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Should Toronto have been awarded the 2008 Olympics?
Thu, August 7, 2008

As the Olympic torch ascends tomorrow to light the Beijing sky, let it be remembered that this might've been Toronto's games.

Just imagine, as the Olympic flame lights up Beijing, how vastly different it would've made Toronto's waterfront if it lit up our new Olympic Stadium near the foot of the Don River. Of course, it would've meant asking a couple guys living under a cardboard box to move...
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Should Toronto have been awarded the 2008 Olympics?


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Toronto does not deserve an Olympics. They cannot even support a world class Track and Field event. Edmonton hosted a world class event in the Universaid (?)Games and the Masters Games. I think Edmonton deserved the bid.
Alfred, 2008-08-25 21:56:18


These athletes are far from starving and the US spends little or nothing on there athletes.

Maybe we should focus more on peoples participation and awareness rather than the usual easy pill of money will solve the problem. Remember these athletes compete daily over the four years you don't watch them at the olympics. Skip a hockey game and go watch a rower, swimmer, diver etc. The ticket prices will help support those athletes and you will get entertainment and we won't need to raise taxes.
wayne, 2008-08-22 14:22:02

Vince in Ottawa: I agree wholeheartedly. More funding is needed, particularly at the grass roots level. I am appalled at the fact that everything from swimming pools to play fields are being closed down here in TO, and some of our athletes need to work 2 jobs on top of training.

I just give the athletes tons of credit for acheiving what they did, given the challenges.
Ben TO, 2008-08-22 12:51:48

To Ben in TO. The problem is not the medal totals only. The problem is also identified in your comment that "a country that spends comparatively little on our athletes, we did just fine for ourselves".

I have a problem with Canada spending little on our athletes so that they are almost starving and as a country being satisfied with a minimum quantity of medals when our potential is much higher with the proper amount of funding.
Vince in Ottawa, 2008-08-22 03:08:50

I hope some of you who criticized Canada's medal totals are eating your words now. For a country that spends comparatively little on our athletes, we did just fine for ourselves.
Ben TO, 2008-08-19 14:57:05

We should hold the olympics it would only cost a couple million to have programers , just digitally insert everything and everybody. we could call it the "green olympics" Say we learned it from the Chinese
ozzy, 2008-08-18 10:20:22

I wish people would stop saying our athletes perform poorly.

Lets put it in perspective. Seems as though these small countries only send 5 to 10 atletes and concentrate on a few sports. We send people for everything.

They have large populations in a small area, we have a small population spread over 3000+ miles in a straight line.

We have other hopes in life and winning at the olympics is just a dream in our daill lives. Some of these athletes from these countries, winning a medal means they don't starve to death (a little more incentive)

Our athletes do very well.

Out of billions of people in this world reaching the top 100 of them in your life time is a massive accomplishment.
wayne, 2008-08-18 10:00:59

This is old news.. Who the hell cares... Get over it.... Besides Canada is hosting the 2010 Winter games so whats wrong with that.

If you want a real story or comments or both Ask us "How come 3/4 of Canada's Athletes did NOT want to go to The Summer Omplyic games."

To Why T Dot. Though you make a good and valued point on the matter. Ask yourself this first? Have YOU ever competed at the Omplyic games or something or World Calibalur etc... ((If you have then please do not read futhure or in this rant.)) It's not that easy to win. I've have and been there competing and helping out as well... There is a lot of pressure and un-necassary politics around it ((more so thatn ever.)) Besides placing in the top 5 of the world or even the top 10 or Top 15 is a very good achivment at the Omplyics. Theres really nothing wrong with our Canadian Athlets and our programs. As long as YOU give it your all got and did your very best, Thats all it matters. Me I sparred every time like it is my last ((Also due to my health and now some un forseen politics due to being a severe Asthmatic and having an inhailer so that you can breath counts agaist you due to the situmlate also rendered me out of future competions)) That's all it really matters. Believe me every time I've competed thats what I do. I do it like it was my last. ((And yes I have the injuries to show for it, a Fracture collarbone, Torn shoulder, weakened shoulder, Torn leg, Torn knees, Fracture right knee, Pulled muscles artristics in hands and leg joints, 2 minour concussions,))

But it was worth it.

So remeber that everyone before you Judge your fellow Canadians and compare us to other other countries,ask yourself This. Can you do any better? Do you have the right to say something even though you have not done it yourself, Do you have the right to judge how many medals we won and what we should of won etc before compariring us to other countries, do you have the right to talk about the "Poor Perforance" or our athlets on just watching the Omplyics. Put yourself in their shoes and find out after having a very tiring compection, your all beather up, you make 4th in the world or in the to 20 your tired, hungry, sore, Satifited that you made it to the end; And then you get critizied by some jouralist saying that you did not preform well and that everybody back at home are not happy with Canada's Athletts as a whole and you are forced to explain that on televisions. Ask yourself this? How would you feel? I know my answer. Devasted that fellow Canadian can think of you this way. ((Sad reality is we all tend to do that to each other peroid no matter waht the situation is. Part or life))

I'm happy that we as a country can even go and compete in the Omplyics in general. it dosen't matter if we win a lot of meadles or not. As long as we are allowed to go and respresante the World thats all it matters.

Being at the Omplyic games is quite an honour itself.

Remember that
A Hockey Fan, 2008-08-16 07:17:48

I am sure after travelling this great country that there are better places to hold athletic competitions. So my short answer is NO!

Hey moderator, why not open a discussion about the poor performance of Canada's "athletes" at every summer Olympics. Being out-performed by the likes of Azerbaijan, Zimbabwe, and Armenia is just down-right embarrassing(see WIKIPEDIA).
Why T-dot?, 2008-08-14 12:21:17

Ontario being a have not province might want to attract business to the province not spend tax payers money on the Olympics.
Micheal, 2008-08-10 17:39:17

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