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Should fighting be banned from hockey?
Sat, October 4, 2008

Should there be fighting in the NHL? As the hockey season approaches, this question, once again, is being asked.

Some say that hockey without fighting is like the Ice Capades. I don't know what they're talking about. I've taken my granddaughter to the Ice Capades, and the fairy ice princess throws a pretty good punch.

We all know the great Rodney Dangerfield line about how he went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.

What's your opinion on fighting in hockey? Should it stay or should it go. Have your say in our forum.

A fight for hockey


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So interesting scenario you bring up. Fighting helps you win. So you can't beat them at hockey so you throw in the card that if you beat us at hockey we will beat you up. Sounds like playground tactics to me. I remember as a kid playing against some of these goons. We were much better than them, but if you beat them they beat you up, so we just played alright so we could play but never beat them. Gues in your books that makes for better sports. Wonder why we lose at the olympics. Our so called best players aren't players at all but thugs that will beat you up if you beat them at hockey. But your not allowed to do that at the olympics so they beat us at hockey. Interesting theory.
wayne, 2008-04-17 09:18:02

Yes it was an attendance record and yes the stadium was half full. You see the AHL (HOCKEY) has far from sell outs. So apperently we are not hockey fans but NHL fans. And apperently since buffalo does poorly in attendance and the leafs sell out. Hamilton are leaf fans.

quebec and winnepeg lost NHL franchises because they could not support them financially, meaning the Hockey fans just were not there at the current price level, so to support an NHL team salaries would have to drop meaning Europe would then be paying more so say good by to your best players GET IT.

My job gives me info to things like attendance in copps colesium since tax dollars go into it. Also things like potential NHL teams (not) and what it would take.

So you say that since they lead the league in fights they won the cup. You don't think thats quite a stretch. Did they lead the league in attendance? Then you might have a case that more fighting means more fans. But guess what, they didn't. Kind of a thorn in the side of fighting. Thanks for helping the anti fighting side.

Please tell me what you have in common with a calgarian. Climate, population make up, Jobs. No i took a fair bit of cultural diversity courses in University. what is your background. your window?

Baseball teams struggle in the US too.

Another little tid bit for you and CANADA. Traditional Canadians only have children at an average of 1.9 per Family, you need 2.3 to maintain a population. more to grow. So your hockey lovers are dwindling. When i was 10 our population was 22 million. Its now 30 million. Meaning over 8 million people are immigrants. Not hockey loving, history knowledgeable, traditional canadians. In fact most come from areas that don't have snow. Kind of puts a whole in your theories doesn't it.
wayne, 2008-04-17 09:04:08


Just wondering what you do for the city that you need to say something like this post ?

Also my Job has most Ontario papers delivered to me to keep up on Current political news that may affect the city I work for.

wayne, 2008-03-17 08:23:34

Also I heard that the Bulldogs set an AHL attendance record with the selling out the final game when they won the Calder Cup but you claim that Copps was half empty.

Wayne, 2008-04-16 17:26:38


Since you are against fighting should the league take away the Ducks cup win last year since they lead the league in fights ?

What about this year to if they repeat ?

Fighting is a way not only to police the game by the players its also a way to imtimidate players like the Ducks did to the Sens last year and are trying to do to the Dallas Stars this series.
Wayne, 2008-04-16 17:20:36


Man are you out there. I have more in common with an american than I do with a Canadian even if they are from western or eastern Canada ? lol

You are to much lol. Where you get your info from is beyond me. Ohh yea I forgot you are an american living in Canada so you know everything and we know nothing just what you say we should know or believe lol.

Do you even believe this bs you type ? lol.
Wayne, 2008-04-16 17:06:32


What about selling a product in a place that doesnt have it then ( Winnipeg, Hamilton and Quebec City ). Its smarter to sell a product where you know it will be a success before you try a market where its a guess on how it will do and hope for the best.

What drop the line on a map that seperates us from the USA ? Hmmmm ok but what about the borders where you cross to get into the USA or back into Canada.

All Canadian teams in the NHL are supported win or lose. Hockey is to Canadians what baseball is to americans. A religion.

Dont tell me to drop anything. I point out something to you then you go off on something else lol.

Over night eh, how many years or decades do you need then ? lol Panthers have been in the league according to you for what a few years then ?

Actually north america is the continent where we live, the country is Canada, USA is a seperate country, thats why we have borders to seperate the 2 lol. Who goes around saying I am from north america ? lol Maybe you do but know one I know does lol.

Maybe you shouldnt toke or drink before you log on in the mornings lol.
Wayne, 2008-04-16 17:00:43

To give you guys a little business 101.

If you want to grow a company you don't try to sell something to people who already buy your product and get tons of it you expand to areas where no one currently buys it or gets it and try sell it there. If you have a good product, which your existing areas prove you figure there should be few reasons to stop you from being successful in the new areas. since hockey has grown to its current status over 150 years in the cold climates you can't expect it to jump up over night in the warmer areas.
wayne, 2008-04-16 16:07:29


I know lots of women that watch hockey. There are women that are just as much into hockey as any man is.

Thats a sexist comment. Now I know how full of it you really are.

I guess you never watch hockey on TV, there are lots of women at games.

You probably arent aware that women play hockey these days either lol. Our Canadian women actually won the gold medal at the 2002 Olympics, just thought I would inform you of that lol.

Man you live in the dark ages, if you had a woman you would want her barefoot and preggers to lol.

Wayne, 2008-04-16 15:59:26

Wayne (Kevin there are two big W and little W)

I was saying if the league went to 8 Canadian teams only in answer to all the US bashers who say bring it all to Canada. The current league plays 82 season games if you divide that by 7 (you don't play yourself) you get over 11 games per team.

Don't ever compare the leafs fans to the rest of Canada. The other stadiums in Canada do not fill win or lose like toronto. Its an anomoly in sports period. TO FANS are actually the best for most sports.

Yes the Blue Jays sold out when they were winning. News flash, only 1 team wins it all a year. The losers, determined quite early lose a lot of attendance, except when the winning team or star comes to town.

Drop the American, We live in North America and baseball, hockey and football have all been joint projects in forming and shaping the way they are today. That line you see on the map actually does not exist in real life. People don't instantly change on either side. You have more in Common with someone who live in Buffalo and toronto than someone who live in Toronto and Calgary.
wayne, 2008-04-16 15:55:46


Since you think or seem to be a know it all why has fighting be allowed to go on this long ? Fighting goes back to the 1940's or 50's plus they had wicked stick swinging fights ?

Society was alot better in them days, yet there wasnt any talk of getting rid of it. Today society is so out of control you can see fights downtown, in bars on a regular basis ( not to mention all the shootings and gang related stuff ) but fighting in a sport that has allowed it for over 50 years all of a sudden should be banned because people like you dont like it. You probably never attend NHL games and just watch the high lights on sports channels.

If it bothers you so much dont watch it. Americans go crazy when a fight breaks out on the ice, geezus at Ranger games there are fights in the crowd.

The players union will never allow fighting to be banned anyways. It would have to be negotiated and they wont go for it in a million years. The players will be negotiating to get rid of the instigator this summer so they can go back to policing the head and cheap shots themselves.

Wayne, 2008-04-16 15:51:22

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