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Can the Leafs reel in the last playoff spot?
Sat, March 22, 2008

The Leafs lose the easy ones but win the tough ones.

After shedding three players at the NHL trade deadline, the Leafs have 20 games to close the gap on 8th place in the East, but will need some help.

Can the Leafs perform the improbable and reel in a playoff spot?


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The leafs are nothing without Sundin, Kaberle or Toskala. If one gets hurt, they are done.

They could make playoffs, in reality, they are only 3 wins (6 points) out of 8th spot. Not a bad position.

Plus they are playing they're best hockey of the season.

It would be intresting to see Habs come firt (Go haba go) and the leafs come 8th.

They wont have a superstar in the lineup for quite awhile after Sundin retires, but they're playersa are not coroperating, it's not going to work untill they're players with no trade clauses retire which wil be a good 5 years.
RJ, 2008-03-03 12:26:22

No they won't make the playoffs, and they'll screw up there chances at a lottery pick in the process.
Hired Goon, 2008-03-03 05:50:55

Regarding popsicle petes recent comment on Leafs fans:

Ok popsicle pete, judging by your boycotting antics i'm assuming that your a habs fan. A team that wouldn't know a real fan base if it cross checked them from behind head first into the boards.

Boycotting is not the answer, some may think so but it's not. That would just have a negative affect on morale, functions and unwanted pressure on the players which would lead to bad performance (something that Ottawa is getting used to right now). This would just drive the team farther into the ground than it already is.

Although I agree that it is the front office that is the core of all the problems, and they've already taken the first step in repairing the team by firing Ferguson. Who like other known leaders (George Bush) recieved thier job because of thier father.

What you've got to do is deal out as much frustration to the front office as you can, without hurting the teams performance.

And it's true, us Leaf fans are as crazy for the team as Castro is for his cigars, and we'll sit at thier side like the loyal drooling dogs that we are. We can't help it! It's who we are! And I don't think that I'll ever forget hearing Alfie get booed at the Corel Center, or the booming "Go Leafs Go" chants at the Bell center. Leafs nation is everywhere!

And I think it's a real bumwrap for other NHL clubs when thier fans have the personality of a cat. If something is not going thier way, they'll walk out the doggy door and come back the next night when hopefully theres something better in thier bowl!

So as far as I, the team, and every other loyal Leaf fan is concerned, we the fans are part of the team. And we will rise and fall with the Buds no matter how the future or past looks!

Jonny, 2008-03-02 18:49:44

A 7 point gain but only a 2 point climb within the Conference standings is what Toronto has now achieved since my last comment on here. Am I surprised? This is a schizophrenic team and has been for many seasons.

That Sundin is a superstar player has been clear for years. That he's been willing to remain as 'Captain of the Titanic' on a team whose ownership doesn't care a whit about winning anything remotely related to hockey over all his playing career has never been clear. But I forget - Sundin's 'Stanley Cup' was realized in 2006 at the Turin Olympics, where he captained Team Sweden to a Gold Medal. Winning an international tournament on your national team is the European player's real boyhood hockey dream. You can't expect them to feel the same about Stanley which is, after all, the North American Grail. They really don't care about it as much as North American players do. It's just not part of their culture.

I certainly don't begrudge that kind of an attitude. Sundin could choose to 'play with winners', at any time. But he never has, and has now become so 'comfortable' on a team that pays him huge North American dollars and where there's no pressure to win and no expectations, either. Why would you want to change that, if you don't have to, and go willingly to a team whose owners actually want to win a Cup, because they feel it's important and worthwhile?

Fourteen years on the Toronto Maple Leafs and Mats has never seen the Cup Finals. He's never been given a group of good enough teammates by ownership/managment to 'captain' to get there, over all these years, because they aren't 'sports people'. They're investement bankers. They're successful ones, but that's all they are. They have no business owning any professional sports franchise. They're in the wrong business entirely.

The Leafs have had better team rosters in the last 10 years. Does anyone really believe this current collection of players have the right stuff to do well or go far in the playoffs, assuming other teams wind up being cooperative enough to allow them to get in this season?

Jeff B, 2008-03-02 11:45:28

They are not five points out all the teams in front of them have games in hand. HOw come they couldn't play when it counted same as the last two years. Send th eno trade guys except Sundin to the minors maybe the will be come humble and work harder when it counts.
Jim, 2008-03-02 10:32:18

Buddy in Cape Breton should change his name to Buddy in Dreamland.
Paul, 2008-03-01 15:12:45

Leafs over the Sharks in 7. Sundin gets his SC ring, a Conn Smythe and retires as the greatest ever.
Buddy in Cape Breton, 2008-03-01 12:32:47

Don't bother complaining, John. Canoe is just like the rest of the Canadian media in every way. They are based in Toronto, so very little of what happens outside Toronto is noticed or considered important to them. They cannot see beyond their back porch, so to speak.
Steven, 2008-03-01 12:24:10

Hmmmm, you sound like quite a fan there Roy. "couldn't care less who plays for whom" says it all.
Popsicle Pete, 2008-03-01 12:19:37

Hey Canoe! There is more than one team in the NHL. How about some coverage of a few of them.
John, 2008-03-01 07:59:45

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