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What were the Flames missing?
Wed, April 23, 2008

The good news in the Game 7 loss to the Sharks was the Flames showed enough character to take the series against a favoured team to the limit, especially when they trailed after five games.

The bad news is they were thrashed when it mattered most.

What happened to the Flames? What were they missing in their lineup to put them over the edge and wins a playoff series? Have your say in our forum.

Move to pull Kipper stinks


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I thought Kipper played well in the first period. The Sharks had 30 shots on him. The defence was flat. Since he is the last line of defence he takes all the blame.

The Flames need a good puck moving defenceman in the lines of a Brian Campbell and 2 or 3 forwards that can score and create offence. I would use Tanguay as bait, he was invisible the whole series.
Scott, 2008-04-23 12:27:54

For all of you who thought the Flameouts had a chance, give your heads a shake. If the regular season had gone on for another couple of games the Flames would have been out of the playoffs because they really sucked towards the end of the season. There are only 2 players who have helped the Flames get where they are - Iginla and Kipper. Iginla IS the Flames offence. No other forward comes close to making any difference on this team. And Kipper IS the Flames defence. All the big names on defence are practically useless as shown by their inconsistent play over the last 3 years and in the playoffs. It tells you something when the Flames cannot win if Kipper has off game and I'm not talking just playoffs. They could have had this series if they won game 4 but not showing up to play and expecting your goalie to win the game for you - all the time - just doesn't work. Let's hope Montreal can take this!
Gord, 2008-04-23 12:08:04

Did this guy even watch the game? I didn't see how well he played in the first period but in the second, the Sharks clearly got to Kiprusoff and on the fourth goal he was crouched totally out of position with his glove above him desperately trying to catch it. His confidence seemed shot and I definitely would have pulled him. No, Joseph cannot score 3 goals and win the game, which is what Calgary needed, but he could and did stop the bleeding and turned the game around. Maybe he was rusty on the first shot but it was a good shot on the inside of the post.

I'm no fan of Iron Mike and the way he treats goalies, but last night he was 100% right in pulling Kipper, and maybe he could have done it sooner.

Bottom line though is that the Flames simply got beaten by a better team. When you are outshot two to one and you are playing well, you are just outclassed. The fact that someone opened the coffin and Roenick stepped up and scored 4 points was the difference really. Pull Kipper earlier and if Tanguay's shot off the post goes in and the Flames could have won, but that's hockey and they did well. Be proud, go golf.
Rick W., 2008-04-23 11:37:43

Disappointing. Flames rely to much on Iggy even though they dont have a number 1 center for him to play with.

They need to improve there offence during the summer.

All these people bashing the Flames look like Leaf fans bashing the Sens. They are jealous no doubt.

Taking the Sharks to game 7 showed lots of heart and character.

If the Oilers and Leafs had a leader like Iggy then maybe they might make the playoffs again.
Steve, 2008-04-23 11:14:58

Ah, you know what? They tried. they went out in the first round, but did go 7 games. that's nothing to sneeze at. I give them alot of credit. They weren't number one in their conference or division so who could have place too high expectations on them. Way to go Flames and better luck next year. All eyes on Montreal now.
gerry, 2008-04-23 10:41:46

It doesn't matter what netminder the Flames had, the team fell apart for approx. 8 minutes. By then the damage was done, so don't blame the Coach, Kipper, or Curtis for a bunch of Defensemen who collapsed and a bunch of forwards with no offence.
Wayne, 2008-04-23 10:40:11

Didn't I predict that these guys would put up a good fight? If it wasn't for Roenick finally showing up in Game 7, the Flames could have pulled off the upset. They did well considering all the "experts" in the media wrote them off at the start of the series. In the off season, they may want to look into acquiring/developing a legitimate #1 centre.
Ben TO, 2008-04-23 08:49:55

And then there was one. Unless the Habs can pull off a miracle it seems like the Cup will stay south of the border for a 15th straight year.
DisgruntledFan, 2008-04-23 08:40:10

Next to the Maple Laffs, the Flames have the """worst""" scouting and drafting record of any team during the past 10-years.

If you exclude Phaneuf (who was a no-brainer since he played for Sutter's brother down the road), the team has no "prospects" on their NHL team, in the AHL or in Junior who will make any kind of difference.

They would have been better off trading #1 picks at the deadline then drafting what they currently have. Fire everyone in the scouting dept. and start over - while Iginla still has some years left in him.
John, 2008-04-23 03:32:03

The Flames looked really good on paper but when I watched them play on tv and at the 'Dome this season, they were just too inconsistent from shift to shift never mind game to game. The supposed skill was not there with the breakout and passing which is where you generate the odd man rushes which create the most scoring chances. They were extremely close to being the worst passing team in the league. The d has been steadily allowing more shots on Kipper since his first year. Game 6 was their best effort of the year on a consistency basis. I am a Flames fan but I said that if the Oilers made a miracle run and made it, they would go deeper than the Flames.
markrj99, 2008-04-23 02:55:40

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