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What were the Flames missing?
Wed, April 23, 2008

The good news in the Game 7 loss to the Sharks was the Flames showed enough character to take the series against a favoured team to the limit, especially when they trailed after five games.

The bad news is they were thrashed when it mattered most.

What happened to the Flames? What were they missing in their lineup to put them over the edge and wins a playoff series? Have your say in our forum.

Move to pull Kipper stinks


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What about the non-call on Phaneuf's hit on Marleau. He made no attempt at the puck what so ever. His main objective was to ram marleau's head into the dasher. If Marleau had done the same, we would have heard about the poor defencemen and hitting from behind pundits. Over in New York all the experts were up in arms over the latest antics of Avery. What did he do that was so different from all the goalies who wave their glove or stick in the face of a forward skating by their crease chasing an opponent behind the net. He broke no rule. If you don't want a player doing that, create a rule. They all talked about integrity, in hockey, please.
Pete, 2008-04-14 15:25:45

I think that this is the best series going in the first round. As far as having confidence in the Flames, I am not a Flames fan, but just seeing the fans in Calgary on Sunday is enough to put fear into an opponent, there was not one person without a red shirt in the crowd. Again I am not a Flames fan, but Go Flames Go.
Russell, 2008-04-14 15:01:30

To Sparky

Man did someone piss in your corn flakes ? lol. You bashing the Flames is like the idiot Leaf fans that bash Ottawa. they are just jealous of them because there team can make the playoffs and there sad pathetic team cant.

You should be jealous of the Flames, they are a team made for the gruelling schedule of playing every other night for 2 months in the playoffs.

The Sharks have more talent, but talent alone doesnt mean you will win all the time. Calgary could use another talented forward or two, but they have a great leader in Iggy that doesnt know what the word quit means and has the heart of a lion.

Flames will win in 6 games. Sharks will be out yet again because there stars are to soft and cant take take a hit to make a play. Thorton had a whole 2 assists against the Flames in the regular season. If the Sharks had a captain like Iggy they would be in the cup finals every year ( if they stay healthy ).

Go Flames Go
Tim, 2008-04-14 13:28:37

Tim and Wayne,I did watch the game and admittedly the call on Iggy and the non-call on Nolan were pretty bogus but, after that the Flames lost any semblance of discipline and you know it.

Kudos to the Flames last night, down 3-0 then win the game 4-3. Nolan was a monster and Cujo held the fort.

I've never said the Flames were outclassed as Tim thinks. All I have said from the start is that if they shut down Marleau, Thornton and Nabokov they will win. 2 out of 3 is good enough because Nabokov is the only Shark asides from Clowe that has shown up to play. It is starting to look like Thornton will be known as a guy who can't bring it in the playoffs.

As for my team Wayne, I am an Edmonton Oilers fan, proudly admitted. Let your lame jokes commence, but trust me in a year or two the jokes will end, next season even.

btw, Edmonton rooted for Calgary in 04, then in 06 the bitter little Calgary freaks couldnt return the favor, so Oil Country support will not be forthcoming this year. I just enjoy talking hockey.
Norbit, 2008-04-14 12:52:07

haha your're right laughing guy, most Oiler fans are bitter.

I mean if your team sucks like the Oilers do and your managment sucks like the Oilers do, what do you have.........


They also make it harder for Edmontonians to get a tee time.

and buddy from Boston, get over it, it's not like you yanks have made alot of friends around the world.
Hammertime, 2008-04-14 12:47:49

Wow. Talk about a jealous/bitter Oiler fan Sparky. Seems to me the topic was about the Flames not the team up North currently crying in their cornflakes.

Aside from the ridiculous factual falsehoods in your stats and your apparent blindness. It is nice to see that your jealousy is shining through clear as day.

Great game last night for the Flames. C of red was amazing.

I for one have not seen that type of effort out of a Flames team since the run of '04. Fun game to watch. Hope we can keep our foot on the gas pedal and put the heat on the Sharks going back to SJ.

Go Flames Go!!!!
Laughing, 2008-04-14 11:03:22

Thanks for the cOilers update in the Flames PLAYOFF blog sparky...

Last night we saw proof why grabbing cujo was a beauty call and how physical play can change a game (and series)..quite a schock top the flames to be down 3-0 under 5 mins in after SJ came out strong, but they stuck with the game plan, Sarich freight trained Marleau (obvious turning point imho) and here we are, Flames still holding home ice adv. against a favoured and often predicted champ in the sharks. Gotta wonder where SJs head is at. Heres to the Kipper coming back strong and the Flames continuing to roll and finding ways to beat this solid SJ team. And always remember to keep your head up Pat.


jeebs, 2008-04-14 10:51:21

Wow, great comeback Flames!

Gee, I did not get suckered this year by sj in the pool like the last 3 times. Calgary has heart and Iginla!!

I hope they can win next game and start putting nails in the shark coffin.

toady, 2008-04-14 10:23:09

Jeremy Starr: If you judge an entire country by how some fans in one section of hockey arena act, then you yourself are one "petty, stupid and arrogant" person. As a Canadian, I am sorry that you were subject to such treatment. I truly am. Most of us here do not condone that behaviour.

I, along with friends and members of my family, were victims of racial discrimination and rude behaviour on separate visits to the U.S. I also watch your country's Senators and journalists go on CNN every week and slam our country with unprovoked insults and ridiculous allegations on anything from trade to politics. All this despite the fact that we are sacrificing our soldiers to help bail you guys out in Afghanistan (who is protecting who, eh?) As an American, do you find this behaviour acceptable? Think about that before you paint Canada with a wide brush
Ben TO, 2008-04-14 09:28:58

Let's not get carried away and somehow forget that Calgary "backed into" their playoff spot this year...they almost can thank everyone except themselves (except for Kipper whom they ride roughshod through any stretch where they string together any wins).

I'm certainly not afraid to say that I am an Oilers fan (unlike most of the Calgary fans circa 4+ years ago...what was that all about with 6000 people max in the dome?). Rather than being upset about Edmonton not being in the playoffs, I'm simply rather surprised that during the rebuilding rookie year with 300+ injury days collected by the Oil that they even pushed for a playoff spot at all. We weren't supposed to be a playoff contender this year unlike all the talk-up provided by the Flames (e.g., This is our year, and so on, and so on, and so on,...). I'm just happy to say that they showed THN just how wrong they were when THN pegged them to finish 13th in the West rather than the 9th spot they ended up with (playing rookie after rookie).

Beyond the whole Edmonton hates Calgary, Calgary hates Edmonton dialogue, I just can't say that I can see this crew moving beyond the first round. I can't say that the Sharks have been terribly convincing (esp. in game 1), but if they put bodies in front of Kipper, they're going to win. The shots against them were huge over the past two games.

That said, I guess we'll have to wait and see. Until then, I will be a true Oilers fan and say, Go Sharks Go!!!
Sparky, 2008-04-13 20:57:32

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