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Will the Penguins contend again?
Thu, June 12, 2008

At the very moment the Detroit Red Wings were holding their Stanley Cup parade Friday, the Pittsburgh Penguins were saying goodbye and heading off into a shorter-than-usal off-season.

The next time they meet, some won't be wearing Penguins uniforms, a certainty given the NHL salary cap that prevents good teams from staying together for a long time.
Full story: Penguins know roster will change before next season

Can the Penguins contend again next season?


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Since the handle I use on this site shows ANYTHING but support for the "Make Me Laffs" as you appropriately call them,I presume the comment below was aimed at someone,who somewhere along the way, so called "bashed a very good young team"

All i'm gonna add,is that my wishes were granted last night.Ruutu got flattened,Roberts showed his true colors "a la Bertuzzi",pens threw a temper tantrum when things didn't go their way,and last but not least...Therrien has the nerves to call on the refs,for his team's lack of scoring.This is the same guy who insists on putting Hall Gill on the ice for every penalty kill.

Bettman's "golden boys" will probably manage to squeak a win at Mellons',but the wings will win the cup,even with the refs blindfolded.

Losers-since-'67, 2008-05-27 11:09:43

Wow 1 game, the series is over eh? They were uptight and nervous, they will be better the second game.

Whats sad is a Make Me Laffs fan bashing a very good young team. I guess with all the free time you have off with the Laffs missing the playoffs for 3 years in a row you have nothing better to do. Guess what, the Laffs arent going to make the playoffs again for 4 or 5 years at least. So get use to watching teams that have good young players in the playoffs lol. The Laffs should join an old timers ( 35 and up ) next year then maybe they can win a championship lol. How long has it been since there last cup ? 41 years lmao.

Mats is a tough guy eh? The only players he does check which is once in a blue moon is a european lol. Ray Bourque straightened him out and ever since he hasnt hit a Canadian or American lol. He whines more than Crosby and Gretz did combined.
Pete, 2008-05-26 12:38:39

Well !!...They sure hit a brick wall last night..if that doesn't stop 'em...it sure slowed 'em down. Cindy & Co. will need a lot better performance by the refs, if they're to make a serie out of it.And will someone PLEASE flatten this lil'puke Ruutu already ?? I expect to see a lot more of this poor excuse of a hockey player in the next games.His sole purpose??...If you can't beat 'em....at least...try to hurt 'em.Also expect to see Roberts make a return,for yet,the same reasoning.The only way Bettmans' sweethearts have a hope of going beyond five games. Sad indeed !!!
Losers-since-'67, 2008-05-25 16:23:03

Hate the Pens especially Criesbaby and his diving suck antics, he is an embarrassment to the game .. Can they be stopped, well they'll have the refs on their side for sure, cause that's the way Bettman wants it...
sjw, 2008-05-24 18:31:35

I think the facts speak for themselves....east -vs-west...Detroit/Dallas -vs- Pittsburg, regardless who comes out of the west....one thing for sure is....Pittsburg is scoring one goal for every five shots taken....and giving up a for every 9 allowed.....the simple math is....don't let them shoot and take lots of shots....as for the the guys comments about somebosy over Crosby....LOL....anybody that would take a European over a Canadian in the NHL is ...well....stupid....now if it were the world cup....Europeans play harder for that than they do the Stanley Cup...maybe I'd re-consider....Crosby is the NHL and he has proven it each and every game....my last comment is for the Chelios remarks....LOL...you have got to be kidding me....Pittsburg's forecheck will eat him alive....watch and see how many goals come off his stick!!! If he was on any other team, they would throw him to the dogs!!!
Mike, 2008-05-18 21:51:41

powell, yea you need a brain ya clown. wow franzen is one of there top players in the regular season eh smart guy ?

every year in the playoffs there is someone that you dont expect much from and they have a career playoff and this year its franzen.

Crosby and Malkin are better than Zetterberg and Datsyuk plus they are both younger.

The Pens are just as deep as the dead things if not then deeper.

You giving the cup to the dead things shows what a tool you are not to mention a band wagon jumper LOL.

Ohh yea know it all dummy, when Gordie Howe was playing they only had to win 8 games to win the cup not 16 like they do today fool. Damn do you know anything or just spew out the first dumbass idea that pops into your pea sized brain ?
Pete, 2008-05-14 11:52:43

Thanks for letting me know that it was 89.

What can I say go Detroit go! "The Magical Squid God or Farie" has blessed them yet again and granted them an excellent hockey season. What can I say Detroit plays excellent hockey. They play like a team unlike the others

Now too bad about the Flyers. There just not playing "Flyer playoff hockey"

The Flyers should watch their old playoff series game and see how aggressive they were and see why they were "The Bad Guys of the Playoffs" They were tough to beat for a reason and when they loose they went down fighting to the end. This was a team that made life hard for the Oilers when they lost in the Stanley cup finals in the 80's ((Of course they had the Fastatic five line up and Messier was still in his Prime. Forget the great one Messier was the driving force and it showed. At least they went down a swinging.

I still say Pittsberg can be stopped. The Flyers need to buckle down and take it to them out if not at least Take out Crosby. No offence to Crosby but hit him a few times you rattle him up and he gets frustrasted and complains and gets frustrusted on the ice.

Sounds simple to me.
A die hard hockey fan, 2008-05-14 08:41:10

"Pete" ...

Your comments are deep...With your insults, you have made it clear that you barely have the intellect of goat snot.(with apology to goat snot)

If have been watching the Red Wings, you will notice that Franzen beat a record that Gordie Howe held virtually forever for scoring in a series.

He ends up not playing because of concussion-like symptoms, yet the Wings dont skip a beat.

You will also notice how the Wings have been outshot, but when they seem to come up the ice, the goal light apparently seems to light.

So that says that they seem to be quite opportunistic.

That also I would take their 3rd line over Pittsburgh's second line.

I would take Osgood over Fleury.

I'll take Zetterberg over Crosby.

I'll take Datsyuk over Malkin.

I'll take Chelios and Lidstrom over Gonchar.

Do you need anything further ?
powell, 2008-05-13 22:57:38

powell, do you smoke or drink anything before you watch hockey ? I have been watching the dead things and stars as well. Its hardly a " whuppin " you moron. All the games have been close, no blow outs. Nice one though clown.

Pittsburgh will beat the dead things in the finals.
Pete, 2008-05-13 21:17:11

If anyone has been watching the Red Wings, they would realize that the Penguins will simply be another notch on the Detroit belt. These lose Franzen and the still lay a whuppin' on Dalas.

The Wings might go 12 straight to the cup. I havent seen a team play so dominating ever.

This might be the most complete team in hockey history.

PS It was 89 when Hextall blew a nut and attacked Chelios

powell, 2008-05-13 18:11:06

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