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Are the Leafs pulling off good moves?
Mon, November 24, 2008

The Maple Leafs have traded Carlo Colaicovo and Alex Steen to the St. Louis Blues in exchange for forward Lee Stempniak.

Stempniak, 25, a native of West Seneca, N.Y., scored 27 goals two seasons ago.

This season, he has three goals and 10 assists through 14 games.

Is this a good move for the Leafs? Have your say in our forum.

Colaiacovo, Steen dealt to Blues


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Buying out Tucker and Raycroft is economically feasible under the cap, but not McCabe. It would cost too much.

McCabe is still a good offensive defenceman and hopefully under coach Wilson will improve defensively.

You can't just buy out players - you have to look at how it affects the cap.
gordholio, 2008-06-24 05:18:17

I've thought about Kaberle as a forward - he'd be good, but that would leave a big hole on defence.

As for Kubina, Toronto will trade him this summer.
gordholio, 2008-06-24 05:16:21

Are most of you bored? Winnipeg only filled the stands they were winning. Something like Montreal fans. Yes Peddie should go. JFJ would still be there if Peddie didn't keep change his mind about "rebuild or go for it". But then again if Peddie had any hockey sense and tuned out the cries to sell newspapers in Toronto he wouldn't keep changing his mind. Why not wait until next season to unload McCabe's salary at 4.15 instead of 6.15 this season. (give him 10 mins a game)The leafs might even win a game 2-1 and not loose 2-1. If they can't trade Kabina keep him for 1 more year. Buying out 5 million is cheaper than 10 mill. As for Tucker well, I can't see Wilson putting up with his circus act. Put him in the booth to take stats. If he would just play hockey he could be affective. Maybe? Move Kaberle to the wing and watch him rack up more point than Sundin ever had in one season. Make Stajan the captain and put him on a line with Wellwood and Steen and leave them together for the entire season. Insert as many Marlies as possible and tank the season for the ultimate prize in next years draft. You might not agree but you'll be thinking about the Kaberle thing.
Kirk, 2008-06-23 22:47:33

Garth Snow (GM of the Islanders) made some pretty DUMB moves.

He had a shot at Schenn or Filatov, but instead traded down to get a lesser player (but more lower picks).

Then he traded down again to pick up another lower pick.

Having all these lower picks are fine, but I'd rather have one star than a bunch of third line players.
gordholio, 2008-06-23 19:30:03

The Leafs are doing the right things, I have faith in Fletcher. Mayers was a good pick up. Solid Goaltending and a shut down D is the key to success. It's too bad Sundin has to go, he is a quality guy and has been the heart and soul of the Leafs for quite a few years but in the best interest of the teams future he has to be moved....hopefully to the Habs for something in return.

Cut the fat, by the deadline Tucker and McCabe will hopefully have enough desire to win that another season on the outside looking in will convince these guys to move on.

Load up on 1st rounders, Kubina, Poni, Antropov, Steen and Carlo need to go 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounders packaged with a few of these guys should land a couple. The Leafs will be near the bottom this year which is actually a good thing. Take the time to do it right, a couple more bad years will bring the type of players desperatly needed.
Wayne, 2008-06-23 18:52:53

To Giving Up...to answer your question about who builds around a defenceman-the teams that come to mind are the New Jersey Devils- they built a team around Scott Niedermayer, Ken Daneyko and a guy named Scott Stevens (and a good goalie too). Another team that built a team around a defenseman the Bruins did it in the late 60's and early 70's- some kid from Port Perry was all the rage I think his name was Bobby Orr. All my point is- is that teams do when the biggest asset is on the blueline. And Luke Schenn is a big asset-a top 5 player in the draft. Many people thought this was an astute move to get the kid. So sitting at 7th spot, they could have not had Schenn and the chance of Filatov may have been picked up already- so...hindsight is 20/20. I do not expect Schenn to be any of these guys mentioned- but I do expect Schenn to have an impact on the positive in Leafs nation. Not in one year- but consistently down the road. We have not seen a player with this style game in many years in Toronto. I was told that it may be back to the 60's to have a player carved of the likes of Schenn. Time will tell. Also, you might be right that they do indeed trade the kid for nothing down the road and you are bang on about Burke. The Jamal trade is more than meets the eye. There is stuff on the horizon that requires us to fully understand this trade. Hold judgement. If you know you are losing veteran leadership whats wrong with bringing in a guy that has work ethic, is tough, gritty and can chip in with a goal here and there. And he is not too expensive salary wise as well. In addition, your comments are top shelf with the Captains treatment. I respect your opinion on everything you said. Don't give up.
DM, 2008-06-23 17:07:56

Simple. Have MLSE sell the team to someone who knows something about hockey. Someone who doesn't make a gazillion whether the team wins or loses. As long as Peddie and Co. can lazily point to the MLSE bottom line and ask, "What's the problem?" you have a real problem.

Next, find players who would rather win than exercise their no-trade contracts and comfortably remain with a loser. Oh heck, just read the MacLean's article, it had the problem pegged.
Thomas, 2008-06-23 16:20:13

How often has everyone heard about the Leafs rebuilding? Annually for the past 40 years? Does anyone really think that Fletcher will re-build the team into a contender - he couldn't do it in his prime and looking at this 'moves' since coming back, he clearly is no longer in his prime. A 33 yr-old journeyman...I guess that anything looks like a youth movement from Fletchers eyes. Using his #1 for Schenn? Who builds a team around a defenceman? I expect that in 3 or 4 years (when everyone is bemoaning that Filatov was passed on) Schenn will be traded away for some player on the downside "who we expect will bounce back" to being a top player - like Nolan or Raycroft to name a couple. This team continues to be doomed when management does not understand how to manage. The fact that they will let Sundin slip away show how classless Toronto continues to be. They have a history of treating great Captains without class since their last Cup - Keon, Sittler, Vaive, Gilmour and now Sundin. They want to build an organization like Detroit? What would Detroit do with Sundin? So get ready for another year (or 10) wasted. And don't think that Burke is the answer - he inherited most of the Ducks - his own record as a team builder is not very good - all mouth, no substance. But hey, MLG will likely bring him in and pay him more than any GM in history.
Giving Up, 2008-06-23 13:41:55

The Leafs are rebuilding. A slow process but its June not September. Top pick- Schenn, heavy interest in Wheeler, other youngsters as Earl and Williams might finally be given a full-time roster spot. Sundin leaves and Stajan and Steen are given greater roles. Yes this team will look different but I think the thought here is if the Defence and goaltender positions are strong enough to compete, then a major overhaul with youth upfront. I do believe that if Sundin is out, that a marquee forward would be a necessary sign although there is not much out there. And if the marquee player to replace Sundin does not come about I fully expect the Leafs, because of a variety of reasons, to overhaul the vets during the season as the price may be higher at that time. We all know the deadwood on this team and hopefully we can get rid of most if cost effectively while not damaging the rebuiling process through buyouts and trades. In todays NHL a turnaround can happen in a matter of one year. Look at the Flyers, even the Habs, and the progress of the Coyotes so far in their attempt to be strong in the West. We all have to patient, and remember Fletcher has all the tools to get the job done. I am happy that he is at the helm once again. And everyone should get off his back about Jamal Mayers- you need character guys in the dressing room and Mayers is. The team needed some beef up front- a little sandpaper if you will.
DM, 2008-06-23 13:06:29

As a result of trades Islanders' GM Snow used 13 draft picks to rebuild his farm system with young players. Laffs should stockpile draft picks for the next 3 or 4 years. In the meantime, fire Peddie and most of the scouts especially the inarticulate Dave Morrison. He must be the guy who drafted players such as Carlo, Wellwood and Ponikarovsky. Why was he running the Laffs draft table? By the way with picks 128-130 there should be no player after 130 who performs better than the 3 Laffs' picks. If you can't get it right with 3 successive picks, a guy like Morrison should be selling used cars or mowing JFJ's lawn.

Is JFJ in jail yet? What a mess he left with Sundin. If he leaves Laffs get a big fat zero. Peddie was responsible for the idiot but was never held accountable. Incredible.

So far there has been very little change in the roster. Waiting for the shake up but thanks to JFJ it might not amount to much.

Ron, 2008-06-23 13:01:20

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