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Will 'Hockey Night in Canada' be able to successfully replace the old theme?
Wed, September 3, 2008

TORONTO - The CBC received nearly 15,000 submissions in its quest to find a new theme song for "Hockey Night in Canada."

A total of 14,685 entries were submitted to the broadcaster's Anthem Challenge contest prior to the Aug. 31 deadline, CBC said Wednesday.

The network is holding the Canada-wide search after the rights to the iconic jingle that opened its weekly hockey broadcast for some 40 years were snapped up by CTV in June.

Will 'Hockey Night in Canada' be able to successfully replace the old theme?

Full story: Nearly 15,000 submissions for Hockey Night in Canada theme contest


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first, I am an AMERICAN and you canadiens are sad. your dollar is worthless and your economy is tanking and you get this upset over a tv theme song. Do you think anyone here got upset when they took Hank Jr's song off Monday Night Football?

you canuckles can put us 'confederates' all you want and we wont care. why should we? USA has perfected big league sports and we have been propping up your weak canadien teams for decades and welcomed many who you couldnt support.

so quit whining and watch yourselfs before you get all brave and put down the USA while sitting safely behind a computer. your frozen butts wouldnt be nothing if you werent our neighbors.
Broad Street Brawler, 2008-06-07 11:34:49

Don't waste your time here... let CBC know how you feel!

Letting them know directly how you feel is the only way to get results. LET 'EM HEAR YOU, CANADA!
David, 2008-06-07 11:06:04

How do you fix a hockey game? Are you upset that your little itty bitty Penquins lost the cup Stu? awww too bad. Most of the players are CANADIAN!!! Get use to it.

Change the name to World Ice Hockey Legue? Change the Stanley Cup to the World Ice hockey Championship!? Are you on drugs!? It's called the National Hockey Leque cause its from North America and Lord Stanley is the founding Canadian person who made the NHL possible for North America. change the name means you just forgot where ihe leques roots came from. They have the World Juniors Hockey. The AHL, World Inline

Get US commumators? Half of them can't even talk properly and there grammer is worse than mine and thats pretty bad. and also on NBC the communicator was talking about The Zambonai for abotut 20 minutes!!! Great jounalisum

Changing the name to the NHL? The states have something called the Wortld Series for Baseball but only American teams play ((expect for Toronto and Montreal. A LONG time ago Winnipeg had the Mantobia Maroons and they won it once as well.)) Why don't you change your Baseball to World legue Baseball so that way all countries could play. Including the very dedicated Japanese leque, players and fans who are more crazy and loyal about their home teams than any country will ever be.

So come on Canada. Stand up and fight for our Hockey Theme song. go to CBC and tell them not to change it. gio tip of TSN so that way they can save our Great game call Hockey.

A hockey fan, 2008-06-07 09:06:40

very perceptive there, gordholio. You really should read these things more carefully before embarrassing yourself like that again.
stu, 2008-06-07 07:54:05

I think the viewers should decide. After all, it is the taxpayers and HNIC that keep this turd (CBC) afloat.

Taxpayers having a say in Canada? What am I thinking??

OK,let's have some tiny "anti-everything" group funded by our tax dollars decide for us. There. Now THAT'S the Canadian way!

Congratulations to the owner,staff and the Red Wings.

Love em or hate em, they're a class act organization.
Probert, 2008-06-07 07:41:54

Does the history behind OUR

GAME Song now an embarrassment

to the CBC??? Do we need to change the Name of the NHL???

Who was the moron that passed gas thinking that changing OUR TUNE is a benefit to Hockey Night in Canada???

I'm just pretending this is a bad dream. If they remove the song, I will never watch CBC ever again. That's a promise!~ nuf said, gotta headache...
D. Danys, 2008-06-07 01:58:37

CBC sucks, I hope TSN or Sportnets pick up the song and Cherry and Maclean. I do not agree with them most of the time but it is tradition. The only thing CBC had going for it was HNIC, otherwise it is a subsidized failure. If they cannot compete on their own without a billion a year from taxpayers dollars then shut them down and let the other canadian broadcasters pick up the unsubsdized slack.
Sean, 2008-06-07 01:21:41

Talk about seperation anxiety kiddies! It's a song...yes it's been a nice little feature we've become accustomed to. I love the fact that this is just another excuse for people who have an axe to grind to vent on the old CBC. Boring...for old fogies they cry...change a theme from the 60's? Never! Get a changes...the sooner you get that in your infantile minds the happier you'll be in the long run. I too was/am fond of the theme but it is a piece of music on a TV show...take a deep breath.
Grondzilla, 2008-06-07 00:50:52

It's just sad that such an iconic part of our heritage falls waste due to money. At the same time, fans have complained for years about the seemingly archaic broadcast. Ron, Don, Bob, Harry, et al, are a part of the show, love them or hate them. But they're aging, and we all know this won't continue forever. Is it that bad the way it is? No. Could it be better? Duh. If the Confederates (I say, I say deep south there Foghorn) on this board have their say, hockey would have cheerleaders, and zamboni races during intermission would be a bigger draw than the game itself.

Nothing is wrong with hockey. Nothing is wrong with HNIC. Something is wrong with the fact that money is making this an issue in the first place. New ideas are welcome, but make them tasteful, and don't take away from the storied history of a Canadian institution.

A message to Americans (genuinely interested and thoughtful or otherwise...well, foolish). Hockey Night in Canada is ours. Your opinion is useless to us. When we need help with Nascar night in Canada, we'll be in touch (and if I wanted to watch cars travel in circles at high speeds, I'd grab a lawnchair and sit next to an offramp). PS: If Canada is so Mickey Mouse compared to the good ol' U.S.A., why are you reading a Canadian news site? And to the poster who said hockey is fixed, strap on a pair of skates, go ref a novice game, and see just how easy it (were you born last night?).

Go Sens Go.
BC - Ottawa, 2008-06-07 00:20:17

Okay, I guess AM was being sarcastic. I get it now. :)
gordholio, 2008-06-06 22:42:24

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