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What were the Flames missing?
Wed, April 23, 2008

The good news in the Game 7 loss to the Sharks was the Flames showed enough character to take the series against a favoured team to the limit, especially when they trailed after five games.

The bad news is they were thrashed when it mattered most.

What happened to the Flames? What were they missing in their lineup to put them over the edge and wins a playoff series? Have your say in our forum.

Move to pull Kipper stinks


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lol, I actually dont like long posts so I will be brief.

MacT emphasizes proper 2-way play, so he will make Souray more responsible, trust me. Souray came out of a far-less defensive minded system, so I think he will be better this year. I never said he was a good all-around d-man, just admitting that he needs to improve his own-end play.

As for the rest of the d and forwards I will say this: their top two lines will be great, but the third line is indeed a question, but as I said, Lowe has plenty of leverage trade-wise, so we will see. Pitkanen also needs to work on defensive responsibility and consistency, but will be good as well.(but NOT at over 5 million a year lol)

Schremp is attending summer-long conditioning and is apparently very focused on developing his 2-way play, so while that sounds great, Oilers fans will wait-and-see as we have been waiting on Schremp for quite some time.

Bottom line: they will be much better next year. Not contenders, but they are the youngest team in the league, so it will take time.
Norbit, 2008-05-01 18:57:02


Souray is as useful in his own end as McCabe is. They are both cut from the same cloth, power play specialists and nothing more. You havent seen Souray play much then if you think he is a good all around d-man.

As for Green and Staois they are good as 5th and 6th d-men. Syvret could be a good d-man but he is has played in the AHL for a few years now so the jury is still out on him if he will ever make the Oilers. Pitkanen was traded by the Flyers because he gets caught out of position way to much, he must think he is a forward I see him in the offensive zone's corners and behind that net as much as I did with the Flyers forwards.

Van de Velde I will admit I know nothing about.

Forwards now, Horcoff is a good 2 way player but he isnt a number 1 center on a cup contending team. Nilsson hasnt played enough to say how good he can be, he couldnt make the Islanders that were in desperate need of offence so that makes me wonder how good he is. Hemsky has the talent but does he have the toughness it takes to go in the corners and to the front of the net on a regular basis ? I dont think he does, maybe he will in the future. As for Penner he didnt really get alot of points with the Ducks so he should have had more this year getting more ice time with the Oilers. Stoll is a good 2 way player but again not a top 6 forward, good 3rd line player, his career maybe over because of his latest concussion but I havent heard anything about his condition lately. Pisani isnt counted on to score goals I dont think, any goals he gets are a bonus. He is a checking line winger. This was Brodziak's rookie year, he wasnt expected to make the Oilers but had a really good camp and played well in the exhibition games and he stuck. He is a big guy, looks like a good skater that can fly, but who knows what kind of points he will put up.

The Oilers have some good young players no doubt, but still could use a few more top 6 forwards and a couple more top 4 d-men to be a serious contender. They are on there way I agree.

I never saw you mention Robbie Schremp anywhere. I guess if he doesnt make the Oilers this year he probably wont ever play in the NHL unless he gets traded to a team like the Islanders or Blue Jackets they lack scoring. part of his problem is his work ethic. He has been like that since his junior days in London with the Knights. Lots of talent but he is lazy. It will be interesting to see where he ends up come October. This maybe his last shot with the Oilers.
Wayne, 2008-05-01 07:20:57

Wayne, I have no desire to get in the middle of this but you do need to be corrected. You said,

"The Oilers suck and will for years to come. They have 2 good young fowards thats it clown.

Defence might even be worse than the Laffs. Gonna be a few years to the playoffs at least you idiot."

First off, no the Oilers do not have a defenceman of Phaneuf's calibre, but Gilbert is young with loads of upside, Souray is good when healthy and the Edmonton system will improve his own-end play(unlike Montreals), Staios and Greene are great stay-at-home d-men, and Grebeshkov is developing into an awesome 2-way defensive player. To say their defence situation is worse than the Leafs is absolutely ridiculous. They may or may not sign Pitkanen, it won't be for the reported over 5 million that he wants lol. Did I mention Chorney,Syvret and Van de Velde, three excellent young defenceman prospects they still have coming? Trust me, their back-end situation is nowhere near the calamity the Leafs are facing.

As for their forwards, only 2 good ones eh? Im assuming like most other uninformed Oiler's haters that you are referring to Gagner and Cogliano. Guess you forgot about Horcoff(who was on pace to score at least 40 before he got hurt), Hemsky, Nilsson and Penner. Yes, Penner who actually scored more points with Edmonton this year than he did with the Ducks last year without the benefit of having Getzlaf and Perry as linemates. He will grow into his salary, make no mistake about it, as will Nilsson who, unlike in the Islanders boring system, was allowed to let his offensive talent develop.Pisani can score goals when paired with a decent playmaker, and Stoll still has a big upside even though he had a bad year. Brodziak,Stortini and Glencross comprise what may arguably be the best 4th line in hockey to boot, so no, they do not have just 2 good young forwards. They have a plethora of them, just watch in the next couple of years.

They will make the playoffs next year, but next year will just be the beginning. Lowe has loads of prospects,draft-picks and cap space to add more players if need be, but he will wait and see how his younger players develop, because unlike the Leafs he won't trade the future for the past. You now stand corrected, so I will leave you and Pete to it.
Norbit, 2008-04-30 21:55:56

Wayne, I never said that you did. Go back and read the string.
Pete, 2008-04-30 11:41:40

The Flames were missing 5 forwards that have talent and can score and set up plays instead of expecting Iggy to carry the team every night.

The defence is solid, Kipper is a number 1 goalie although this year he did struggle. All they need is some help up front and take the pressure off Iggy to do all the scoring and win games 2 - 1 or 3 - 2.

We all saw how that worked out in Vancouver with them expecting Luongo to only let in a goal or 2 every game and squeak out a tight win night in and night out.
John, 2008-04-30 08:09:36

pete kid

you think the oilers have a better defenceman than phaneuf? thats hilarious.

do you ever stop to think before you type or just spew the first thing that pops into your brain?
Wayne, 2008-04-29 11:42:28

Wayne, your an idiot who knows squat about hockey and can't or won't back up your point with salient arguments. Keep going on your tangents buddy.
Pete, 2008-04-29 08:14:18

pete puck for brains

yea ok lets make a bet over the net lol.

that was to funny lol
Wayne, 2008-04-28 16:18:18

pete puck for brains

look 12 year old kid, i am not a laffs fan.

the oilers defence is brutal, they dont have a number 1 or 2 defenceman, or a number 3. they suck on the blue line.

garon may or may not pan out, its way to early to say he is a number 1 goalie.

dang you are even dumber than i thought and that was really really dumb kid lol.

have fun riding the short yellow bus to school kid and dont forget to wear your helmut little boy lol.
Wayne, 2008-04-28 13:31:55

Wayne, Mouth piece. Put your money where your mouth is. I will bet you good ol cash that the Oilers make the playoffs before the Leafs. Even money, and that favours you because the Oilers play in a much tougher division than the Friggin Leafs. Your statement that "Defence might even be worse than the Laffs", shows just how freakin stupid and what lack of hockey knowledge you have. Your entitled to opinion, but man does it have to be such an imbecilic one?
Pete, 2008-04-28 10:25:41

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