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What should the Habs do in the off-season?
Thu, June 5, 2008

Having a big, tough team suits some NHL clubs, but isn't the top priority of the Montreal Canadiens.

So don't look for general manager Bob Gainey to dismantle his smooth-skating club after their playoff defeat to the bruising Philadelphia Flyers.

Gainey and Carbonneau met with the media to discuss the season that just ended, in which the unfancied Canadiens finished first in the Eastern Conference and in goal-scoring in the 30-team league.
Full story: Gainey will be busy in the off-season

What do you think Gainey should do with Canadiens over the summer?


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The Habs are going to make a pretty good playoff run, I hope they do. The MORONS who riot and call themselves hockey fans, are a disgrace to Canada and I think if this happens again they should pull all the remaining Habs home away and play them some where else. I know this sounds drastic but who in their right minds goes out after their team wins and causes all this destruction. If you can't control your fans you should be punished.
Rod, 2008-04-22 11:19:08

Hey Loser, you're just dead wrong. Habs fans are not bandwagon fans like those appearing out of the woodwork during Edmonton and Calgary's cindarella runs. Nor are they constantly feeling the need to be abrasive like Leaf fans do. 40 years is a long time, but deriding other Canadian teams does not make it better. Just check out any Sens message board and look at the high percentage of posts from Leaf fans and you'll see what I mean. Very vocal, but not real hockey fans in my book. There's nothing wrong with quietly cheering for one's team through the years, being patient through the rebuilding process and then letting loose when the team is on a roll.

That being said, Montreal is not the best team left in the playoffs but the good thing is, as Boston almost showed, any team can beat any other team in today's NHL. So Montreal has a legitimate shot.

Go Habs.
Rick W., 2008-04-22 11:15:03

Sure I am. Why not. I'm Canadian. I would rather see other Canadian teams win, but there's only Calgary and them at this point. But if Montreal fans are going to be so dumb as to riot in the streets (particularly, when it's only the first round and not the stanley cup final) then they don't deserve to win at all.
gerry, 2008-04-22 10:32:01

My hat is off to the Habs. I didnt think they had it in them to beat the Bruins last night. Congrats Habs and Habs fans. Good lick next round.

As for the idiots that looted the stores and burned the dozen so police cars I hope each and every 1 of you punks gets caught and spends some time in jail. You not only embarrassed the team, city and your province but all of Canada as well.

First thing on american news sports cast isnt the high lights of the game but the morons trashing the downtown and setting the police cars on fire. I know alot probably arent fans they just use the victory as a reason to act like a bunch of punks.

What a disgrace you all are!
Kevin, 2008-04-22 10:23:29

I can't stand the habs or their fans. I have seen them clear the rink with 3 minutes left when their team was down and they came back to win. I have heard them boo at the slightest losing. Their like a bunch of spoiled babies. Guy Laflower and Patrick Raw...what can I say read the papers....Better hope Price has 3 hands....

airbak2, 2008-04-22 10:22:18

to say that these fans were amazing makes me sick. They could not show respect for the US anthem..they yelled and jeered through the whole thing..and then looting stores and setting fires to police vehicles??...they are the worst, most disrespectful fans in all of sport!!!
Doug, 2008-04-22 10:10:48

LosersSince'93 - every time you post here you display your lack of knowledge about any aspect of the game. In that you seem to mirror those expressed by the one calling himself "Pete." Indeed, you may be one and the same for all we know.

I don't think, in spite of the seasonal results, that anyone was predicting a Habs sweep of the series. People who know the game are aware that Claude Julien is one of THE best technical coaches around and that he would, somehow, get the best out of the hand he had been dealt by serious injuries to key players. And he did just that.

I also think that hoping for a cup win and predicting one are entirely different prospects.

So, you don't like the Habs. Fine, No one is twisting your arm to force you to cheer for them (the same, I might add, applies to those who hate the Leafs and Sens). But don't go around putting words in people's mouths.
DisgruntledFan, 2008-04-22 09:52:04

All you Monday morning quarterbacks make me laugh. You think your some kind of experts on the play of the Montreal Canadiens but you really don't know crap. The Canadiens showed last night why they finished first in the division. They had terrific goaltending when they needed it, they hit the Bruins hard on every shift and they stayed patient until the opportunities came and the sharp shooters jumped on their chances. Result: 5-0 for the Canadiens. Don't bet against these guys: When the Canadiens play their game they are dominant. Anybody who thinks otherwise is not a real Montreal Canadiens fan.
Mark S., 2008-04-22 09:32:06

Last Night was awesome, with those Hab fans burning there own cars and looting there own city. Um,...So was there a game last night? I suppose the city will be totally trashed and burned if they make it to the finals. Nice story on CNN this morning too, You must be proud proud of those Hab Anarchists and destroyers after the game. Keep going Habs, I am certainly enjoying the news coverage overshadowing the Hockey game itself.

CB, 2008-04-22 09:30:26

TNT I am not a Leafs or Habs fan, and I agree your team is one of the worst left in the playoffs. You are not even the best team in Canada, that title goes to Calgary. Your eastern conference (like in most U.S. leagues) is pathetic and the real teams are out west. Have fun making it to the final, because whoever comes out of the east will lose the cup in four massive blowouts
SHarks fan, 2008-04-22 09:15:18

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