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Are you happy with the Sens' offseason moves?
Thu, August 28, 2008

The Sens are a team that went to the Stanley Cup final two years ago before suffering a disappointing season in 2007-08.

They have a new coach and now no more Ray Emery.

Can the Senators turn it around and make a fresh start next season? Have your say in our forum.


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If you think Bells hit on Alfie was clean you are blind. Watch the replay and look for the follow through of Bells elbow.

You Laff fans are hilarious. Slam Sens fans when your team is on the golf course for the third year in a row and next year will be four and counting lol.

We should get a pool going on how many years the Laffs will miss the playoffs in a row. I will say 5 lol.
John, 2008-04-10 21:58:34

Maybe you Laff fans can savour watching former Laffs Gill and Roberts playing in the playoffs and maybe winning the cup. I feel sorry for Laff fans, your team is a joke, three years without a playoff game and you slam other Canadian teams in jealousy. Go LAFFS Go.. to sweden for golf..

Sean, 2008-04-10 20:36:56

Jake, Im not even a Sens or a Leafs fan and I have to respond to that silliness that you posted. You say at the end that this string is about the Sens, not the Leafs..well, don't bring the Leafs into then. Yes, the Leafs have missed the playoffs the last 3 years and since Gilmour and Clark left town, all that Leafs fans can crow about is putting the Sens out of the playoffs most years. After that I mean, come on man. Look at the state of the Leafs. For such an old,storied and wealthy franchise things look quite bleak. No good players currently on the roster(Sundin excluded, maybe Toskala), no good prospects,(asides maybe Pogge..BIG maybe)no good draft picks on tap, no remotely good trade bait, imbelcilic scouting staff and terrible management. Most Leafs fans acknowledge the obvious problems but you seem to be crowing about things that don't matter at all now and never really mattered to begin with. Yes the Leafs won the season series...and are now on the golf course. Then you actually brag about the fact that they went head-hunting on the Sens the last game of the year, a game that meant nothing. Typical move for your team and sadly reflective of their team philosophy as a whole. Cheering their behavior in that meaningless game makes you look spiteful, petty and small. It's a shame that Leafs fans like you are typically the most vocal, because Im sure the majority aren't nearly as pathetic as you.

In the future, don't brag about the Leafs and then expect others to not mention their many, many shortcomings. Did you seriously think no one would? lol...
Norbit, 2008-04-10 19:50:13

I think the Sens will win the next game against the Pens, at which time we can all once again compare them to the '76 Habs.


If things turn out the way they look like they will, it gives me great joy to know that my Leafs played some small part in the downfall of the Sens. Two key players - Alfie (Bell's hit was clean by the way) and Fisher - out courtesy of the Leafs. The Leafs won the season series with the Sens based on total points earned.

Eugene Melnyk said earlier in the season that he wished the Leafs were more competitive . Well they are when it comes to the Sens - be careful what you wish for!!!

Before all you cement head Sens fans start slamming the Leafs again, why don't you come up with an original thought first (i.e. negative plays on the team name like Maple Laffs are getting very old, missed the playoffs for the last 3 years, etc.). Remember, this string is about the Sens after all, not the Leafs.


Jake, 2008-04-10 18:53:01

Until last night, I didn't realize what a coward Chris Neil is. He's very brave in skirmishes after the linesmen have stepped in between him and the opposing player. I'd love to see him go toe to toe with Laraque in this series. Then we would see how tough he is.

He's a joke!!! For instance, where was he after Bell's hit on Alfie a week or so ago?

Sens are in trouble and will have to dig deep to get out of their funk.
Jake, 2008-04-10 15:43:13

I can't imagine the Sens having a chance in this seies. Don Brennans articles are laughable. I expect Don to pull whatever verbal media jabs he can to stir up some life in a team thats on a downward spiral. Btw, anyway to recoup that Emery contract?
Bababooey, 2008-04-10 15:37:06

To me

Do you know the rules of hockey ? Roberts ran at Cody Bass when he was in a vulnerable position and DID NOT HAVE THE PUCK. Roberts could have got any 1 of 3 penalties: interference charging or boarding. It isnt about the " scuffle " that Roberts waited for the linesman to get in front of him before he got tough lol. He is a dirty player. When he played for the Laffs he ran Kenny Johnson from behind and knocked him out of the playoffs with a concussion. Its about time he pays for his cowardly hits.

Next time you want to comment on something make sure you have a clue about the whole incident.

Both his goals were pure luck. Spin around and slides a backhand that had eyes and other goal went in off his skate, even you could get a bs goal like that lol.
John, 2008-04-10 14:55:06

:-) looks like they getting from all sides. but this was only the first game, it's far from over. however, if the hens contunue to play like this, it will be a very short first round. :-)
Peter, 2008-04-10 14:25:45

Playoff tickets still available in Ottawa after the start of the series???

What an embarrassment. This would not happen in Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and even Toronto. The fair-weather fans in Ottawa should be ashamed.

Elgin St. was empty last night, Ottawa radio downplayed the Sens in the playoffs, most fans were utterly dismissive of the teams chances-

Why? Is the hockey culture in Ottawa so fragile, that losing a playoff series, or even not making the playoffs, diminishes your love for your team?

The Sens have a great team and because its playoffs- every team has a chance. Get out there and support your team; through thick and thin. If they lose, then hope for next year. If they win, then celebrate with them. This quasi-interested, apathetic response to the playoffs is no way to reward a talented team that took you to the finals last year. (And yes I am a Leafs fan living in Ottawa)
ChrisinOttawa, 2008-04-10 13:24:20

The Sens wont choke this year and they didnt choke last year, the simple fact is they are outclassed by much better teams. Last year they were humiliated by a team that was totally out of their league. This year it's the same there are just much better teams out there!!

Murray needs to be fired as the first move.
Mike in Ottawa, 2008-04-10 13:10:07

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