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Which NHL squad is Canada's team?
Tue, April 29, 2008

A recent poll indicates that 40% of Canadians polled consider the Montreal Canadians "Canada's Team".

That's compared to just 24% for the Toronto Maple Leafs, who were considered tops a year ago.

What do you think? Who is really Canada's team? Have your say!


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Senators are my choice.
popsicle pete, 2008-05-02 21:17:47

Edmonton, they have the most canadiens.
RJ, 2008-05-02 16:05:28


Winnipeg couldnt get any money from the province to help fund a new arena so thats why they left.

Quebec got screwed by Marcel Aubut who didnt really have any intentions of selling the Nordiques to anyone from Quebec, there were groups that dearly wanted to buy them but Aubut went for the almighty green bucks of the USA.

He made alot of money plus he got a deal where he was a " consultant " for a few years after the team moved to Colorado.
Pete, 2008-05-02 15:13:43


Lol, ok my vastly undereducated friend, I'll set you straight. During the Oilers cup run in 06' they recorded decible levels of 115-120 on a regular basis, and more than a few players in the NHL have commented that only the Bell Centre comes close to Rexall in crowd noise, which by the way has sold out for, what is it? 120 straight games? As for the anthem, Vancouver did it first, but Oil Country did it better. Sorry little fella, but it's true. Talking about the 80's crowds just makes you look stupid...well actually, a LOT makes you look stupid lol.

Winnipeg and Quebec, yeah, the communities loved their teams so much that they let them go. The Oilers were on the verge of being sold in the 90's, but the difference is that the entire city of Edmonton came together and SAVED their team. So don't throw the Jets and Nordiques at me, because Edmonton actually cared enough to save their team lol.

Calling me a child is laughable considering the calibre of your insults. Mom jokes? Playstation? Lol, you've committed a cruel irony against yourself but sadly are too stupid to even realize it, but you amused me briefly, even it was unintentional on your part lol. Moron.
Norbit, 2008-05-01 19:11:18

The oilers are canada's team they epitomize what a true canadian is, the work hard, they support their community most live in the community year rond, and they usually hate leaving edmonton (except for pronger) that is what a rue canadian is, they are Canada's tem or they should be, plus look out next year!!!!
jimf, 2008-05-01 18:41:09


Usually I avoid attention seeking children like yourself but since you're mom will be kicking you off the computer once she's found out that you've been sneaking on, here you go;

Loudest fans in "Oil Country"? - maybe once you've turned your Playstation up.

I watched games "in" Edmonton during the 80's (while you were playing your Colleco) and as many sportscasters have written - nobody/nowhere can you find more people sitting on their hands during a game then in Edmonton-yawn.

As for Vancouver - great atmosphere, being a part of 18,000 people proudly singing their National anythem - unlike Montreal fans who boo anthems.

The "greatest" fans Canada may ever see were from Winnipeg and (dare I say) Quebec.

Like the Riders in Football, there is nothing to do in the entire province of Manitoba and thus, people came and poured their hearts into every game. Their teams in the early 80's were some of the worst ever, yet the arena was always full. A credit to some great fans.

As for the Nordiques - I have never and probably will never see such overwelming passion about a team as I saw from their fans. Those fans took a loss like a dagger to the heart and poured their souls into their team. Greatest rivalry ever was between the Cdns and Nords.

I've sat in the Saddledome in Calgary and watched half the arena cheer for Canucks goals. Conversely, I've sat in GM place and listened to the majority of the arena cheer for the Habs.

Canada's team is still largely based upon where the fan grew up and who they not only grew up routing for but who they grew up routing against.

There you go Norby, I hope you feel better.

PS - Good-luck explaining those "other" sites you frequent to your mom - ouch.
John, 2008-05-01 17:28:45

I don't see how being a being a fan of a particular team makes me any more of a fool then someone who fails to respect the opinions of other fans.

I'm a Leafs fan and for a group of people who utterly detest us for being loud and vocal, I find it somewhat odd how persistent the "Laffs" comments come up. I grew up in the GTA and I enjoyed watching them since the Andreychuk, Gilmour, Potvin and Clark days.(I'm 22 so I'm afraid I've never seen them win the cup and missed most of their stronger runs)

As for Canada's team I have to agree that this topic is idiotic and just baiting people into negative discussions.

Like Norbit elegantly put, there is no Canada's team. There is only your team and you'll find them vary heavily from coast to coast in Canada.

I wish everyone would stop attacking fans of particular teams as groups based on negative experiences with other fans, it gets to a point where its no longer in good fun and impossible to read solid hockey discussion written by people who understand whats going on in the league.

We all have negative fans you know, rioters in Montreal, Edmonton fans getting into fist fights with Calgary Fans, and yes even my beloved Leafs fans cheering as they try to take out Ottawa's star player. so what? You people need to start actually reading topics rather than blurting out "Golf Leafs Golf" in every topic and acting like you're the coolest kids on the playground because of it.
DisgustedLeafsFan, 2008-05-01 08:39:59


I take issue with almost every single thing you said but one thing in particular:

"Edmonton - They weren't even the best team of the 80's - and the 80's are long, long gone "

Not the best team of the 80's..yeah, that's why they won half that decades Stanley Cups and set team records that will likely never be approached. Tell me, who was better than them? lol, how silly.

There is no Canada's team. There is only YOUR team. Be you a Edmonton,Calgary,Vancouver,Ottawa,Toronto or Montreal fan, those teams are your teams and once they are out of the playoffs you just don't care as much.

Vancouver fans the loudest in the NHL? John you are an IDIOT. Loudest fans are in Oil Country with Canadiens fans a close second. Vancouver fans couldn't hold Edmonton fans jockstraps.

John, if you want to cheer for a US team you go right ahead, but keep your uninformed and cynical opinions to yourself so that actual hockey fans can discuss this.
Norbit, 2008-04-30 18:28:25

The team is north of Windsor, and the team colours are red and white.

I think Detroit should be Canada's Team. (Once Montreal gets eliminated of course)
Johnny from Grimsby, 2008-04-30 00:43:17

Another desperate attempt by TO media to bring their sweetheart laffs back to the surface.

The joke of Canada,more like.

The REAL Canada team's just about ready to play against the world.By the way...How many laffs' players are there on the team?

Losers-since-'67, 2008-04-30 00:27:20

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