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Are the Leafs pulling off good moves?
Mon, November 24, 2008

The Maple Leafs have traded Carlo Colaicovo and Alex Steen to the St. Louis Blues in exchange for forward Lee Stempniak.

Stempniak, 25, a native of West Seneca, N.Y., scored 27 goals two seasons ago.

This season, he has three goals and 10 assists through 14 games.

Is this a good move for the Leafs? Have your say in our forum.

Colaiacovo, Steen dealt to Blues


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Instead of asking "What do the Leafs do now?", why not ask "What should the NHL do now?"

It is time to stop rewarding failing franchises and mediocrity by allowing them to remain in the top league in the world. Why not follow the example of most of the football leagues in Europe. Bottom 4 teams in the "elite" league are dropped and the top 4 in the "minors" are brought up.

Accepting this type of policy would ensure that each team would ensure that it is in their best interest to actually compete for a playoff spot, instead of worrying about providing hefty contracts to "fan favourites" and those that have enteched themselves in their respective communities. Read Sundin, McCabe, Tucker, Blake, Kubina, Bell, Raycroft, and Colaiacovo.
Voice of Reason, 2008-05-29 11:26:04

I hate the Leafs!!! I rather sit in a bathtub and have someone dropped a electrial applance shocking me to death or Stick my head in a Waffle Iron and be served at Pancake house than talk about the Leafs.

Their new Genernal manager nees to grow a set of balls and not listen to the Whiny players. Perhaps the new GM should watch the movie Eddie with Whoppie Goldberg. It's a good movie. It may be baskerball but it can defiently help the GM for Toronto

The Toronto Hockey Club needs to grow a set of balls and start playing actual Candian hockey again.

Wow what a cospect.
A hockey Fan, 2008-05-29 10:26:41

WHO CARES??? I care more about the dirt on the bottom of my shoes than I do about the Laughs. You're a news site correct? Start covering something newsworthy instead of boring us to death
Ray, 2008-05-28 13:25:21

What they don't do is bring Sundin back. Start the new hockey culture now or better yet, last month!

New blood, new coach and GM. Why are they looking at failures coming thru the old revolving door? If you owned a biz, would you keep hiring previously unsuccessful fired personnel? Why not look for those who bring a winning and successful philosophy with them ... not excuses.
Coach Gary, 2008-05-28 12:53:15

1. Trade Toskala - he is their best asset, and they need draft picks and prospects.

2. Do Not sign Sundin. The leafs need to be bad next year, and get a top pick.

3. get rid of as many of their players as they can - they need young players (and more Canadian players)
TML1967, 2008-05-28 12:35:44

Richard Peddie and a overpaid lawyer are the search committee for a new GM. Don't you just love the way the Laffs screw things up? Peddie wouldn't know a GM if he bumped into Ken Holland in the hallway. This is the guy who hired JFJ! Arrogant, highly/overly paid TO types on the way to screw things up some more. At least the WWE and WWF have Vince McMahon who can make anyone laugh. They are better organized than the MLSE for sure. That Richard Peddie is something else. And how much is that no name lawyer taking to be part of the "search committee?" TO press start asking how many millions are being squandered. With that constant stupid look on his face you know w/o a doubt that Peddie has his hand in the cookie jar. TO press take a look. Its really, really pathetic.

Fletch gave John Pohl his walking papers. Only JFJ and the Laffs could have thought a plumber like Pohl was a hockey player. So far the biggest problem remains the lack of people in the Laffs organization who can tell a good hockey player from a bad one. Fletch start hiring a scout or two. The Laffs need talent assessors desperately.

When Peddie was told Armstrong was being considered for the GM position, he thought George "Armie" "The Chief" was just the man for the job. Thats right, Peddie had to be told it was the other Armstrong not The Chief.

Ron Bollman, 2008-05-28 11:48:28

Leafs should stick with the Marlies. They at least look like they have a future. The NHL frnchise could be sold to Balsilie and moved to Hamilton and the teachers could concentrate on their condo projects and quit screwing up everything else they touch.
Wally, 2008-05-28 10:26:21

Your question "What whould the Leafs do Now"

They should join the AHL or ECHL where they would be competitive. With the Leafs out of the NHL maybe you writers can find something else to talk about besides your pathetic hockey team, managers and owners. They can take Bob Cole with them that way we would not have to put up with him on HNIC.

It is a sad day when that mess is all you see on the Net when there are good organizations out West like the Oilers and Flames. If Leaf management what to learn how to run an organization come out west.

Let start the chant "Go Leafs Go - Go the the AHL"
Dave, 2008-05-28 10:14:08

I've been a Leaf fan since 1961, and since their last Cup win in 1967, thanks to Harold Ballard, the whole organization has sucked ! And, no doubt, with all the rhetoric, they will screw it up again. Don't forget Fletcher was there before and got fired, and instead of having Ballard there now, they have 3 or 4 Ballards who will interfere. They are out for the almighty dollar, and nothing will change until they get rid of the present ownership. Maybe the Leafs will win in the next millenium....maybe.
joe, 2008-05-28 01:46:58

Who cares ? The Leafs suck and have for many many years and will continue to as long as the teachers pension fund is involved in the ownership.

Lets talk about the good Canadian teams that make the playoffs not these losers that only care about how many millions they made this past year.

John L
John, 2008-05-21 12:52:09

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