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What should the Habs do in the off-season?
Thu, June 5, 2008

Having a big, tough team suits some NHL clubs, but isn't the top priority of the Montreal Canadiens.

So don't look for general manager Bob Gainey to dismantle his smooth-skating club after their playoff defeat to the bruising Philadelphia Flyers.

Gainey and Carbonneau met with the media to discuss the season that just ended, in which the unfancied Canadiens finished first in the Eastern Conference and in goal-scoring in the 30-team league.
Full story: Gainey will be busy in the off-season

What do you think Gainey should do with Canadiens over the summer?


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Habs are ready. Lots of youngsters and europeans, so Im taking a wait and see as to how far they will go, but I will cautiously say they look able to go at least a couple rounds.

Pete, while I agree that it is fortuitous that Tampa Bay, Carolina and Anaheim won the last 3 Cups,in areas where the NHL desperately wants a higher profile, talk of Cup fixing seems a little far-fetched don't you think? Anaheim didn't fluke it last year, they were powerful from start to finish, Carolina was a good team too and Ward was ridiculously good those playoffs and Tampa Bay did have Lecavalier, St.Louis, Richards and Khabibulin(when he was still good). Highly unlikely another deep south team will take it this year, because none of them are in it! lol! Anaheim is there and many like them but personally I think the Sharks look powerful right now and have something to prove, Thornton is particular. In the East, believe it or not I am picking the Caps to come out of the East because of a certain player whos name ends in 'Ovechkin'. 65 goals. Regular season sure, but they won their last 7 to get in and went from conference bottom feeders at midseason to a playoff berth. Insane. Imagine Ovechkin's energy level in the They're the dark horse this year I think. I would say the Sens could still surprise some people if they had a goalie No goalie, crappy D, no Fisher and no Alfie. Shouldn't take long. Not because they miss Alfie's leadership though, he's never been a good leader and that's why they've never won it all. Iginla is a leader. Lidstrom, Niedermeyer(NOT Pronger),Thornton, hell even Brodeur are all leaders. Alfie is a great player but not a leader.

Take heart Sens fans, the nightmare will end shortly.
Norbit, 2008-04-07 19:53:48

The Habs should beat the Bruins but will not win the Cup. There are far too many powerful teams in the West that will take it this year. As well, the Habs will have to get by Pittsburgh should they meet.

I'm not sold on Price. Playoffs are a different game and they have too many Europeans.

Look at the teams that won the Cup. Every team (with the exception of Brian Leetch) had a Canadian captain. As well, the best players on every championship team were Canadian.

The Canadiens simply don't have enough Canadians.

I know I'll get flamed for that!
Duke, 2008-04-07 16:43:23

I,ve waited until today to make a second comment on this question.

I,ve been reading about the Habs having too many

Euros and Yanks, about getting bitch-slapped by the Sens, and the rest of the negative garbage.

To Goober and the rest of the Zeros, I say HA! Sour Grapes! The Leafs have been condemned for a life time sentence by the very players who the management expected to bring life to the fanchise. The no-trade clauses handed out means up to 8 years of failure as there's little down on the farm, and nothing new coming in. Their run to make eighth spot just cemented any hope of a high draft pick. Run by a temporary GM who looks borderline senile, this is a fitting end to a poor season for the buds, as a Habs fan thank you Mats, Tuck, and the rest of the losers who will be going no-where for a long time.

As for the Sens, It's over.

Backing up into the playoff and with the injuries to the captain and Fisher you guys are done. No goalies and very little heart. And Heart has been the Sens problem for a long time. Last year was your best shot at a cup. Too bad -so sad.

The Habs still may not win the cup, but they were not expected to! The team was picked to miss the playoff by all the experts and know it alls.

The reality is that this team is still developing - and there is stuff on the farm. Kovalev has 1 more year and Gainey will lock him up for longer. This is a team with a future, and I will enjoy their run even if they don't win the cup because it will happen soon!
Andy V., 2008-04-06 08:31:51


It sounds to me that you just aren't a habs fan. Yeah, every year a team will come out to win the cup be cause in most cases they are better then the rest. Yes there is a businuss side of the game but there is the other side were it actually does matter on how good your team is.

Not very much of your comment makes any sense so correct me if i didn't understand the concept of it all.
RJ, 2008-04-06 06:50:29

The Habs are playing really well right now, might be peeking at the perfect time. They have just as much offence as any team. If Price can play as well as he has in the AHL and junior the Habs will be a tough team to beat. There power play is one of the leagues best.

I will be watching every Hab game that is on TV.

Go Habs Go
Cody, 2008-04-05 21:55:01

Habs should be weary of going into tonights' game against Toronto's pretenders.This assembly of forth liners will be out in full force,trying to injure Montreals' best players.Especially now,with Komisarek on the injury list,cowards like Tucker,and jail-bird (dumb)Bell,with his full face shield,will no doubt,try to show their "worth" to their classless fans,by picking on the smallest players.
Losers-since-'67, 2008-04-05 08:47:17

George-> We'll see how much the decision to trade Huet and make Price the number one goalie pays off - in the playoffs, not now.

Montreal is almost ordained to win once a decade, so I expect it to happen next year if not this year.
gordholio, 2008-04-05 04:03:13

Sir knows it all, special magic? More like some NHL colusion. Isn't it interesting how each and every year save for a few exceptions, some team comes out of the wood work and wins a cup. Ask yourself, which team is in financial trouble, which team winning a cup would best suit the American market, which token Canadian team (habs)are on a down slide, skill wise and fan base etc. etc. It's a business George and things are swayed in certain directions for the betterment of the league. BTW, the habs shouldn't make it past the first round. Interesting the other night against Buffalo, Sabres called for the smallest of infractions, yet the Habs got away with hooking, interference, i.e. the defence held up the speeder sabres on every dump and chase yet not one call. All that being said at least Hab fans are not as imbicilic as leaf fans.
Pete, 2008-04-04 13:58:17

well, it looks like Gainey's gamble on Price is paying off. if he can keep this up during the play-offs, they can go all they way.
Peter, 2008-04-04 10:41:50

The Habs have won at least one cup in every decade since the 1900's. Time is running out on this decade, so this is as good a time as any for that special magic.
George O'Leary, 2008-04-02 20:23:17

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