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What should the Habs do in the off-season?
Thu, June 5, 2008

Having a big, tough team suits some NHL clubs, but isn't the top priority of the Montreal Canadiens.

So don't look for general manager Bob Gainey to dismantle his smooth-skating club after their playoff defeat to the bruising Philadelphia Flyers.

Gainey and Carbonneau met with the media to discuss the season that just ended, in which the unfancied Canadiens finished first in the Eastern Conference and in goal-scoring in the 30-team league.
Full story: Gainey will be busy in the off-season

What do you think Gainey should do with Canadiens over the summer?


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If the Montreal fans riot again, the league should move the rest of their home games to Ottawa. The league shouldn't leave it entirely up to the police or government to control the fans. The NHL has an obligation too. If the fans in Montreal can not control themselves, the game should be played elsewhere.
Dino, 2008-04-24 18:35:19

Please everyone! Those IDIOTS who destroyed St. Catherine Street are NOT fans of the game or the team. They are a bunch of destructive, brainless idiots who cannot hold their liquor! They should be ashamed of themselves. And when the MORONS boo the American Anthem, the REAL fans should sing and cheer over them.

These are the same types of "people" who got arrested in Calgary during the Flames run. The same "people" who shot others during the Chicago Bulls basketball playoff wins many years back. They don't represent the VAST, VAST majority who are there to celebrate!

Tens of thousands DID celebrate that night..without destroying anything. Don't let a handful of morons take away what it really was...a great night and a great win in Game 7!

Price seems as cool as a cucumber, and I am confident that Habs will win this series in 6! Go Habs Go!

BoHutch, 2008-04-24 16:15:03

After watching the Habs " fans " vandalize the downtown area and a dozen police cars after a win I cant even or want to imagine what they will do when they lose a round.

If that really was the Habs fans they should be ashamed of themselves. I know I am ashamed for them as well as myself as being a Canadian and being painted with the same brush just because of where I am from.

Grow up people, its just a game and like the old saying goes, you can always get them next year.

Ken, 2008-04-23 21:54:08

The most classless fans in Canada .Booing National anthems and getting themselves in a frenzied Euro excitement because they made it past the first round and that stupid song. Gone are the days that Montreal fans could boast of being the most Knowledgeable.
Mike, 2008-04-23 15:37:04

Thanks for stateing the obvious Andy.


Are you deaf! Leaf fans always put the Habs down on how they have to many Euro's or are to soft. And then Hab fans talk back, it's what happens!

I'm going Montreal in 6.
RJ, 2008-04-23 14:28:48

Habs were lucky to get by the Bruins. The Bruins are one of the lowest scoring teams in the league but scored 5 goals in back to back games and took the series to game 7.

Also the Bruins softened up the already soft and small forwards. The Flyers will win in 6.
Dave, 2008-04-23 13:59:35

Habs fans don't get it. Where is written that once a Canadian team is eliminated it is incumbent of their fans to vote for another Canadian team. For the GTA Habs fan, why would the Toronto mention the Habs as anything other than a rival. Since I don't like the Habs I am not going to cheer for them, in fact I hope Philly destroys them. You can keep your fairweather fans, real sports teams fans support them no matter. Fail Habs Fail
Mike, 2008-04-23 13:33:43

It's disgraceful what happenned on St.Catherine street after Monday night's game. I'm sure with the amount of cells and pics the police got, they will find a lot of those people.

As it is in most cases when such events happen, the names of good fans suffer for others. Same with the booing of the anthem. It's a few idiots and morons that drag others down.

That said, real fans are cheering for their team and encouraging others to jump on the Habs bandwagon.

Unfortunately for Calgary fans, Montreal is the ONLY Canadian team left in the playoffs.

If you take hockey for what it is and leave the other bullcrap out, then you'll find that this years edition of the Canadiens to be worthy of where they are right now.

Does it guarantee that Stanley will parade down St.Catherine Street, of course not.

Does it mean they'll be in the exact same position a year from now, of course not.

Right here, Right Now, it's the Habs against the Flyers in the second round. There's still room on the bandwagon for those wish a Canadian team to win the cup and the "real Canadiens fans" will welcome you.

Philly Cheesesteak anyone ?

Habs in 6.

P.S. To those bitching and moaning about the points structure - it's the same for every team.

This was done to keep the casual fan interested and following their team. It's not every market that has so devoted and rabid fans such as the Canadian clubs.

And while the format is not perfect, usually good teams come out ahead while weaker teams fail.

The only thing I would change is a 1-15 ranking per conference overall and use that by points to qualify the top 8 in each for the playoffs. No Carolina/Washington issue as this year.

Go Habs!
Andy V., 2008-04-23 12:40:10

1. Ther actions of a very few have tainted yet another outstanding performance by the Canadiens. There is a reason for the team's success throughout this year - they are a fast, skilled, young team that has the potential to be at the top of the league for a while.

2. The ONLY fans I cannot stand are those who take great joy in the short-term struggles of another team, especially one that is enjoying long-term success. Leaf fans specifically enjoy thumbing thier noses at others who don't love the "Blue and White" and love to see other franchises fail to justify their own existences.

This is only made worse by the Toronto centred media's slanted coverage. I was waiting for Ron McLean to turing to Cherry last night and ask, "Don, the Bruins are out and the Habs are moving on. What do you think this means for the Leafs?"

I, for one, love the fact that everyone has to talk about Montreal. Maybe a few GTA'ers will realize that somethin exists east of Oshawa .
Neil, 2008-04-22 21:09:24

a pretty pathetic spectacle in Montreal last night, holy crap whats wrong with those people lots of idiots on tape. I mean they won the first round only and should have beaten Boston a week ago.Can't imagine what'll happen if they win some more.
Hammertime, 2008-04-22 20:27:00

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