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Are you happy with the Sens' offseason moves?
Thu, August 28, 2008

The Sens are a team that went to the Stanley Cup final two years ago before suffering a disappointing season in 2007-08.

They have a new coach and now no more Ray Emery.

Can the Senators turn it around and make a fresh start next season? Have your say in our forum.


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Disgruntledfan aka Pete aka whatever nick you hide behind,

i guess it's too hard for you to comment without the name calling, is it?

what does Crosby have to do with Conklin? or the league? whatever, Fleury was still the n0.1 and he assumed his position when he came back. anyway, we will se if it was a fluke or not.
Peter, 2008-07-10 12:01:10

Peter, or shall I call you Pete or clown? Conklin was the only goalie in Pittsburg. Fleury was injured for the entire second half of the season and Conklin finished the season ranked second in the league for save percentage. So, not only was he Pittsburgs number one goalie, he would have been the number one goalie on 28 other teams based on his save percentage. All that being said, it was a fluke, he's been a bust for every team he's played. He's an American, so of course the American media and by association the NHL want to show case him, much the same as that other American bumb in Buffalo, Ryan Miller/Siv. Lastly, the league wanted Pittsburg and their boy Syd to do well just as the Americans want to showcase their talents.
Disgruntledfan, 2008-07-10 08:47:36


was conklin the No.1 golie in Pittsburg? No? Maybe that's why he didn't play in the playoffs...
Peter, 2008-07-09 13:53:04

Mitch/Gary O, be thankful the Sens did not sign Conklin. He's a bum. Why do you think the Pens did not use him in the playoffs. Ask the Oilers how they feel about Conklin. He signed for less cause he's a bum.
Disgruntledfan, 2008-07-08 12:59:34

Gotta agree with you here Gary O.Further more..if Murray wanted to hire a minor league coach, DeBoer should've been given priority over i'm typing this,Murray has just made another "blockbuster" signing.Alex Auld as Gerbers' back-up...ALEX AULD!!!..of all the available goaltenders floating around,he manages to pick-up the worst frigging sieve in the league.Even Lalime would be an improvement over this guy...for the same price IMO.Conklin signed with the Wings for cheaper too. While most other teams are wheeling & dealing to improve their respective teams...Murray sits there with his thumb up his butt,while just about half his team is departing for brighter horizons. I used to have faith in Murray when he was with the ducks...considering all the idiot moves he has made with the sens so far, i'm beginning to think firing Muckler wasn't such a good idea after all.
Mitch, 2008-07-01 20:18:49

Can Hartsburg turn the Sens around? Not with the way the UFA situation is unfolding and Murray's approach to it.

I truly believe someone should lay down the law to Bettman and/or fire his sorry ass. I don't believe teams should be allowed to trade players who are UFAs after the trade deadline - sign them up until the deadline yes - trade their rights, no. Malone is one of the best players available and from what I read, the speculation is that the Lightning will sign him to a 5 year deal at $5 million per. In Murray's place I'd make him that kind of offer and perhaps even a little better, but he likely won't get the chance. With teams getting these exclusive negotiating deals, all other teams are being placed at a competitive disadvantage. It makes a farce of free agency, both from the point of view of the clubs and from that of the NHLPA.

It’s certainly beginning to look like Murray is going to be caught with his thumb up his bum again. His penny-pinching (and they ain't even his pennies) will undermine all efforts to make the Senators competitive. Melnyk has to fire HIS ass if they don't come up with some solid improvements to a weak roster. Melnyk said during the draft they were going to pursue free agents ... just not hard enough to catch any of them, I guess. I also read somewhere that it would likely take $2.5 million to re-sign Stillman, if that's true (and frankly I suspect it would take more) I don't know what the hell Murray is waiting for. If I couldn't sign Meszaros or Vermette by Tuesday I'd spend the money on other players and trade them later. He got caught last year holding off on making offers because Emery was unsigned - look where that got him!

After Christmas the Sens weren't much better than the Leafs! And at least with Fletcher in charge, the Leafs are trying to do something about it! It's true that, like Fletcher, Murray has jettisoned a lot (but not all) of the deadwood. But replacing that deadwood seems to be beyond Murray. Fletcher may not be successful either, but he has a much tougher task than Murray and, unlike the great procrastinator, has already proven he's willing to do whatever he can ... he's prepared to take gambles. Murray wouldn't wager on Secretariat!
Gary O., 2008-06-29 13:06:12

I agree in that Gagne and Cogliano are good young players. They are what the Oilers will be building the team around. I am not so sure that there prospects are as good as you two think, if they were why arent they playing for the Oilers now ? Im not an Oilers fan but will watch them on the second game of the double header on Hockey Night in Canada Saturday night.

I read a comment about how the Oilers have buried Robbie Schremp in the minors. It would look that way to me as well. He has all the skill and talent to be playing in the NHL but for some puzzling reason he isnt. I believe he turned pro 2 or 3 years ago so I would guess that if he doesnt make the Oilers this year that he probably never will. Maybe they can trade him for a decent draft pick.

Norbit or Pete

Can one of you list the top young prospects in the Oilers system and where they are currently playing ie AHL or Junior A so I can look up there stats ?


John L
John, 2008-06-28 11:57:25


You kept pointing out good them 2 kids are after only 1 year lol. Ok 1 year makes them stars lol There top young prospects are over rated. Its just hype from Lowe's big mouth how good they are. Maybe Lowe is following the leafs lead and blowing smoke up everyone's butt with how good the prospects are and how good the future looks.

Have any free agents left Calgary after signing a long term contract after there first year there ? NO

Pronger maybe dirty but every team in the league would trade for him if given the chance. You are just slagging him because he wanted out of edmonton that badly. he wasnt the only 1 that left after only 1 year, Peca wasnt far behind lol.

You are suffering from defencemen envy because Calgary has 2 studs and edmonton has none lol.

Edmonton doesnt even have a top 4 defenceman, they are all a bunch of 5 - 7's lol.

Keep listening to Lowe's bs sucker, maybe someday your dream will come true that the Oilers will sign some big name free agents and make the playoffs again, just hope it happens before hell freezes over lol.
Wayne, 2008-06-28 11:11:31

pete is a 12 year old kid with so many different ids I lost count lol.

You can see what a punk he is attacking people with all his different ids lol.

he cant form his own ideas about hockey, all the kid does is repeat whatever he hears his daddy saying to the neighbours lol.

How is the home schooling going kid ? looks like you should spend more time doing school work than wasting your time typing retarded comments. You will never get out of elementary school at this rate kid lol. You are destined for a career at McDonalds being a greasy fry cook lol. But even for that job you will probably need a high school diploma so go hit them books kid lol.
Wayne, 2008-06-28 10:56:01

Norbit, the comments from Pete are not the old Pete you had a tetatet with. This one is Jimmy the American Idiot using the handled Pete. Don't get worked up my friend, we are on the same page. Wayne is an Idiot and knows more about girls ringette than he does about hockey. Well, in all fairness you could pretty much paint all Flames with that brush.
Disgruntledfan, 2008-06-27 10:09:27

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