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Will 'Hockey Night in Canada' be able to successfully replace the old theme?
Wed, September 3, 2008

TORONTO - The CBC received nearly 15,000 submissions in its quest to find a new theme song for "Hockey Night in Canada."

A total of 14,685 entries were submitted to the broadcaster's Anthem Challenge contest prior to the Aug. 31 deadline, CBC said Wednesday.

The network is holding the Canada-wide search after the rights to the iconic jingle that opened its weekly hockey broadcast for some 40 years were snapped up by CTV in June.

Will 'Hockey Night in Canada' be able to successfully replace the old theme?

Full story: Nearly 15,000 submissions for Hockey Night in Canada theme contest


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Pay the writer the measly $500 a show and then give your cheap corporate CBC executive heads a shake.
susan, 2008-06-06 17:26:40

The HNIC theme is Canada's second anthem. Would you change O'Canada? The song is part of Canadian tradition. It's as much part of Canadian culture as hockey. CBC can't just change the song.
gold4canada, 2008-06-06 16:36:36

Guys, 500 bucks per play of the song is not that much to pay, considering the millions made in advertising each game...She did write it and she has the rights to it, I do not blame her for not selling or giving the rights to the CBC, if she did then the CBC would be selling it as ringtones, etc and make a fortune off of it...

The CBC is screwing us all over, its HNIC broadcasts are getting worse each year...I think TSN should be given the HNIC broadcasts, except they gotta get rid of Pierre McGuire first, and bring in most of the CBCs broadcasters like Ron, Don, Bob and Jim, leave Hurdey where he is too...They will cave and bring it back though, just like they caved and brought back Ron...Who runs this mess we call the CBC? They always want to ruin a good thing!

As for the american idiots, guys you got your heads that far up yer as**s you do not know what is a good sport...We invented most evertying you guys enjoy, the only thing you guys do that is uniquely american is invade, destroy and rebuild other countries because they have something you want...Your national anthem proves it, all it talks about is war and bombs exploding...

And Nascar a sport! No way, a bunch of speed freaks racing around a track...Its one of the most boring things on TV, a 500 lap race can be summed up in about 1 minute of highlights - the crashes - because that is all is worth watching from a race...

So, bring back the song and you americans go back to what you do best, invading other countries for their oil!!!
Flint, 2008-06-06 16:18:34

Well no complaints about Stompin Tom Hockey Night Tonight but it won't be the same. It is a nice song however and deseves all the props avaiable but Canada's Hockey hertiage theme song is being plaque by the almighty and stupid CBC managment as usual. Save us TSN.

Big brother is watching over us and is trying to make our decisons for us as usual
A hockey fan, 2008-06-06 15:46:57

I wonder if TSN will take over as th Main broadcaster for the NHL. Why not they bought out and took control in broadcasting the CFL. If it broken why fix it?

My other rant is as follows:

Highlighted Puck: Stupidest thing ever made. If you can't follow a black hockey puck on TV or in person why are you watching hockey for. Watching a game and then seeing a Streak when a slapshot was made the stream takes up a quatre of the screen. Also to comment a dumb america asked to see if that can be done while watching a hockey game and many more asking for that well it. sucks. What next, highlighted footballs, Baseballs and Golf Balls.

Oh and yeah also has the Metric system and started using DSL and Cable for internet before the good old USA even started. We also started making computer animated cartoons before the USA as well and most of all hockey was made in CANADA!!! It is CANADA'S sport ((besides Lacross which was also made in Canada.)) You can have our Basketball and keep your baseball. We don't need them
A hockey fan, 2008-06-06 15:23:31

I am sorry, but the theme to Hockey Night in Canada should stay as it is. After 30+ years it's become a part of HNiC and should remain as a part of our heritage. If we are going to revamp the HNiC theme, why not start re-vamping national anthems?
Sean in Ottawa, 2008-06-06 15:17:44

Vaughn, You are a dumb hick!!Do you not know that Baseball, Basketball and Football all had origins or were invented by Canadians? You have no idea of the tradition of the HNIC theme. So go listen to Garth and do the Tomahawk chop while you're at it. I bet you really like shiney things, don't ya????? Oh ya, I foget the south has NASCAR and the Allman Bros!!!!! Good for you!!!
Glenn, 2008-06-06 15:15:42

This is the most recognizeable theme in our country. Shame on the CBC for its ridiculous decision to part with an icon that generations of candians have grown up with and recognize instantaneously...Given the CBC doesn't want to pay the $500/game for its use does it really understand the cost involved in getting similar recognition from another tune.....I think not....this is almost as dumb as the decision a few years back to not re-hire Ron MacLean....ridiculous...
Andrew, 2008-06-06 15:10:40

C'mon now, The CBC has been paying something like $500 per game since 1966. I think the song has been paid for by the PEOPLE OF CANADA(Since CBC is a Crown Corp). It is shamefull on the owners and Claman to even demand more money. Ms. Claman and the owners should just pass it off as a gift to the people of Canada and make a stipulation that it will only be used for such occasions as Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday Nights only.

And if that don't work, then The good 'ol Hockey Song by Stompin' Tom would be an excellent replacement, I'm sure he understands the instition of Hockey in our great land.
Greg, 2008-06-06 14:46:08

I agree with Vaughn. Hockey is a 3rd rate sport and falls behind College sports and Nascar in popularity. It is not even uniquely Canadian as the eventual winner is mostly US teams. I have even had the experience of watching the CBC, which is about about as bland as they get in sports reporting. Maybe the new theme song can be "Na, na, na, hey, hey, goodbye"
Brad in Dallas, 2008-06-06 14:40:32

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