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Are you happy with the Sens' offseason moves?
Thu, August 28, 2008

The Sens are a team that went to the Stanley Cup final two years ago before suffering a disappointing season in 2007-08.

They have a new coach and now no more Ray Emery.

Can the Senators turn it around and make a fresh start next season? Have your say in our forum.


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yeah, they are and the train is coming. :-)
Peter, 2008-03-26 08:21:33

"they had better be careful not to run over all the Sens fans that are jumping off the wagon."

See, the problem is, Festus, this is the kind of argument that says the only true fans are those who believe and scream their support right down the toilet with their particular team. And that is just nonsense.

When a PRO sports team consistently fails to deliver - especially at the gross salaries they receive (compared to, say, your average nurse) - it's fair ball to point out the warts and flaws. Doesn't make those of us who do "unfaithful" fans - simply pragmatic ones.
George O'Leary, 2008-03-25 20:12:46

I'd like to see them get back on track but it doesn't appear that they will.I'd like to see them go against (my) Habs in the playoffs.

The biggest problem I see is in the goaltending - Emery is unreliable & Gerber is better suited as a solid back-up goalie.
CarlGustav, 2008-03-25 17:19:49

If they do get back on track, which appears doubtful, they had better be careful not to run over all the Sens fans that are jumping off the wagon.

Festus, 2008-03-25 15:35:55

like i said at the start of the year this teams going no where fast.. you got two gutless players in spezza and heately that wouldnt go in the corner if their lives depended on it..they could go in with a dozen eggs in their pants and come out with none broken.. they are an ahl team in a nhl teams uniform..i agree with georges comments 100%..
willy, 2008-03-25 13:56:09

Hmmmm. 7-5 loss to the Habs, 5-4 loss to the Leafs, 10-12-3 overall since Feb 1st. Yup they're back on track all right. What happened, someone just tell them about Stamkos?????
Voice of Reason, 2008-03-25 13:35:15

The best thing that could happen to this bunch is to, in fact, drop right out of the playoff picture. That lingering embarrassment, reminiscent of the Oilers swoon last year, would (and most certainly should) guarantee a wholesale shake-up. From the top down. Murray's judgement is now glaringly called into question with that Corvo/Eaves trade, not to mention forking over a long-term contract to Emery.

If he had any guts at all he'd have Redden, Emery, Gerber, Meszaros, Robitaille, McAmmond and Donovan spend the rest of the regular schedule in the press box, and play McGrattan, Foligno and Bass, and bring up the two young goalies from Bingo, along with Lee and Nycholat, and one of the Russian kids there. They could not possibly play any worse.

It has to be clear to Murray by now that none among them can be brought back next season, so why wait? They are not going to get any better at this stage!

George O'Leary, 2008-03-25 11:01:28

This team is definitely a hard read. Jeckel and Hide you might say. Here's what I see: While goaltending has certainly been a distraction this season with the antics of Ray Emery and the inconsistancies of both he and Gerber, one area that is most often overlooked is the Ottawa Senators extreemly porous defence as a whole. They may be a step slower than a year ago and they dont appear as disciplined as in previous years. Yes they are more physical, but less skilled thus resulting in more penalties and more sinful giveaways in their own end.As for the fowards,while I realize they are near the top of the league in goals for, aside from the big three (Alfredson, Spezza, Heatly) this team does'nt have much scoring power. Although Bryan Murray has been experimenting with different line combos for much of the season, they lack chemistry (pizza line) when they are split up. Finally, while I like his crash and bang style I think (sorry ladies) that Mike Fisher is one of the most overrated players in the NHL. He can play,he's tough and smart and he has skill, but just no hands. He's unable to finish plays. This guy gets a ton of chances. If he had better hands he'd likely produce ala Cam Neely or Mark Messier. Despite this rant folks, its quite conceivable that the Sens could actually come out of the East. They have as good a shot as anybody. But then again , they might get their arses kicked in the first round. That would'nt surprise me either.
Guy from Ottawa, 2008-03-24 12:26:24

now i know that the name ray emery isn't a popular one among sens fans these days, but after the sens loss to the leafs saturday night, its time for martin gerber to take a rest and let emery redeem himself. i know that he's acted immaturely but its time to think of the team over one goalie's feelings. saturday night's loss should be all the evidence brian murray needs to rethink his goalie choice. GO SENS SO!
david sartison, 2008-03-24 05:19:16

You hit the nail succinctly with that "too inconsistent" observation Joe. This is a team that is not even close to being as good as the sum of all its parts. Redden will definitely be gone as there is no way they can (or will want to) bring him back at anywhere close to his $6.5 million salary.

The others you mention will, I agree, most likely not be offered contracts. Where Emery is concerned, they'll have to take a $1 million buyout hit on the cap over (I believe) 3 years (maybe 4) IF they can't trade him. I'd also try and peddle Gerber as he's no good as a back-up, and too fragile (in his head) to be a # 1.

The thing is, they can still miss the playoffs, and if they play the remaining games like they did last night that's a distinct possibility since they play only in their Division.

The ship has sailed on this bunch.
George O'Leary, 2008-03-23 08:48:50

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