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Are the Leafs pulling off good moves?
Mon, November 24, 2008

The Maple Leafs have traded Carlo Colaicovo and Alex Steen to the St. Louis Blues in exchange for forward Lee Stempniak.

Stempniak, 25, a native of West Seneca, N.Y., scored 27 goals two seasons ago.

This season, he has three goals and 10 assists through 14 games.

Is this a good move for the Leafs? Have your say in our forum.

Colaiacovo, Steen dealt to Blues


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Two new scouts one of which is Tom Watt, is a good move. Finally, after months of pinpointing this as a weakness there is a positive move. Now if Fletch will quietly get rid of Director of Amateur Scouting, Morrison there will be a different look to his scouting staff. How could anyone report to this guy Morrison when he so obviously incompetent?
Laffing along with the Laffs, 2008-09-11 11:21:56

Loved this comment in the Spector's Rumurs site re the LA Kings' attempts to re-sign Patrick O'Sullivan:

"It'll be interesting to see if O'Sullivan attends training camp if still unsigned next week. And no, I don't believe the Kings are shopping him, nor do I believe (since some of you asked me) that GM Dean Lombardi will trade him to the Maple Leafs for Mark Bell, Mike Van Ryn and two mid-round picks."

Are some Leafs fans really that naive?
Gary O., 2008-09-09 10:04:25

There has to be more to the rebuilding than what Cliffhanger has offered up so far. He can't honestly believe that his top six (Toskala, Kaberle, Kubina, Blake, Antropov and Stajan) can beat anybody else's top six. The Laffs are loaded with too many plugs egs (Mayers, Hollweg, Finger) and not enough quality, talented top notch players. Memo to JFJ wherever you are: how can one person make so many stupid moves. Just to get rid of McCabe cost another draft choice. If he was worth what you paid him the other team would have had to give the draft choice. Sundin saga would not be where it is today if JFJ had not given him the no trade clause and instead traded him for a couple of players and draft picks. I will not back down one inch on being critical of Laffs mgt past and present. JFJ should be in jail he was so bad and currently there are two guys still with the Laffs (Penny and Morrison) who are grossly incompetent. And of course there is King Richard at the top.

Memo to Fletch. Use the cap space to bring in some firepower. Please, please get rid of Carlo, Devereaux, White, Battaglia, Williams and Ponikarovsky. Its just to painful watching these guys try to play hockey. You are in desperate need of some goal scorers.
And one more thing, 2008-09-04 09:50:07

It's funny how so many supposedly non Leafs fans know so much about what goes on with the Leafs.
Buzz33, 2008-09-03 22:41:11

Stacy, acquiring Shanahan would be "Back To The Future" for the Leafs, something they did repeatedly in the past and which never panned out. On January 23 he'll be 40 years old!

That might be ok for a team looking for one veteran player to add a bit of depth to their roster, but for a team in Toronto's position it makes absolutely no sense at all.
Gary O., 2008-09-03 08:52:21


feels like the summer just started around here. the weather doesn't look like the hockey season is just around the corner. :-)

true enough, Edmonton and calgsry at least put up a fight.

the Hens have a whole bunch of problems, starting with secondary scoring and a puck moving defence. they haven't addressed any of it.

as for the Leafs, i think the are ready for a free-fall. if anything this season will show what kind of players Antropov and Pony are. there will be no Sundin to hide behind.

but we should wait and see, anyhow...
Peter, 2008-09-03 07:48:53


Long time no see. Have a good summer?

Yes, the Sens were the last to go, but they were laughable in the final at best. Edmonton and Calgary both took it right to the wire.

True, they had more problems to deal with than Emery. Grit was a big issue but that was adressed somewhat with the additions of Ruutu,Neil and Smith. I don't like Ruutu or Neil but they do add some sand. Alfredsson and co. should be fine, they just need some secondary scoring, and for Gerber to play well. He should since Emery is gone.

No matter how you slice it though, the Sens aren't what they once were. The conference belongs to teams like Pittsburgh, Montreal and Washington now.

Leafs will still suck this year though. I wonder if they have their eye on Tavares? Time will tell...
Norbit, 2008-09-03 02:58:46

As a Habs fan I don't like the trade at all. But, if I were a Leafs fan I'd like it a lot. Fletcher has changed the chemistry of his club, which I think, is his top priority. Darcy Tucker and Bryan McCabe simply had to go if this was to happen. Both player, for whatever the reason, seemed to have fallen out of favour with Fletcher to where they became distractions.

All successful teams start building from the goal, out. In this case, the Leafs get a fine young blueliner who will fit into an even younger defence corps that Cliff Fletcher has been building.

The rebuilding of the Leafs had to start somewhere and Tucker and McCabe had to move if this was to happen. Fresh attitudes and blood has to be injected into that dressing room. The Leafs are becoming an even younger team now and while there might be a few rocky seasons in the near future, it has to happen if the team is to develop properly.

We went through it in Montreal until Bob Gainey came on board. He took his time, surrounded himself with competent hockey people and developed the youth in the system. Looks like the Leafs might be on that road now.

Rick L, 2008-09-02 22:25:05

I think some of the moves the Leafs are making are in the right direction. The Leafs still need to add scoring. Shannahan would be a great fit and leader if Sundin doesnt return and would be a bonus if Sundin returned with Shannahan too!
stacy, 2008-09-02 21:40:17

McCabe deal is marginal for Laffs at best. Will Fletch's successor have any draft picks remaining whenever he takes over? I don't understand why Cliffhanger is tossing those draft picks around like a drunken sailor. The hardest one for me to swallow is the 3 goal scorer Grabovski for two draft picks. Laffs have no hope to finish higher than 3rd laat this season. The only plan is to pile up the draft picks for 3 or 4 more losing seasons. It is going to be real tough for the Laffs so why not bite the bullet? A lower finish means a higher pick after all. Laffs defence looks awfully weak. White and Carlo are just pitiful and Kaberle doesn't seem to have any mojo anymore in TO. Kubina and the rest are not top 4 blueliners. Finger is a weak addition so this guy Ed could get a lot of ice time. Lets hope he is up to the challenge.

Another approach would have been to just tough it out, play/beat McCabe with a chain and dream of a high pick as the Laffs keep losing. I don't think Fletch is doing much more than cleaning house. He isn't building anything approaching what Tampa Bay or Ottawa have accomplished. He seems to be trying to build a team that will squeak into the playoffs by a point or two but like I say don't count on that happening for at least 3 more years.
Laff scrutinizer, 2008-09-02 19:15:27

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