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Will 'Hockey Night in Canada' be able to successfully replace the old theme?
Wed, September 3, 2008

TORONTO - The CBC received nearly 15,000 submissions in its quest to find a new theme song for "Hockey Night in Canada."

A total of 14,685 entries were submitted to the broadcaster's Anthem Challenge contest prior to the Aug. 31 deadline, CBC said Wednesday.

The network is holding the Canada-wide search after the rights to the iconic jingle that opened its weekly hockey broadcast for some 40 years were snapped up by CTV in June.

Will 'Hockey Night in Canada' be able to successfully replace the old theme?

Full story: Nearly 15,000 submissions for Hockey Night in Canada theme contest


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HA! HA! Ha! HA! boy were you ever played Stu I only said that to get a cheap aroused and it'd worked. I hate the Leafs Your right about Bettman..He's a jerk but to come up with a theory of American hockey turning it's back on Canada is ridolous. How do you explains where most of the players are from. Or better yet where the Stanley Cup was from. The officating well there has been stupd calls even before 2007. Tie Domi throwing a puck into Edmonton's net with his hand from around the back of the net counted as a goal. That was a while ago There are many other calls and goals that should of not been allowed but to claim an odd comspiry is differnet. It all depends on who the refereess are at the time. Bettman has no influence over the goals or referees at all. Can you provide actual proff of this Conspiry theory to how Aniaham won last year? Can you provide actual proof that Ottawa deserve to win last year or that Aniaham deserved to loose and that Bettman influence the Stanly cup final? Can you even prove this year that Detroit was influenced to win over Pittsberg or that Pittsberg was set up to loose?

For HGA. I knew that you were being Sarcastic. thanks for the info tibit on the New York World. However does saying "World Series Championship" and not having the World competing make it a "World series?"

Canadian teams have made money in sports and has influence American teams to follow suite.
A hockey fan, 2008-06-09 14:16:53

The precious theme is being held hostage by an aggressive marketing company that is sueing for 2.5 Million on top of wanting to renew a contract that has unknown details (neither side will confirm)

The fans are being used by the marketing firm to prop up their position. CBC is not totally at fault here. Welcome to the public world of corporate greed (on both sides)
wayne, 2008-06-09 11:15:52

Broad Street Brawler,

I find it farfetched to think we'd be nothing without you. If anything we'd be better off without you as of late.

However, being who we are, most of us still give the average American a chance.

It's humorous how you claim that we're cowardly attacking you while you're making the most offensive comment in the thread and I can't help but believe that whatever happens to you in the future is deserved.

As Norbit put earlier, American teams really are at the bottom of the profit margin and last I checked our dollar was worth .98 of the American dollar. That being said over the past few months the dollars have been going up and down, with ours actually being worth more than yours around 50% of the time. heck, we even tried to drop our dollar in fear of losing your trade agreements and we still managed to pass it again.

Now then, on to the topic at hand. I believe that CBC should leave Hockey Night in Canada's theme the same as it has been for the past few decades as it really is a tradition, but if it needs to be updated at least go with a modernized version of the same theme. Perhaps a remix? and one more note, while American teams have been dominating the NHL over the past few years, the majority of their star players have been Canadian or European. And while you guys really do dominate Basketball, Baseball(I'm hesitant to even include it as it's not really much of a sport) and football(bores me as there's a whistle every ten seconds) it's because most people here could care less about them.
Evan, 2008-06-09 09:45:06

broad street brawler - the comment was aimed at US sports commentators, not the US itself. call a spade a spade, us sports commentators are more annoying than the ones we have here and thats quite a feat. listen to fox sports world or that sabres play by play guy if u do not believe me.

and what u say about canada being nothing without the US maybe was true 30 years ago, but now we dont need the US because we can trade with europe china japan and the middle east who are the REAL economic superpowers today. ur sports leagues are the only things that actually make money in america (how r ur automakers, banks and tech companies doing????)

and before you rag us for making a big deal about a theme song (its tradition, somthing u know nothing about) remember u guys raised hell for nothing when some singer exposed her breast for 2 seconds at the superbowl.
centre of the universe, 2008-06-09 09:09:57

Broad Street Brawler

Lol, well where do I start? First off, our dollar is worthless? Our economy is tanking? LOL. Last I checked our dollar was pretty much on par with yours and thanks to the genius of your government in letting fly-by-night mortgage brokers give illegal aliens 50 year no-downpayment mortgages your economy was heading for the big 'R'. Canada, propped up by our vast natural resources, Ft.McMurray oilsands in particular, actually has a very strong economy. So try again you ignorant uneducated hick.

Perfected big-league sports? Lmao, typical egotistical american. You perfected them only in your country. At least hockey has a following elsewhere. American football has failed miserably everywhere asides from America, baseball..well, the Japanese and mexicans like it(lol).

Propping up our Canadian teams? The Canadian franchises actually make money you moron. It's the solvent Canadian franchises that help support blundering errors like the Panthers,Lightening,Thrashers,Blue Jackets, Blues etc. see a pattern? Look it up Einstein, very few american franchises make money while ALL Canadian franchises do and sell out on a regular basis.

As for us being nothing without the US, that's even stupider than your hockey comments, which I didnt think possible. All that being the USA's neighbour gets us is a rep as having a neighbor thats an arrogant bully, softwood tariff robbery and american corporate interests trying to pillage our resources because you guys were too stupid to conserve yours.

So. Next time do a little research and think for a change before you open your ignorant piehole. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Bubba.
Norbit, 2008-06-07 23:46:34

I’m as mad as Howard Beal and I’m not going to take it anymore! The theme to Hockey Night in Canada should be protected as a Canadian World Heritage Song! Instead, HNIC is nickling and diming the creator of the song over breach of copyright and breach of contract.

How could they allow themselves exposure to this horrible publicity? How could Ron MacLean openly shill for poker gaming sites on the air? How could they turn HNIC into a commercial fest? How could the CBC allow the Archie Bunker of the Hockey Airwaves, Don Cherry, to remain on the air this long? How could the CBC broadcast the unfortunate deaths of soldiers during Coach’s Corner? How could they continue to broadcast the woeful Leafs to Ontario every Saturday for so many years? How could they comprise the majority of their employees from friends and family? How could they (insert your own thought)?

Maybe this is the best for everyone involved. Some other broadcaster can pick up the song and go head to head with HNIC broadcasting hockey games fans actually want to see. We’ve all had more than enough from Ron, Don, Moore, and the Maple Laughs!

Premier Harper should step in and fire the upper management of CBC and HNIC for allowing themselves to be sued over something as serious as using someone else’s creativity for their own personal benefit. How could they be that stupid?

Personally, I can’t actually sit through an entire broadcast of HNIC. There are just too many commercials. My typical Saturday Night at home consists of juggling HNIC, laundry, surfing the net, and reading. Seldom has the actual game itself kept me glued to the boob tube for the exception of some playoff games.

Michael Goldbarth, 2008-06-07 19:02:39

Typical CBC move. If it works, fix it!! This is nothing short of a PR disaster about to happen. The present theme clearly identifies with CBC hockey BROADCASTS. Changing it will only risk making the CBC Broadcasts like all the others, including the American broadcasts. They will go from King of the Castle to one of the pack and lose their identity. It is a very STUPID Decision with no basis other than money. What about the Hockey Identity? Does the CBC no longer care about that? The CBC slogan is (was?) "THE TRADITION CONTINUES! HUH? What ever happened to that? Staying with the present theme is staying with tradition. I have one last thing to tell the CBC."DON'T MESS WITH TRADITION!"
Vince in Ottawa, 2008-06-07 15:53:58

For "A hockey fan" - read before you post - AM was being sarcastic! AND the World Series is called that because the trophy was first offered by a newspaper called The New York. . . W O R L D!
HGA, 2008-06-07 12:26:05

"A hockey fan" - You're an idiot. You assume I'm a Penguins fan because I think there is a bias in the league's officiating? By your logic, I should assume you are a Leafs fan, because you're so DUMB.

Why do you think certain markets (all US) have flourished while others (Canadian) have not since Bettman took over? The NHL is becoming more Americanized every day and now US success is front and center on its' agenda. The American NHL has turned it's back on Canada and anyone who follows hockey as much as I do can't help but notice a pattern in the officiating.

And to "BC".... I have played since I was 8 years old and officiated in a gentleman's league since 1996 and YES it is quite possible to influence the outcome of a game or series with biased officiating. All it takes is Bettman quietly sending word down to his underlings that a Carolina or an Anaheim victory is desired and it's quite easy to give that team an edge. Look at how the officiating changed suddenly when the 2007 final began. Ottawa didn't have a prayer, whether they showed up or not.
stu, 2008-06-07 12:01:21

Another stupid fupah from the CBC, obviously they have no tradition except whining about getting more money from us.
Kevi McLaughlin, 2008-06-07 11:58:01

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