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Will 'Hockey Night in Canada' be able to successfully replace the old theme?
Wed, September 3, 2008

TORONTO - The CBC received nearly 15,000 submissions in its quest to find a new theme song for "Hockey Night in Canada."

A total of 14,685 entries were submitted to the broadcaster's Anthem Challenge contest prior to the Aug. 31 deadline, CBC said Wednesday.

The network is holding the Canada-wide search after the rights to the iconic jingle that opened its weekly hockey broadcast for some 40 years were snapped up by CTV in June.

Will 'Hockey Night in Canada' be able to successfully replace the old theme?

Full story: Nearly 15,000 submissions for Hockey Night in Canada theme contest


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Well congratulations to the CBC for dropping the ball.

You won't find a bigger bunch of numpties on this planet.

This was not just a Canadian tradition, it was an NHL tradition, a Canadian NHL hockey team tradition, a SATURDAY NIGHT CANADIAN HOCKEY NHL TEAM TRADITION!

After serving 25 years in the Canadian Army, being deployed overseas and hearing the once proud refrain would bring chills to my spine and a smile to my face. A piece of home...familiarity in a far-away land...

What do we have to look forward to now?

TSN using it for which ever hockey game they decide, including the 2010 Olympics.

Imagine if you will our poor children having to hear the theme song from TSN's coverage of the Phoenix Coyotes versus Nashville Predators game while the idiot McGuire screams in their ears.

How can a true Canadian hockey fan ever watch the CBC again?
Voice of Reason, 2008-06-10 12:27:44

Who really cares? This was just about money and basic greed by an old lady and her money hungry lawyer, it was never about hockey. I'm happy CBC refused to waste more money on this mindless venture.
Rob, 2008-06-10 11:02:34

I have questioned some of CBC's decisions for the past couple of years. Whomever is running the CBC sports area should be given their walking papers. CTV has better coverage of games, screen shots, etc. What did CBC think would happen when they decided to tinker with the "hockey song?" I say good one for CTV!! CBC has to become competitive, or the only thing they will be filming will be flowers growing!
Michelle, 2008-06-10 10:48:39

Who cares. Money hungry corporations don't listen to public opinion. they do what they want and that is that (the sound of money). go ahead CBC and get a new song for your show. I'll be sure to only watch the game and turn the channel now when it's not on.
gerry, 2008-06-10 10:44:33

I guess it's nice that the song will still be around, but I can't say I'm too happy with it going to CTV/TSN. TSN ain't no "Hockey Night in Canada", that's for sure. You watch TSN, because you're forced to, to see the hockey game you were wishing was on CBC. I think the composer Mrs. Clayman, should have long ago released this song into the public domain. How long does she have to profit off it? This isn't the first time she's held the song for ransom. It will be interesting to see what the CBC does in the future.
Michael Chatel, 2008-06-10 10:28:15

No no no! Wth has happened here, I am sickened by the whole thing. How CTV thinks that anyone is impressed or fooled by them "saving" the song, give me a break They did no such thing. They stole a tradition...period. And the woman who penned the tune, what was she thinking ? She should be ashamed of herself, clearly the dollar is what holds importance to her. TSN aka TORONTO Sports Network is clearly bias and completely unwatchable, playing the song that we all know and love is not going to change that.... Looks like they made a deal with the devil.
Staci, 2008-06-10 10:07:37

To "a hockey fan" - it doesn't MATTER if the "World" series has teams from the WORLD playing or not! Like I said, it's called what it is because of the newspaper's name - you know,

the New York W*O*R*L*D. Nothing to do with this big blue marble we call the world.
HGA, 2008-06-10 09:52:25

"Why did they let a money- hungry old lady blackmail them??"

Uhh, Marnie, isn't that basically what the broadcast team and players do? I'm sure if most people had a chance to jump on a bloated gravy train, they would too.
Brian, 2008-06-10 09:41:11

To Jim: Shareholders of CTV should be quite happy, thank you. Don't think of it as dropping "$3 million for nothing" as you suggest --- rather, it was a $3 million public relations move that has allowed them to steal the headlines. Buy a song a lot of hockey fans cherish, buy a year's worth of advertising --- same cost, right? It is with a private corporation, bought with PRIVATE money, where it belongs.

You see, our tax money is NOT to be spent on a theme song for a hockey show on CBC. $500 per play and $3 million to buy the rights??? Do you know how many hospitals or schools would love that kind of funding? Do all you bleeding heart HNIC fans ever stop to think about this? If not, then listen to the theme song while you wait four hours in the emergency waiting room to get your child treated for a broken arm, and then tell me CBC dropped the ball. Didn't think so!

Start a contest, make a reality show out of it, let a local person get some exposure by composing the winning song, and then make the condition of entering the contest that they give all the rights to that song to CBC --- FOR FREE. Hats off to CBC! You people made a RESPONSIBLE and correct decision.
The capitalist communist, 2008-06-10 09:21:59

Everyone will complain and say they will ban watching CBC becasue of the twenty second intro. That Ban will also last twenty seconds becasue they want to watch the game they love, not the song they grew accustomed too, which CBC knows and why they didn't cave. 10 years from now it will be a new song. CTV thinks they will get new viewers by paying big bucks for the song but they will find out that it doesn't and people won't care that it starts all the other games because it won't have the same feeling so they will just watch the hockey anyway. Dumb move by CTV.
wayne, 2008-06-10 08:54:39

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