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What were the Flames missing?
Wed, April 23, 2008

The good news in the Game 7 loss to the Sharks was the Flames showed enough character to take the series against a favoured team to the limit, especially when they trailed after five games.

The bad news is they were thrashed when it mattered most.

What happened to the Flames? What were they missing in their lineup to put them over the edge and wins a playoff series? Have your say in our forum.

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Kevin, sorry but I have to ask this question. I will write it slowly. Do you have a learning disability? In your diatribe below, you again go on and on about Edmontons D, when did I ever state that they had this award winning D? As for Phaneuf, what has he won, he won't win the Norris and quite frankly I can't understand why he's up for it. Oh, once in a while he suckers someone who has his head down. What/when have I uttered a word about Garon. Your an idiot buddy. By the way there is not a player on Calgary's roster with the skill talent of Hemsky. 5-35, you need help with math as well. In closing I will take the opportunity to inform you that the your mighty Calgary Flames finished the season with one more victory than the awfull inept, goalieless, Defenceless, non-scoring Oilers. You are an Idiot, full stop.
Pete, 2008-05-30 09:01:33


Well the Oilers 5 - 0 start shows you how much that matters they missed the playoffs. After that start what was there record, 5 - 35 ? They were brutal for most of the year and then played for there jobs next year down the stretch just like the Laffs have done for the last 3 years.

Lets see Phaneuf is up for the Norris trophy and Regher stats dont reflect his true worth as he is a shut down d-man, goes up against the other teams number 1 line.

Tell me any team in the league that wouldnt want them on there team. Even your Oilers would take them in a heart beat if they could get a trade done with Calgary and you know it as well as I do.

Are you saying Garon is a proven number 1 goalie after playing less than 40 games ? I know I need alot more convincing than that.

Defence is ok at best. Pitkanen and Souray are useless in there own end. They dont have a true number 1 or 2 defencemen, there d-men are all 4 - 6 types.

Gagne and Cogliano are good young players that they can build around but thats alot of building left to do. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel for sure.

Horcoff is in his early 30's I would guess, he is a good number 2 centre. Same thing with Hemsky, a good second line player on a true cup contender.

I will agree that the Oilers are a young team with some good young players.

Kevin, 2008-05-29 22:22:47

Kevin, all joking aside, the Oilers started the season 5-0. I'll bet that they finish with the same or better record than your Flames this year. That being said, you are missing the big picture. The Oilers are on their way upwards, the Flames are heading in the wrong direction. You talk about defence, who said the Oilers have great D. That being said, Phageuf and Ragear are not nearly as good as you think. Once again a perfect example of Canadian Press and Calgary Fans making more out of them than there is to bolster Canadian hockey. You will see and I will keep this exchange so I can tell you I told you so in about 9 months. For, Disgruntled Suicidal Fan, in case your wondering, that's a prediction!
Pete, 2008-05-26 14:37:18


Flames are a hell of a lot better team than the soft Oilers.

Flames are a tough, physical team. Oilers are a bunch of weaklings.

Oilers are years off from making the playoffs. They sucked at the start of the year when the pressure to win was on them and once they were out of the playoffs by December or January they started to play a little bit better when the pressure was off just like the Make Me Laffs.

Oilers defence isnt any better than the Laffs, it probably is even worse and the Laffs defence is a joke.

Oilers dont even have a proven goalie, Garon played less than half a year but I am sure fans like you think thats enough to be made number 1.

Keep dreaming about the oilers making the playoffs because it isnt happening for years down the road, the Laffs could make the playoffs before your almighty oilers do.
Kevin, 2008-05-23 21:43:38

Kevin, this is Pete, not Peter. What are you talking about? Conclusions. What pucking aphinay did you come up with? Flames have solid Goaltending and Defence. Tell us something we don't know. There D is not that solid and they are woefully lacking up front. they don't have the skill, they are only getting older and end up playing dirty to win. You are the idiot, not Pete. The Flames should/could take a lesson from the Oilers. Oops how many times has that already happened. Flames suck, Flames suck and so do you kevin the clown.
Pete, 2008-05-23 13:23:06

peter puffer

good conclusion idiot, only take you a month after the series was over to figure it out lol.
Kevin, 2008-05-13 22:33:39

Production. As long as they think Iginla will win every game for them, they not going to go very far. first round exit three years in a row...
Peter, 2008-05-12 15:37:08

The Flames are solid in goal and defence they need a few more skilled forwards for the first and second lines.
Kevin, 2008-05-12 09:29:29

wayne and norbit, this thread is about the Flames not the non playoff Oilers.

Get a clue you 2 clowns.
Pete, 2008-05-09 11:39:56


The Oilers can be a good team next year I agree. I dont think they are close to being a true cup contender any time soon lol.

Garon hasnt proved he is a # 1 goalie yet. The defence still needs 2 or 3 good solid defencemen. Souray wont be a plus player in Edmonton lol. Plus he is injury prone.

Gagne and Cogliano are 2 good young forwards with bright futures. Hemesky isnt probably going to get any better than what is he right now, Horcroft is a solid 2 way player but hardly a # 1 line center, he is ideally a # 2 center.

Schremps problem isnt conditioning, he is just plane lazy. He has the talent to play in the NHL and should have been in the NHL 2 or 3 years ago but doesnt want to back check and help out in his own end.

If he gets his act together and makes the Oilers this year he will help the power play for sure and take some pressure off Gagne and Cogliano.
Wayne, 2008-05-07 22:31:48

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