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What should the Habs do in the off-season?
Thu, June 5, 2008

Having a big, tough team suits some NHL clubs, but isn't the top priority of the Montreal Canadiens.

So don't look for general manager Bob Gainey to dismantle his smooth-skating club after their playoff defeat to the bruising Philadelphia Flyers.

Gainey and Carbonneau met with the media to discuss the season that just ended, in which the unfancied Canadiens finished first in the Eastern Conference and in goal-scoring in the 30-team league.
Full story: Gainey will be busy in the off-season

What do you think Gainey should do with Canadiens over the summer?


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Wrote to the Montreal Canadiens site, and the same here, except for the Smolinski, Begin, Kotopolouis line the rest of the Canadiens are lost, either scared to be hit, or just plain bad, Markov isn't even in the game, I saw Gorges standing still in fron tof the net at one time when the bruins were buzzing all over, look lost. Either bring up some rookies that I noticed after my email that they called up 6 from Hamilton, or dress Carbonneau, Muller, Jarvis and Gainey, by the way Beliveau still looks good for his age, and where is Odelien when you need him, at least he wouldn't be scare of Lucic and Chara, come on palyers either get with it, or get out. Carey made a slight error, he will make up for it, Kovalev is doing okay however should be better with that C on his jersey, however bring back Kovui before they lose it again like they did against Carolina when Kovui was hurt. Chemistry is missing, powerless play, time for the big guys to step up.......
Glen S, 2008-04-18 19:51:29

I will tell you how far they will go...6ft under, they can use the Senaturds to fertilize their plot
mike in Ottawa, 2008-04-18 13:15:24

Price had a brain fart on the Bruins second goal ( the winner ), wow I wonder where his head was on that play.

The Habs seemed to score at will during the regular season when the games are a little bit more wide open and less physical than the playoffs.

There forwards arent willing to pay the price in taking hits to score or set up plays.

After last nights brutal performance I dont think the Habs should win the series. If they dont end it in Boston then I think they are done.
John L, 2008-04-18 10:50:09

Price had one bad game.... an important game at that but a bad one. It is not like the rest of the team played well either, the powerplay has been a joke and no one is putting the puck in the net. Price will rebound for Sat night, but if the rest of the team is not going to score......

And Jake you think NYR are coming out of the east????? not a chance. Do not get me wrong, I am a Habs fan but I think once they beat the Bruins they will have their hands full... but not with the NYR.
Chris, 2008-04-18 09:34:25

you haters are ridiculous, and now that your prayers have been answered that price made a mistake your jumping on him.

dude is twenty years old, any of you sitting in the nhl trying to stop pucks?

HE IS as GOOD as they say he is. WHY DONT YOU GIVE HIM SOME CREDIT instead of sitting on your butts at home.

This is playoff hockey, and as far as im concerned boston and montreal have shown the best games of any series and game 6 will be great...it will show how the habs can rebound, and how the bruins feel confident now.

Im still pulling habs pride, but now they just need to shoot more. They been playing cautious, now they have to come out all cylinders, and we just might see koivu game 6 or 7. I think Boston is at its best, not much more going up for them
sulibonito, 2008-04-18 09:30:34

They will need a better performance from Price to get out of Boston alive, they are falling while Boston is peaking.

Price will get more stable as time goes on but right now he shows lapses of concentration that costs goals.

This is definitely the easiest series they will be involved in.
Trev, 2008-04-18 08:46:57

Are you Habs fans joking or what? This team is in trouble and yet you guys think that they're going to the finals? Consider the following:

1) Powerplay is a dismal 1 for 25...worst team in the playoffs.

2) Scored one goal in games 4 & 5. Although the lone goal in game 4 turned out to be the winner, it was nowhere near enough for game 5.

3) With the exception of Game 5, Price was nowhere near tested. Boston's offence has been mediocre at best.

Sorry Hab fans, but even if you guys get by Boston, you're gonna have your hands full in the next round. If you think you can win games scoring one goal with a lousy powerplay, forget it. As well, in Game 5 Price let in not one bad goal but 2 or 3. That's brutal. Should you meet either the Rangers or Pens, they'll eat you alive. I wouldn't plan any parade down St. Catharines this year!
Duke, 2008-04-18 08:08:51

I stand by what i said even more so after last night. He is a goalie with a big future but he is no Patrick Roy yet. He looked very ordinary last night and if the Bruins have got to him and worse still found their missing goal scoring it could spell big trouble for the Habs.

PS i am not a Bruins fan i am just enjoying the playoffs and seeing things for what they are with no biases to cloud my judgement.
John, 2008-04-18 07:32:51

Last night was just a bump in the road. The Habs will win in Boston! And then Saku returns....GO HABS GO!

By the way, all POSITIVE thoughts for "our" team, eh Habs Fans
bohutch, 2008-04-18 07:32:22

Hey John....so you say Price sucks?? were you watching when there was maybe 10 seconds left in the first of game 5 just now? how price swatted the puck away from the net BEHIND his back, maintaining a scoreless night for the bruins?

Price is phenominal. Thomas is a great goalie too, but come on, you can't deny the skill and talent that Price brings to each game.
Matt, 2008-04-17 19:49:03

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