy as well. Riot if they win, riot if they loose. Gotta like the way how they solve that problem. Make the millitary actually present there.

I think all fans love their team and celebriate their victories or moorn their looses in different ways.

If you ask me the fans sometimes take things to far such as rioting, horn honking for god knows how long and most of the times The Fans are what wreak the games the most. Soccer riots are common among most provinces. Tokoo and Osaka Baseball fans will throw themselves into the (whatever that river's name is) and even try to drown themselves if their home team losses from playing each other. Regina Fans of the Saskatoon Roughriders ((who love their football more than any other city by the way)) go nuts over the Labour day weekend and will literally trash other cars Expecially people visiting from Winnipeg, cut people off, egg their cars or throw watermelon at them, Not serve anyone wearing a Blue bomber jersey. Wear Watermelon helmets etc. And literally heckle them out of town. ((Belive I was there last year for thatspend a lot of money in that town too. was actually called an "The rare nice bomber fan" for being nice and buying a Regina fan a drink cause she was short on change.)) Yep its usually the fans that wreak the sport not the other way around.
A hockey fan, 2008-07-02 13:43:34

hm, what were those "fans" in montreal? football(soccer) fans? how many people did they keep awake? :-)
Peter, 2008-07-02 12:26:31

Really Wayne? The next time you watch a baseball pitcher get paid to spit on the ground and throw at someone's head then you tell me how manly your pro sports are. I also remind you that England's queen is YOUR head of state here, so don't give me the speech about how I am supposed to behave in my "adopted" country.

Courtesy you say? Keeping people awake because they have to work? When I was staying in Toronto several years back those Maple leaf fans honked their horns until dawn after winning a first round playoff match. I am sure fans in other NHL cities do that as well, so don't be the pot calling the kettle ... ah, why bother with you? no point in debating with a fool who claims to have a job, yet spends all his time posting on these forums more than anyone else.
D the soccer fan, 2008-07-02 11:39:17

d the soccer fan

There is 1 big difference between our behaviour and yours. We dont go around yelling out our cars windows and honking our horns every time our team wins 1 game you bloody fool.

Go back to europe then if its such a way of life acting like a moron because that isnt how its done in your adopted country.

Wayne, 2008-07-02 10:13:37

Yes soccer is alot more macho of a sport than football or hockey ? Get a clue, soccer divers are the biggest wussies in any sport. They gone down like they were shot from being " tackled " or bumped into.

European hockey players following there soccer heros lead have brought the art of diving to the NHL.

More cowardly behaviour from so called men that cant take a hit which is a big part of a contact sport.


Football players pants are not made of spandex, you are thinking of rugby I believe.
Wayne, 2008-07-02 10:01:49

d the soccer fan

No I dont appreciate being woken up on a Saturday or Sunday morning at 7:00 AM because a country won a soccer game, wow big deal they act like they just won a championship every time they win a game. Some of us Canadians work and we only get to sleep in on the weekend, is that so hard for you to understand ? Its about respecting other people's wishes, and its mine to be able to sleep in on the weekend without being woken up to the yelling and honking of a bunch of idiots over a soccer game.

If you are such a big soccer fan go back to your country and act like a bloody fool, soccer has never and will never be a top level sport in Canada or the USA so get use to it.


If your country is so good why did you leave it and come to Canada ?
Wayne, 2008-07-02 09:54:35

Wayne, I am 100% Canadian.

As to American Football, I don't consider it very much of a macho sport. Where else can you find a bunch of fat men wearing spandex and spending half of the game rolling around on the ground. I suppose to each his own!
Alfred, 2008-07-02 04:06:17

Wayne - footie fans don't care if the horn honking annoy the bloody hell out of you. Same way you react when you watch your steroid freaks play their sports on this side of the atlantic. Are you kept up past your curfew with our partying? Pity. Thank your stars England didnt qualify or we would have shown you some REAL celebrating
D the soccer fan, 2008-07-01 23:28:46

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